Part X

Hey people, I'm gonnah keep this one short and sweet..!


Lauren walked into the pub, Valerie and Leo trailing behind. Newt, Frankie and Jack were sitting at a table, Darren tending the bar, Steph next to him and Sophia and Jared sitting at another table.

"Well" Valerie pouted "What's this all about?".

Newt stood "I asked Lauren to bring you here".

"Newt?" Frankie frowned.

"Before I came to Hollyoaks, my life was about moving" Newt began "And then I came here, and I'll admit, I hated Hollyoaks for months and then... I met Lauren".

Lauren looked up.

"Moody, spoilt, weird, annoying" he grinned "But there was something there and I got close again, close again to someone I'd promised my heart I'd never do again".

"And I love her" Newt confessed.

Frankie and Valerie gasped, Jack and Leo stared in shock, Darren was smirking, Sophia was smiling knowingly, Jared had no reaction what so ever and Lauren... Tear flowed out from Lauren's eyes.

"I love you, Lauren" Newt looked at her.

"I love you too" she whispered, walking up to him and planting a firm kiss on his lips. Everybody else was forgotten as Lauren and Newt continued kissing.

"Aww" Frankie stood "You can see each other!" she glanced to Valerie.

Valerie stood, glaring.

"They're in love" Frankie told her.

Valerie sighed "Fine but if one more thing goes wrong... I mean it!".

Newt and Lauren broke apart, smiling.

"You mean it?" Lauren asked her mum.

Valerie smiled softly and linked her arm through Leo's "Yes... It may shock you to know, but... I've been in love before".

"Can we stop this now?" Darren interrupted, grimacing "Before we all burst into song and dance! Y'know, we do have a business to run!".

"Alright, Darren" Jack added "Calm down".

"Can I hang here for a bit?" Lauren asked her parents.

"Of course, love" Leo replied "Just be home for dinner" he and Valerie walked out.

"Y'know" Lauren heard her dad say "I think we should go out for a romantic dinner...".

Valerie laughed.

"You kids be alright?" Frankie asked "I've got some errands to run".

Newt nodded "Course...".

Frankie walked off, leaving Sophia and Jared alone with Lauren and Newt.

"So" Sophia smiled "Did I not tell you two you would get together?".

"Eh no" Lauren frowned "You didn't".

"Well, that's odd" Sophia frowned "I could have sworn I mentioned something" her face trailed expressively.

"What?" Newt asked worriedly.

"Not another plate!" she groaned.

"What?" Lauren frowned.

Suddenly, a clash came from behind the bar and Darren looked up. "That's the 3rd damn plate today!" he cried, cleaning up the broken parts.

"How did you know that?" Lauren asked "Seriously know that?".

"I'm psychic" Sophia shrugged. She leaned in to Lauren and whispered: "It's okay, you're not going crazy, we all see dead people sometimes".

Sophia walked off, Jared following her.

"What was she talking about?" Newt frowned.

Lauren smiled easily "Oh nothing important...".

"I don't mean to sound arrogant" Newt smirked, taking her hand and pulling her towards the stairs "...But you wanna go up stairs and make out?".

Lauren pretended to think "Okay" they ran up stairs.

And then they knew in that moment; everything would be okay.

A/N: I can hear what you're thinking: "How love mushy was that part, right?" And I totally understand but it was the last part ever so I wanted things to end on a happy note; which is rare in Hollyoaks! Anyway, I wanna say a big thanks to everyone who read and reviewed this story, you've all been great... God, am so sad now, nearly crying lol... sorta :)