A/N I do not own Naruto! I hope you enjoy this new story. I got this idea from the song Stealing Cinderella by Chuck Wicks (which I love)!!

Little Cinderella:

To every father they have a prize possession that they protect almost with their life and that is their little girl. But there is a time when their little girl starts to grow into a young women and leaving their daddy's arms. Their father still sees them as their little girl no matter what and will hold on to them for as long as they can. Then there comes a time when someone else takes away their little girl. This someone steals his Cinderella.

Especially, to a certain father he prizes his little girl and he is definitely his little Cinderella. He is a CEO for Haruno Company which he built and established himself. His company grew into one of the largest companies across Japan. With his great success, he could especially pamper his darling Cinderella he loved so dearly. His wife and his Cinderella's mother died from cancer when his little girl was 8 years old. After his beautiful wife past away, he comforted his little girl and he did everything for her. Anytime something happened to his little girl whether it was a small scratch or broken arm his protective side would skyrocket. And this little girl he called his Cinderella's name is Sakura Haruno.

Sakura Haruno a pink haired and emerald eyed beauty was the prize of Mr. Haruno. Sakura's intelligence astounded teachers and her father prided in her greatly. She was the president of her class and a member of student council. She was now entering into her senior year of high school and preparing for college. She resembled much of her father in her determination and pride. She loved her father deeply since he was that raised her after he mother died. Most of her accomplishments were in spite of her father because she wanted to make him proud of her and repay him for being there for her. She considered the good girl and daddy's girl because she did nothing wrong. But deep side she wanted to experience life and branch out but not wanted to disappoint her father she put that aside. She was a dreamer and dreamt of her prince charming but every time she got close to a boy her father would chase him away with his over protectiveness for her. Every boy would make an excuse for dumping her such as it was him not her, but she knew that it was her father. She wondered if she would ever find the right guy for her who would not run away because of her father. Every boy at school knew that she was daddy's little girl and was scared to ask her out because they were didn't want her father calling the FBI on them. Even though her father frighten every boy, she stilled loved her father unconditionally.