Jason Morgan was no saint. He completely disregarded the laws other people lived by, from jaywalking to murder. His life was dangerous and he liked it that way.

Elizabeth Spencer was no sinner. She stood by her first love long after he betrayed her. She gave up her dreams to provide for her son. Her life was safe and she liked it that way.

One night changed everything.

By knocking on his door, she became tainted, a liar and an adulteress.

By answering his door, he became redeemed, a lover and a father.

And in that vast expanse between sinners and saints, two broken people fit together perfectly.


Elizabeth left Jason's penthouse reluctantly. All she wanted was to climb back into his bed and forget everything for a little while longer. It didn't matter what life threw at her; he was always there holding her up. And she was always walking away once he did. He said he understood but she could see the hurt in his eyes. How anyone could say he was emotionless was a mystery to her. He was alive in ways she envied.

Elizabeth unlocked her car door and paused. If she left now, they would remain friends. They had shared a night so exquisite that it felt more like fantasy than reality. If she left now, that magic would fade and they could pretend that it never existed.

If she left now…


Jason stared at the closed door. As much as Sam's betrayal hurt, Elizabeth's departure was worse. She was the one woman he had always wanted and yet never fought for. He could fight for her now. He could manipulate her feelings for him and get her in his life and in his bed. He could make promises about protecting her and Cameron. He could beg and plead and she would relent because he was her temptation.

He could have her finally. All he had to do was compromise every principle she had.

Jason swore under his breath and searched out that tequila bottle from last night. There might be enough left to get him through this morning. On the floor behind the sofa lay a button. He knew exactly when it fell from her shirt. He had given up on the tiny torture devices and ripped the last one in his urgent need to touch her skin. He picked the small orb up and closed his fist over it. He could return it. He could use it as the excuse he needed to draw her back into his arms.

He could return it…


The elevator doors opened and their eyes met. Later, they would tease each other about who made the first move. It didn't matter. They were all over each other, dropping clothes across the hall and entry of his home. As Jason slammed the door shut, Elizabeth pulled back.


"Don't. You came back. Now you're mine." His lips crashed onto hers as his hands frantically caressed her into submission.

Elizabeth moaned as one hand slipped between her thighs. "Please, Jason. Oh, please."

Jason lifted her into his arms and carried her over to the couch. As he sat down with her in his lap, he entered her and released the tension that had been building ever since she had walked out his door.

Elizabeth kept her gaze locked on his. Thoughts of Cameron and the mob fought against the intense pleasure he was giving. When she could no longer think, she cried.


Elizabeth outlined his jaw with her finger as he slept. They had finally made it back upstairs, this time to his bedroom. The one he had shared with Courtney and Sam. For some reason, that thought terrified her. As long as they stayed in the guest room, this was just temporary insanity. But he brought her here. This was heading into dangerous territory. Would she hold up any better than his previous lovers?

Her hand drifted down his chest and abdomen. The man was a perfect specimen. For the first time in a very long while, her fingers itched for some charcoal and a sketch pad. The smooth muscles of his body would make a beautiful picture. Then again, she really didn't want to share his body in any form with anyone.

That thought stopped her explorations. Was this really happening? It was too fast. They were both hurting. This was just a reaction. It would pass and she would go home to her little boy and her nursing job. He would probably go kill Ric and then countless others on Sonny's orders. This would end. Soon. Just as soon as she left his bed. Again. This time she wouldn't come back. She couldn't.


Jason awoke to find her frowning down at him. He knew that look. He'd seen it on her face more than once. She was distancing herself from him. What she didn't know was that he meant it when he'd claimed her. He wasn't letting her go. Deep down, he truly believed she wanted to be with him. There was no way she could react to him the way she did if she didn't love him the way he loved her.

That realization made his heart race. He loved her. This wasn't about comfort or pain or even need. This was about the one thing he had no right wanting and yet he was going to take it. He would never let her go now.


Jason tugged her face down to his and placed a long lingering kiss on her mouth. "Good morning."

Elizabeth smiled. "It's actually late afternoon."

"Still good."

She laid her head on his chest and sighed. "Yeah, it is."

Jason stroked her back and carefully chose his next words. "Elizabeth, I want you to stay here with me. I'll protect you and Cameron. Just, just please don't leave again."

Elizabeth closed her eyes against the tears so close to falling. "I want to stay, Jason, you have no idea how much I want to."

"Then it's settled."

Elizabeth sat up, pulling the sheet with her. "No, it's not. Your life is dangerous."

"So is Sonny's but that didn't stop him from having a family."

Elizabeth tucked her hair behind her ears. "Well, then there's Lucky and Sam." When he started to speak again, she raised a hand to stop him. "You love her, you know that. And I'm married to Lucky. Things like that don't just disappear overnight."

Jason sat up and propped himself against the headboard. "I did love Sam but it didn't work. And you may be married to Lucky, but you didn't say anything about loving him. Admit it, Elizabeth, Lucky's your obligation, not your desire."

Elizabeth turned to stare at him. When did the man start talking like that? "I don't know. I mean, okay, right now my marriage is in shatters and love is the last thing I'm feeling toward Lucky. And Sam betrayed you in the worst possible way. Does any of that justify rushing into another relationship, one we've both been scared of for years?"

Jason watched her and understood. She was terrified. It didn't matter. This was what they both wanted and it was going to happen. Some things were inevitable. "I don't think six years is rushing."

She played with the folds in the sheet. "It's not like we've both spent the last few years pining away for each other."

"Haven't we?"

Elizabeth swallowed. "There have been other people. Right up until last night, there have always been other people."

Jason moved to face her. "Until last night. Elizabeth, making love to you changed everything." He tipped her chin up to meet her eyes. "I can't let you walk away again. And you don't want to." When she started to object, he kissed her. "You were on your way back up to me and I was coming after you. And do you want to know why? Because what we have is real and neither one of us can let it go."

Elizabeth placed a hand on his cheek. "Jason, what if this doesn't work? Cameron will lose another father and I'll be broken. The one thing I don't think I could ever survive is losing you. And I know that I've never really had you but still we've been connected and, if that's gone, I'd fall apart."

Jason shook his head. "You're not listening. This is it. This is us forever and always." He kissed her again. "I'm not leaving, you're not leaving, and Cameron won't be losing anyone else." He let his hand drop to her waist. "Get used to it, Elizabeth. We're a done deal."

Jason was giving her the world, but his world was unpredictable and deadly. Elizabeth didn't know whether to be thrilled or alarmed.


The next morning Elizabeth returned to the apartment she shared with Lucky. She was calm, too calm. This felt surreal. Over the years she had dreamed many, many times of leaving Lucky for Jason. Never had she thought that she actually would.

Lucky was sipping coffee in the kitchen when the door opened. He rushed into the living room and over to her. "Liz, I'm so glad you came home." He reached for her, but dropped his hand. "I messed up, I've been messed up. But that's gonna change. I promise. Just give me another chance."

Elizabeth could read the sincerity in his eyes. Whatever tomorrow may bring, right now Lucky Spencer was being honest with her. She owed him nothing less. "I can't."

Lucky felt as though she had struck him. "You can't? Why not? We're good together, Elizabeth!"

She slowly closed the door and walked over to the old couch. "We were good, but that was a long time ago."

Lucky sank to his knees in front of her. "It doesn't have to be. We can get it all back. You'll see, baby. I'll get help. Meetings, rehab, whatever you want. Just give me one more chance." He lifted a hand to her face but she turned her head from him.

"I'm sorry, Lucky." Elizabeth's eyes were watery but she refused to cry. "I know I should help you and part of me wants to stay but I just can't."

Lucky saw it in her eyes, that same look she always wore whenever Jason was involved. "You've been with him."

Elizabeth furrowed her brow. "Who?"

Lucky rose and backed away from her. "Who else? Jason!" When she didn't deny it, he shook his head. "You think he's such a great guy. He probably listened to you cry and told you how you deserved better, implying that he's better. He's a killer, Elizabeth! And he'll get you killed one of these days! Or, God, maybe it will be Cameron." Lucky picked up a picture of the three of them and threw it against the far wall. "Is that what you want? To bury your son? Is your precious Jason worth it?"

Whatever fears she may have had about the future, Elizabeth could not take this from Lucky. "I'm going to pack our things. Just give me twenty minutes and I'll be gone."

Lucky cut her off before she could reach Cam's room. "No, don't do this. You're making a mistake."

Elizabeth sidestepped him. "It won't be my first."


Jason had just stepped out of the shower when he heard the penthouse door open. It was too soon for Elizabeth to be back. That left only two possibilities and he really didn't want to see either Carly or Sam, especially Sam.

He quickly dried off and dressed. As he stepped into his bedroom, he found Sam staring at the rumpled bed. "What are you doing here?"

Sam turned to him, her expression a combination of hurt and anger. "I was just about to ask you the same thing."

Jason sighed and gestured for her to walk downstairs. She frowned but led the way. He knew this was going to be ugly and just wanted the whole ordeal over with. That didn't say much for their supposed love.

Sam whirled on him as soon as they were in the living room. "Who was she? Or does that really matter? I mean, was she someone you know or just that whore that works your favorite dock?"

Jason pinched the bridge of his nose. "It matters. She matters." He looked at the woman he once thought he would grow old with. "Did Ric?"

Sam recoiled. "You know."

"I saw."

Sam sank onto the coffee table. "I'm sorry. I don't know how it happened. I was drinking and then next thing I know…"

Jason bit his cheek. "Was it rape?"

Sam closed her eyes. "Not really." At Jason's skeptical look, she exhaled slowly. "I mean, he took advantage of me. Like I said, I was drunk and hurt over losing you and he said all the right things. I don't know, Jason, it just happened and I hate myself for it."

Jason refused to comment so Sam continued. "But, we can get past this. I know we can."

Jason opened the door. "No, we can't. You need to leave."

Sam stared at him open-mouthed. "You don't mean that."

Jason held her gaze for several heartbeats. "The hell I don't."

Sam slunk out the door, determined to try again when he was in a more accommodating mood.


By the time Elizabeth had packed up her belongings and those of her small son, Lucky had left the apartment. She wanted to feel hurt or even angry but all she could come up with was relief. With a final look around her former home, she began to cry. Where had it all gone so wrong? And why didn't being with Jason feel more wrong? Shouldn't Lucky be the right choice for herself and Cameron?

Elizabeth lowered herself to the carpet. Her husband was a cheating drug addict. Yet she had also broken their wedding vows. Was she any better?

The questions kept circling in her mind. If she were totally honest, she wanted Jason and she didn't care who paid the price for their happiness unless, of course, it was Cameron. What kind of life would they have, with bodyguards and enemies and cops giving them the dirty eyeball every time someone sneezed the wrong way? More importantly, what kind of life was there without Jason?

In the end, she was going to take a chance on him. Not because it was best for Cameron or herself but because Jason seemed to want it so badly. She just hoped she didn't regret it one day. It was that complicated.


Jason emptied the penthouse of every last item that reminded him of Sam McCall. He didn't want anything to mar Elizabeth and Cameron's homecoming. His whole being was buzzing with excitement. It amazed him to realize that just a couple of days ago he didn't even know how much he wanted them.

He could admit that he fell for Elizabeth years ago as she clung to him on his bike, laughing and free. Cameron had won his heart from that first meeting at Kelly's. The little boy may have been Zander's son but all Jason saw was how much he resembled Elizabeth.

Jason also knew that Elizabeth was more than a little nervous. He had to make this okay for her. He was determined to hold on as tight as he could. He didn't know how to do that precisely, being used to letting people make their own decisions. But she was going to be happy here with him. Her son was going to be his son.

Jason wasn't capable of dreaming about the future. He was not doing that now. He knew what he wanted and he was going to make it happen. It was that simple.


Elizabeth approached her grandmother's door with more than a little apprehension. With the exception of a couple of phone calls to check in on Cam, she had not told Audrey where she had been staying or what her plans for the future were. It was going to be just as bad as the scene with Lucky, maybe worse. She took a deep breath and entered the house.

Audrey was folding towels on the couch. "Elizabeth, dear! I thought you said you wouldn't be here until later. I just put Cameron down for a nap." She looked behind Liz. "Where's Lucky?"

Elizabeth joined her grandmother and began helping her fold the towels. Some days it felt like the laundry never ended. Today the task was a welcome distraction. "Lucky isn't going to be around anymore."

Audrey frowned. "I don't understand."

Elizabeth folded the last washcloth and placed it neatly on the pile. "He's using drugs and sleeping with Maxie Jones."

Audrey's mouth dropped opened. "Are you sure?"

Elizabeth nodded. "I saw them."

Audrey wrapped her arms around her youngest grandchild. "Oh, darling, I'm so very sorry." She pulled back slightly. "Of course, you and Cameron are welcome to stay here as long as you need. I'm sure if you give Lucky some time, he'll realize his mistakes and you'll work it out. You always do."

Elizabeth shook her head. "Not this time, Gram." It was now time for the hard part. "Cameron and I won't be staying here. We'll be living with Jason."

Audrey stood up stiffly. "Jason Morgan?" At Elizabeth's nod, Audrey began to pace. "What are you thinking?"

Elizabeth rose and stepped into her path. "I don't know, Gram. Maybe that Jason loves Cam and I won't have to worry that he'll get high and forget to pick him up from daycare. Or maybe that Jason makes me happy and I want to try to make him happy too."

Audrey listened with disdain. "Forget to pick him from daycare? That will be the least of your worries! What will you do when the bullets start flying? How will Jason's love protect Cameron then?"

Elizabeth wanted to cry and scream and stomp her feet. It didn't matter that Audrey was only voicing the same fears she nourished. It only mattered that she somehow convince her grandmother to respect her decision. "Gram, I know you don't approve. But you do have to accept this. I'm moving in with Jason and there's nothing more to discuss."

Audrey Hardy knew when to back down, but that didn't mean she was giving up. "For now, dear."

Elizabeth rolled her eyes but said nothing.


Elizabeth gripped Cameron's hand tightly as they rode up the Harborview Towers elevator. "You're going to love living here, sweetie. Jason has a motorcycle, did I tell you that?" At Cam's nod, she forced a smile and knelt to meet his eyes. "I'm sorry, baby. I'm not helping, am I?"

Cameron looked ready to cry. He wanted to go home to his daddy and Mommy said that they wouldn't. He wasn't sure about living with a strange man, even if the man liked motorcycles. Elizabeth kissed his forehead and smoothed his hair just as the doors opened. She felt like the world's worst mother right at this moment.


Jason paced the length of his living room countless times after Sam left. He harbored no illusions about Sam fading quietly into the background, but it didn't matter. By sleeping with Ric, she had opened his eyes to truths he had been ignoring. Namely, that their relationship was long since over and that he had never stopped wanting Elizabeth Webber.

By sleeping with Ric, Sam had actually done him a favor. He hated it, but appreciated it in a weird way. He still loved Elizabeth and he might not have realized that if Sam hadn't betrayed him.

Cameron was going to be confused and Jason wasn't sure how to help the little boy. He wasn't even sure how to help Elizabeth.

He knew he was wrong. He was selfish. He was everything he had always tried not to be. Remembering how his family had pushed him so hard to be Jason Quartermaine again after the wreck, he also knew that he was doing the same thing to Elizabeth, forcing her to do what he wanted.

This was different. She wanted this, too. He kept repeating that over and over to himself. She wanted this, too.


Jason had already opened the front door before Elizabeth could raise her hand to knock. He was smiling down at Cam but she could see his fear of rejection. It warmed her heart and settled her mind. This was going to work.

"Hey, Cam." Jason's voice was soft, unsure.

When Cam only smiled, Elizabeth took control. "Let's go inside, okay?" Her voice was loud, uncertain.

Jason moved to allow them to pass. He closed the door and turned to see her placing a bag near the stairs. She had evidently forgotten the other on her shoulder. Cameron stood looking around with wide eyes, clutching a toy cycle to his chest.

The moment was not merely awkward. It was horrible. One wrong word could send this woman and her son right back out the door. Jason ran a hand through his hair, desperate for the right words.

Elizabeth was watching him closely. Seeing his tense stance, she relaxed. This was why she came. To make his world better, to make Cameron's world better, and if she could do that, her own world would be just about perfect. "Okay, Cam, why don't we go upstairs and see your new room?"

Cameron stared at Jason. The mobster knew that this was the moment of truth. If Cam were frightened, Elizabeth would take him and run. Cameron walked up to him and held out the toy. "I like motorcycles, too."

Elizabeth's heart melted. Despite losing the only father and home he knew, her son was reaching out to Jason. Jason picked him up. "That's a cool one. Maybe later, after we get you and your mom settled in, we can go downstairs and look at mine."

Cameron grinned. "Okay!" He wiggled out of Jason's arms and headed up the steps. "Mommy, hurry up!"

Jason followed after Cam with a twinkle in his eyes. "Yeah, c'mon, Mommy."

Elizabeth laughed. All her doubts vanished after watching Jason and Cameron bonding. Two days ago, she thought her world had collapsed. Instead, it had simply been cleared for something better.


Cameron was exhausted and fell asleep quickly, despite the new surroundings. Jason and Elizabeth entered what was now their bedroom shyly. They were together now. It was new and exciting and suddenly seemed very real.

Jason cleared his throat. "If you need some more time to adjust, that's okay. I can sleep in Brenda's room."

Elizabeth caressed his cheek. "If I needed more time, I wouldn't be here now."

"You sure?"

Elizabeth didn't answer with words. She worked his t-shirt loose from his jeans and over his head. She then stroked his chest with both hands and placed soft kisses in their wake. Jason was content to let her set the pace. He had what he wanted.



Elizabeth paused in her ministrations and met his eyes. "I love you."

Jason blinked. Then blinked again. "What?"

Elizabeth ignored the butterflies doing the samba in her stomach. She had to tell him this. "I love you. I always have, right from the very beginning. I tried to make it work with Lucky, I really did, but you were always there in my heart."

Jason's control snapped. He picked her up and practically tossed her onto the bed. "I love you." He stripped off his jeans and boxers. "I love you so much."

Elizabeth quickly slid out of her blouse and Capri pants. Jason pushed her hands aside and peeled away her undergarments. By the time their lips met, they were both long past the need for more words.


Life slowly rebuilt for the residents of Jason Morgan's penthouse.

Cameron adjusted better than expected, mainly due to the careful attention Jason gave. Lucky had often been away or high and Cameron delighted in having a man around again. Jason made sure that Cameron didn't feel pressured into accepting him as his new father. He let Elizabeth take the lead in caring for their son but was always ready to play or read or even gently correct the small boy. Cameron soon loved Jason and stopped asking for Lucky.

Elizabeth's love for Jason grew each day as she watched him tenderly care for Cam. It didn't hurt any that Jason was equally tender in his care of her. She felt his love in ways she hadn't believed possible. The man could send her soaring to the clouds with his body and then bring her gently back to earth by folding the laundry or making the beds.

Jason was doing everything he could to keep them happy. They were his now and he never wanted either of them to regret that. By making a home for Elizabeth and Cameron, he found paradise for himself.

As the days and weeks became months, the three became a family.


Jason was aghast. "Sonny, you can't be serious!"

Elizabeth arched her brow as she listened to the phone call. Whatever Sonny wanted was really getting Jason riled up.

Jason finally slammed his cell onto the desk. He pinched his nose and took a few deep breaths. When he faced her, he was calm, at least on the surface.

"Working tonight?"

Jason joined her on the sofa. "Worse. Bringing work home."

Elizabeth couldn't breathe. This was her worst nightmare, the one she had valiantly ignored since moving in. "Should Cam and I go to Gram's?"

Jason shook his head. "No. It's not like that." He took her hand and kissed her palm. She wouldn't like this but it wasn't the end of the world, just the end of their privacy. "You remember that computer hacker, Spinelli?"

"The one working for Alcazar?"

"Yes. He's working for us now and needs a safe place to stay." Jason watched her features carefully. "Sonny tried to keep him at Greystone but the kid drove him crazy. He's sending him here."

Elizabeth giggled. "Oh, I wish I had known Spinelli was there. Some bugs in the right places would have provided hours of entertainment!"

Jason shook his head. "Did you hear the part about him living here?"

Elizabeth rested her head on his shoulder. "Of course. Don't worry. Cam and I can handle it." She tilted her face to meet his. "Can you?"

Jason kissed her cheek. "As long as I have you, I can handle anything."


Spinelli was a whirlwind. Between trying to decipher his strange vocabulary and attempting to minimize his negative effect on Cameron's diet, Elizabeth was exhausted but happy. Spinelli was already becoming like a big brother to Cam and the two boys spent hours romping around the penthouse.

Jason was not so patient with the geek. He needed answers about Alcazar's activities and Spinelli was less than cooperative.

After derailing Cameron's plan to have cheese puffs and orange soda for lunch, Elizabeth managed to get a peanut butter sandwich and grapes into her small son before his nap. When she came back downstairs, Jason was once again grilling Spinelli. The poor kid looked like he was facing a death squad.

"Hey, Jason," Elizabeth smoothly intervened, receiving a grateful look from Spinelli. "Cam's down for the count and I was thinking it's a perfect day for a ride on your bike."

Jason looked out the window and realized that sun was indeed shining. "Who's going to watch Cam? Milo's at the warehouse."

Spinelli jumped up. "Stone Cold, the Jackal would be most honored to care for your precious progeny. I assure you, the young one and the Jackal have bonded in a most brotherly fashion."

Elizabeth tossed Jason his keys. "See? We're free to go."

Jason didn't look convinced. "If anything happens to Cameron, nothing you claim to know about Alcazar will save you."

The young man gulped. "The Jackal understands."


As the fall progressed, Jason and Elizabeth fell more in love. Cameron was soon calling Jason 'Daddy' and Jason had Diane draw up adoption papers. Elizabeth was thrilled. Spinelli wormed his way into not only their home, but their family as well. He came through with all the information Jason needed and even helped set Alcazar up. With a trial pending, Alcazar was still a serious threat, but one that Sonny and Jason felt they could manage.

Lucky had reluctantly signed the divorce papers freeing Elizabeth. He was bitter, angry, and obviously still using drugs. He was also still sleeping with young Maxie Jones. Elizabeth's heart broke for the promising young man he had once been.

Sam made regular visits to the penthouse, getting her digs into Elizabeth and pleading with Jason for another chance. Jason always threw her out and Elizabeth tried very hard not waste her energy being mad at the woman.

The quiet weeks softened Elizabeth's concerns about safety. She knew Jason provided them with the best protection available and trusted that to be enough. What she never saw coming was Sam's next betrayal.


Sam McCall refused to acknowledge her role in the breakup. It was all Elizabeth's fault. Playing with Jason's emotions, dangling her kid before his eyes, and the whole poor-me-my-husband's-an-addict routine may be working for now but Sam knew Elizabeth's time with Jason was limited. The bitch could not endure the circumstances of Jason's job. Sam had just the plan to make Jason see the light.

Lorenzo Alcazar was looking for a witness, a young man prepared to testify against him in order to please Sonny Corinthos. And Sam knew just where to find him.

Lorenzo was initially hesitant to meet with her but too curious to refuse. Sam wondered what it was about a man's ego that sought out ways to better himself over his rivals. This was going to be easy.

"Ms. McCall, you have some information for me?" Lorenzo was cool and distant.

Sam tossed her hair out of her face. "Yes."

Lorenzo eyed her with distrust. "And just what will this cost me?"

Sam shrugged. "Nothing. You're going after Jason and I want revenge."

The mobster smiled tightly. "Am I supposed to believe that you want to help me take out Morgan?"

Sam didn't blink. "I want to hurt him. You are in a much better position to do that than I am."

"Because he no longer cares about you. I believe his affections are now settled on Elizabeth Spencer."

Sam raised her chin defiantly. "Do you want this information or not?"

Lorenzo's smile widened. "Let's negotiate."

Sam was surprised. "Look, I just told you. I told want anything from you."

"Maybe I want something from you," Lorenzo said as he took a long, slow look down her body.

Sam knew a proposition when she heard one. While she really wanted Jason back, that seemed unlikely. Lorenzo was handsome and she just felt in her gut that he'd be amazing in bed. "Okay."

Lorenzo held out his hand. "Let's seal the deal, shall we? My car is waiting over there."

"Your place or mine?"

"Mine." Lorenzo led her to the sedan but did not open the door. "First things first. The information."

Sam chuckled. This wasn't going to bad at all. She like the way he operated. "That kid? The computer geek? He's not in a safe house. He's staying at Jason's penthouse."

Lorenzo's eyes widened. "Thank you, Samantha."


Audrey Hardy could hardly believe she was sitting in Jason Morgan's living room. It was only love for her granddaughter and great-grandson that could get her to set foot in the door. It was that same love that helped her to see that they were both happy and loved. As much as she hated to admit it, Elizabeth seemed to have made a good choice in Jason.

Elizabeth was laughing as she watched Cameron and Spinelli dance to the new children's CD Audrey had brought. The fact that Gram was slowly adjusting to their new living arrangements was the icing on Elizabeth's proverbial cake. All was right in her world.

The sound of gunshots in the hall sent fear racing through Elizabeth's veins. She scooped up Cameron and shoved her Gram toward the kitchen and the rear exit. It was too late.

Four masked men broke the door down and commanded them to halt. Elizabeth refused to let them see her fear. "You're making a big mistake. Sonny and Jason will kill you for this."

The men ignored her and looked from Spinelli to Cameron. One turned to the obvious leader and asked which one. Elizabeth didn't understand and was sure she didn't want to. Spinelli was frozen in fear and Audrey was in shock.

The leader spoke. "Take them both."

Two men grabbed Spinelli by the arms. The young man screamed and struggled but they were too strong for him. A third man grabbed Cameron from Elizabeth. The leader fired several shots in her direction to keep her from chasing them as they left with her son.

Elizabeth wanted to fall to the floor and cry. She wanted to chase after the men, even if it meant losing her life. Deep inside, reason found its voice and she knew exactly what to do. She called Jason.

Meanwhile, Audrey attempted to save the life of the mortally wounded Milo. She failed.