Rust Buckets and Rivalries

Chapter 1

The truck had known from the moment she had entered its confines that she was the one for its owner. She was unlike the blonde, harsh speaking one with the gargantuan legs and nothing at all like the high pitched brunette that had followed. She had long blonde hair that floated in the breeze and diffidence to its owner that sealed its opinion that she was the one. He had carried them to school innocently, improper thoughts having not yet begun. It had carried them when she had begun her first tentative and wholly unsuccessful attempts to flirt with his owner. He'd been there when his long haired owner had kissed her senseless and then pressed her up against its hood. The fire and passion that these two shared was evident, even to an old rust bucket like itself. It had driven its way through the Mom date and had also found itself washed cleaned with kissing human bodies. Lastly they had consummated their relationship in his bed. It had been through all the mountain and ravines with the pair and now it was almost time for it to leave.


Tim had surprised everyone but the Taylor family but graduating his Senior year. He has won a scholarship to Texas A&M and was slowly proving himself as an unstoppable fullback. He would travel the distance back to Dillon every now, if he had the time. Julie would drive up for games when she could. It was her Senior Year and she was finding the commuting, studying and Tim all hard to juggle. He was under pressure too. Not that the college expected much of him in terms of studying but they did for football. He resented their disinterest in his academic work. If being with Julie had shown him anything, it was that he was capable of anything he put his mind to. He had decided that if he were going to take that step toward college, sacrificing time with Julie, he would get an education out of it. Jules expected it of him and so did he. So there he was in his freshman year studying business and lit. Even Jules had been surprised by the lit, he claimed he wanted to have more to talk to her about. She kissed him and he knew he had made the right decision.

Jules had graduated and he'd come down to see her collect her diploma. It had been almost a year since they had lived in the same zip code. She stopped on the stage and looked to where he was sitting with her family and smiled broadly. The Taylor clan were on their feet cheering as was he. A few heads turned in his direction as he lifted his arms in victory above his head and started making whooping sounds. It was very much an anti-Riggins thing to do but that was his girl up there. Dillon natives smiled, used to the Julie/Riggins pairing now, accepting it as more than Riggins trying on monogamy to see whether it would fit.

There were new stresses –the distance, the driving, the studying, the football and the pressure. It all flew away when they were together, it didn't matter. As she came out to greet her family and himself after the ceremony was over he picked her off her feet and swung her around. He kissed her soundly on the lips and only stopped when he heard the Coach making not-so-subtle coughing sounds. He was proud of her. They could be together...finally. She had received acceptance to his school and he was excited beyond belief. It sounded like heaven, no more truck stops in their place and struggling to keep things neutral on the Taylor couch. They would have some space from the Coach's ever watchful eye. As much as he respected the Coach the thought of both him and Julie having some Eric Taylor-free time was really attractive.

Tim stood there with a huge grin on his face as photos were taken with Julie. There were photos with her, photos of father and daughter, mother and daughter, daughters, the necessary family shot – which included him. He had slowly become the adopted son of the Taylor's and he knew that he was a lucky son of a gun. His arm tightened around her, breathing in her scent and absorbing her warmth. She linked her arm around his back bringing him in closer to her, he could not wait to get his hands on her later. He would remove her gown like a kid unwrapping a gift at Christmas. It had been a really long time and he was aching for her. To hear her moan, to feel the short pants of oxygen release from her mouth, the quiver of her stomach and the clenching of her...okay time to stop. It's her graduation and he was experiencing another Jules fantasy.

Tim had to admit he had another burning reason for wanting her on the same campus. Yeah he missed her, all the time and he knew he didn't do well on the phone front. He was beginning to earn his stripes with the Aggies and the attention was amazing. He had always been the one stepping back while Jay or Smash got their due. He wasn't used to nor did he want any attention. With positive attention came the girls. Panting, eager girls who wouldn't leave him alone. He had not strayed and Jules knew that, but she wasn't completely aware of how bad it was becoming. Naked girls' finding their way into his room was not a rare occurrence and he wasn't a eunuch. Tim needed his girlfriend's protection from the panting hoards of Texas A&M girls and soon.

Tim took her out for a nice meal, celebrating her success and the Coach's move to Austin for a new coaching gig. It would be weird not coming back to the Taylors house in Dillon but progress was progress. He raised his glass towards her glowing, smiling face

"To us and our future at Texas A&M," her face immediately fell, something was coming that he wouldn't like.

"Tim there's something I have been meaning to tell you..." Julie's face was clearly unsure, he really wasn't going to like this news. Things had been going too well for too long, it was time for the anvil to hit.

AN – Okay I know very little about Texas A&M and so have taken some creative licence. This is the much awaited (and requested) sequel to Preying on a Panther/Unbalanced and will be one story with alternative POVs, one very different you may have realised. Thanks for the continual support and thanks to Jodes for assistance on the college and USA geography front, I couldn't have done this without you now get back to your paper!