Emo Love

Summary: AU Story. Newt and Lauren grow closer but things happen and it gets complicated. Takes off right after Russ figures out who's been calling him.

Pairings: Newt/Lauren

Rating: Teen for language/situations

Other: Emmm...Nothing else I can think of...


"I'm not letting you back out of this" Newt told her firmly "You're doing this, Lauren".

He walked off, leaving her standing there.

Lauren looked down and sighed. She slung her bag over her shoulder and followed after Newt.


"One hour to complete this test" Russ Owen said to the class. "And I catch anyone cheating..." he glanced at Newt and Lauren.

"You may begin" Russ added.

Lauren glanced at Newt who was writing away.

"What?" he whispered.

"Nothing" Lauren sighed.

"Oi!" Russ cried "Do you mind? This is a test!".

Lauren sighed and ducked her head down.


"There's no way I passed that" Lauren commented to Newt when it was time to pack up.

"You can leave" Russ added.

Lauren gave him a guilty look but walked out with Newt just as quickly.


"I need to speak with Lauren".

Russ's voice rang out through the corridor as Lauren and Newt froze.

Lauren glanced at Newt and went to walk into Russ's classroom but stopped when Russ raised his hand.

"I need to see Lauren" Russ told Newt.

"Well if you need to see Lauren, then you'll need to see me as well" Newt retorted.

Russ sighed. "Whatever, get in".

They walked into the classroom and took a seat.

Russ sighed. "Something's going on".

Lauren looked worried.

"How is it..." Russ began "That Lauren failed the test and Newt passed it?".

"I didn't have the time to study" Lauren muttered.

"And I wondered" Russ continued "The phone calls...".

"We didn't make the calls" Lauren replied. "Uh...Whatever it is you're on about".

"Blackmail is a crime" Russ said angrily.

"You don't have any proof" Newt told him.

"Don't I!?" Russ cried; slamming his fist on the desk and making Lauren jump.

"How about this?" he continued "Lauren stays here afterschool every day to study and at the end of the week, she retakes the test, if she passes, I'll drop it and we'll just pretend it never happened, is that clear!?".

"You finished?" Newt retorted.

"Have we got a deal?" Russ asked angrily.

Lauren nodded.

"Right" Russ opened the door "Now get out".

Lauren and Newt scrambled up and left the classroom.

Russ sighed deeply.

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