Jared Grace and his siblings discover some Faeries they have never encountered before, the Manticore, the Kelpie, and a lot more. With the more dangerous creatures than before the three are hunted and wanted. What happens when they discover a new faerie that turned the whole United States against them? The Grace children are on the run, alone and lost…

Chapter 1-1: The eve of the party.

Jared Grace was running. He ducked without even really giving it any thought. His only focus was GET OUT OF THERE! He jumped, again not aware of it for he had explored the woods so thoroughly that he knew where every gnarled and moss covered log was, every drooping branch, and every mud puddle. He ran on passed the stone covered troll and arrived safely out of the woods, the sight of his five year old house stood, the old mansion looking just the same as when they first moved in. The only differences were on the inside where the floorboards were repaired and a new shiny door stood, which lead into the not so Secret Study.

He continued running, eager to consult the guide and tell Simon what he had seen. Perhaps his mother would even let him phone Mallory. He slammed the door shut as he entered from the back yard. His mother was in the kitchen, stirring a bowl with a whisk. She saw his face and set down the white plastic bowl.

"I was just making your cake, what did you see?" She could read Jared like a book which he found annoying at times.

"I'm pretty sure in was a baby griffon!" Jared burst out. "But some goblins were attacking him so I threw some stones and then I chased them off! Where's Simon?" Jared asked excitedly. "I need him to help me get him so we can take care of him, I think he's hurt."

"He should be in his room, talking to Jenna on the phone." Jenna was Simon's new girlfriend. It sort of bugged Jared that Simon, the bookworm, the straight A nerd kid had a girlfriend and he didn't. But then he thought of Mallory, away at college, nineteen and still single, that thought usually made him feel better. "But maybe Lucinda would like to know about the new griffin, where will you guys keep him?"

"Same place as Byron, the garage." Jared shrugged.

"I still can't believe five years ago you guys hid a griffin the garage," his mother said more to herself then him. "So odd."

"Uh, yeah, I'll just…go and get Simon…" Jared backed out of the room. He heard what sounded like a bowl hit the ground and chuckled to himself. His mother was trying to make a birthday cake for his and Simon's party the next day. Jared thought about that again. It seemed odd that he would be fourteen and even weirder that he believed in the same stuff that first graders thought of but the strangest thing was his father was arriving tonight, for the party tomorrow.

He started running, up to the third floor where Simon's room was. The reason he was running so much in the forest was to get Simon and get back before the goblins returned. He passed by Mallory's newly cleaned room. Mallory was coming home for spring break, the day of the party. For some reason Jared's mother thought it necessary to clean her room.

Jared burst into Simon's room; the now setting sun was visible from his window. Simon, Jared's identical twin was reading a book, also chatting on the phone. Book cases lined the walls, every wall. But the people who had fixed their house made the walls go in two feet so it looked like the book shelves were actually part of the wall.

"Simon, come on…THERES A BABY GRIFFIN IN THE WOODS!" Jared shouted. "COME ON!"

Simon looked up, seemingly unaware until now that Jared was in his room. "Jared, I'm on the phone."

Jared couldn't believe his brother. "Jared, a baby griffin is in trouble, we need to go help him. He could be Byron's baby."

"Jenna?" Simon said into the phone. "I've got to go, I'll call you later."

A long stretch of silence. "I love you too; no you hang up first, no you…you…no you…" Jared rolled his eyes and crossed the room as he snatched the phone form Simon's hands. He hung up.

"Hey, you hung up!" Simon exclaimed.

"I know, come on…" Jared said, pulling Simon along with him.