Author Notes:

28Feb - oh, Kagome's eyes are blue? OK, corrected.

19Feb - changed a couple of words...

I thought of this little scene after watching the four Inuyasha movies twice/thrice each a couple of days ago, courtesy of my 5 and a half year old daughter who surprisingly likes Inuyasha even more than me… -rubs eyes blurry from too much Inuyasha & not enuff sleep-

There is a scene from the "Castle Beyond the Looking Glass" movie, where Kagome confesses to Inuyasha that she likes him as the half-demon he is… It's rather silly but hopefully not too much OOC… -giggle-

Some of the dialog may be wrong 'coz the movie had only Jap/Cantonese languages so I chose Cantonese together with the not-very-accurate English subtitles. Anyway, this being my first Inuyasha fanfic - reviews are - as always – very welcome but pleeeease be gentle, OK…! -whispers 'thanks!' and rushes off to hide after posting this-

Disclaimer: I don't own the manga or characters of Inuyasha…

---------------------------------------- Start ----------------------------------------

"Hey Kagome!"

Kagome was looking out at the widespread scenery before her, taking in the majestic height of the gray blue mountains in the far distance, to the valleys in their shadows, green with forests and vegetation. She and Inuyasha were both sitting on a small grass covered hill that was their favourite spot when she was in his world and not fighting any demons. She leant her head back, supporting herself on her elbows and closed her eyes, enjoying the soft breeze as it fanned through her hair.

The breeze also brought the scent of her shampoo to Inuyasha and his nose twitched. He much preferred her natural scent to the superficial one of her shampoo or soap. But he more or less liked everything about Kagome – that is, if you took away her stubbornness, her inability to sense danger towards herself, her insistence on helping her friends and any other human/demon man/woman/child who remotely needed help and not to mention her ability to make him fall flat on his face by simply saying "Osuwari!" whenever she thought he was getting a little full of himself – which was never, right?

Drat… he'd forgotten what his original thought had been… anyway…

Why do you love me as a half-demon?" There, he'd said it. The question had been burning at the back of his mind ever since she'd said it a couple of days earlier.

But it was only when the demon goddess in the magic castle had succeeded in trapping the human half of him in her magic mirror, leaving him a crazed demon with an overpowering urge to kill reflected in his red eyes and his elongated claws, had Kagome's words really taken on meaning – when she'd ignored the very real danger of being killed by his demonic side and had found courage from within to kiss him full on his lips and his gleaming razor sharp fangs, ignoring the stabbing pain in her upper back as his claws sank into tender flesh…

That kiss – Inuyasha found himself shaking his head… how had she done it? How had she known that her fervent words "I love you as a half-demon, Inuyasha" and her passionate kiss on the snarling lips and sharp fangs would overthrow the power of the demon goddess and restore the human side back to him? All he knew was that the white hot pounding pain in his head had suddenly vanished, the mad urge to kill firing in his veins had evaporated and he was once again looking upon the face of his beloved Kagome, large eyes awash in tears, her lips still clinging to his.

And fully articulate half-demon that he was, he'd expressed himself completely and comprehensively by saying "Silly girl - always putting yourself in danger" and "All right, I'll remain a half-demon a while longer… for your sake…" It didn't even half cover what he'd actually wanted to say… after he got over raving and ranting at her for almost being killed by himself, that is…

"Because you're cute like this!" said Kagome happily, beaming at him. Inuyasha's amber eyes widened and his dog-like ears twitched. He was cute? He was cute?! He was NOT cute, he was a hanyou – a half-demon, goddamnit, he had a powerful Tessaiga sword that could kill with a single sweep and wreak havoc all over the place, he had power, strength and agility that could make a full demon weep so he was not cute!

But Kagome was still smiling at him and he could feel twin points of heat starting about halfway up his cheeks that if left unchecked, would travel upwards and downwards until it covered every square inch of his uncute – thanks very much! – face.

"Aren't you afraid of me?" he asked, somewhat surprised. He shouldn't be, of course. Since when had Kagome ever been afraid of him… but still, he had to ask.

Kagome frowned. "Should I be?" she asked him seriously.

Well, no course not. He didn't want her to be afraid of him… but honestly, shouldn't she be? After all, he was a half-demon… he was a killer. He'd killed before, he'd even sworn to kill her once, when he'd first known her…

Inuyasha extended his arms straight out and straightened his fingers, seeing the long sharp nails at the end. Claws that could kill, claws that could tear open a man's throat or rip his heart out in an instant…

"Aren't you afraid of these hands?" he asked quietly, looking up at her.

Kagome glanced down at his hands, then back up at his face. "No" she said. At the rather nonplussed look on his face, she added "These hands have never hurt me… " She ignored the time when his demon self had dug those claws into her upper back "… and these arms have protected me time and again from death and from injuries, why should I be afraid?"

To Inuyasha's amazement, Kagome reached out and closed her fingers around his strong supple wrists, bringing up his hands to her face. She cupped his large hands to her cheeks, feeling the calluses on the fingers and palms against the smooth softness of her skin and seeing the faint blush on the half-demon's face grow deeper. He was staring at her as if transfixed and she had to fight a grin as she brought his hands down to his lap and released them.

He blinked at her and his ears twitched again. Seeing them twitch always raised a longing in Kagome to finger them softly like she would the ears of a much beloved dog but Inuyasha was pretty touchy about them…

"What about my ears?" he asked. "They're hardly the ears of a human…" he added, glancing at Kagome's pretty ears half hidden by the silky length of her black hair.

Kagome smiled – it was amazing, her wish was going to come true by just thinking of it! "No" she said softly. "Your ears have never bothered me…" other than making me want to touch them all the time, she said to herself. She got up onto her knees on the soft grass and, bracing a hand on his lap, feeling him freeze in response, she reached out and very, very gently fingered his ears, knowing they were sensitive. They were soft, pliant, and covered in the softest white down imaginable, softer than any fur she'd ever felt and each ear twitched in turn as she bent her head to drop a light kiss onto each tip.

When she drew back, Inuyasha's face was practically the colour of his fire rat robe and he blinked at her a couple of times before speaking again. "My eyes are also pretty strange, you know…" He waited hopefully.

Kagome smiled again, resisting the urge to giggle. "Really?" she murmured. "No, I've never been intimidated by your eyes, not even when you glare at me…" His face registered faint annoyance for a moment but it disappeared when Kagome leaned forward again, staring into his eyes. As she neared him, the wide amber eyes closed in apparent confusion. Kagome placed a gentle kiss on each eyelid as Inuyasha forced his hands to remain in his lap – she was so damn close, he could feel her body heat even on his heated cheeks…

When she'd moved away, he opened his eyes. There was an enchanting blush on Kagome's cheeks by now and she looked at him as if she knew what he was going to say next.

"I really think you should be afraid of my fangs… if nothing else" said Inuyasha next and his lips actually parted as he waited for her reply.

Kagome laughed a little, she just couldn't help it. "If I weren't afraid of them when I first kissed you, what makes you think I would fear them now? You've never bitten me before…" she said softly, then bent forward. Resting her arms on Inuyasha's robe covered shoulders, feeling the lithe strength of him under her fingers, Kagome leaned in, her lips parting softly. Amber coloured eyes closed, as did dark blue and their lips met in a light kiss.

Inuyasha's hands gripped her upper arms but he controlled his strength as he tugged Kagome closer, making her almost fall into his lap. He angled his head and tentatively reached out with his tongue, touching hers and inviting her to play… Kagome obeyed, bravely entering the half-demon's mouth and daringly running the tip of her tongue across the pointed sharp edges of his fangs as her lips slid against his. She could feel the thudding of his heart against hers and wondered if it was desire or fear that he would hurt her that caused his heart to race like this. But her heart was racing too, only not from fear…

It was Inuyasha who pulled away. He jerked his lips away from hers, panting, hands still gripping her arms. Kagome opened her eyes to see amber eyes cloudy with desire and confusion.

"Why did you do that?" he demanded breathlessly. "Silly girl, you could have cut yourself on my fangs…"

Kagome took a rather shaky breath before smiling at him. "You asked me why I love you as a half-demon. Well, how can I love you if I'm afraid of you?"

Inuyasha looked simply amazed. Kagome held his gaze for a long moment before she sat down again beside him, so close that their shoulders touched. There was a pause before Inuyasha placed his arm around her shoulders, hugging her close for a moment. "Always knew you never had a nose for danger, especially if it's towards yourself… guess I'll have to keep a closer eye on you, huh…"

Kagome rested her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes, feeling the softness of his snow white mane against her cheek. "I guess so…" was all she said to her half-demon.

---------------------------------------- End ----------------------------------------