Jenna and some friends from school walked over to them. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY GUYS!" Jenna told the twins.

The party began.

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4: The party (2)

The music was pumping, the kids were eating, they were chatting, they were having fun.

Jared sat off in a corner. Ever since the Kelpie incident last night he hasn't really been able to relax and have a good time. He watched as Simon and Jenna danced in their family room, having fun. It was almost as if Simon had never been sucked into the world of Faerie and that Jared alone had the task to protect them, and with Mallory gone it only doubled the feeling. He searched the room for Mallory now and saw her talking to a tall man. Jared's blood ran cold. There shouldn't be a tall and dark and scary looking man at their party…

Mallory started to walk away from the man but the man grabbed her arm. Jared sat bolt upright, reaching for the knife in his pocket. Crap! He left his knife in his room, next to his bed. Jared had to get it but he didn't want to leave Mallory alone with tall, dark, and creepy. He ran to the dance floor and tugged Simon's arm. "Hey!" he cried indignantly.

Once they were back at the corner Jared started: "Simon, I need you to go get my knife!"

"Jared, what's your problem, why'd you pull me away, Jenna was about to kiss me!"

"I don't care, go get my knife!" Jared screamed at Simon.

"Screw you," Simon said. "Leave me alone for the rest of the party or else!" Jared let the threat hang in the air.

"Fine, have fun with your-" Jared didn't finish the sentence, Simon had punched Jared in the face. Next thing Jared knew he was rolling on top of Simon, his punches landing on Simon's face, stomach, and any other part of Simon's body he could reach.

Hands were pulling on Jared, trying to pry him from his brother, a girl screamed. Who would scream because of this? Jared finally gave up. He felt the strong grip of his father pull him away. His dad dragged him into the hallway. Jared didn't see his sister as he was pulled away. He realized that the scream was her.

"Dad let me go!" Jared screamed. "This is an emergency!"

"Jared, calm down. Your mother said you got better but I don't see it."

"Dad, you have to let me go!" Jared tried to escape from his father's grip.

"JARED!" his father screamed. "Calm down!"

"NO!" Jared screamed. "GET AWAY FROM ME! I HATE YOU! NEVER VISIT ME AGAIN!" His father struck him.

Jared found himself on the floor. He couldn't believe it. Tears ran down his face. "How could you Dad?" he screamed. "HOW COULD YOU?"

Helen entered the room. "Oh my God! Jared, what happened?"

"Nothing, I just need to get out of here!" Jared made for the door on the other side of the room but was blocked.

"Not until you explain to me what happened." His mother said.

"It's a Faerie, when Simon and I were fighting a Faerie got Mallory!"

"Faerie?" Richard scoffed. "God Helen, I thought you were raising these children correctly!"

"I'm going to go now." Jared said. "I need to find Mallory."

"Jared, Mallory is in the other room." Helen said.

"No, she got grabbed." Jared countered.

"Jared…look!" Helen let him open the door into the living room again. He saw that the party has resumed and that Mallory was indeed still in there, talking to one of Jenna's friends.

"But, but who got grabbed?" Jared asked. "Someone screamed."

Simon saw that Jared had opened the door. He ran over to it. "Where's Jenna?" asked Simon.
Jared looked at Simon in disbelief. "She's not here?" he asked.


"When did she disappear?"

"When you attacked me!" Simon said.

So that was who screamed.

"MALLORY!" Jared asked. Mallory crossed the room.

"Once a nutcase, always a nutcase." She said shaking her head.

"Shut up! Who was that dark man you were talking to?"

"I don't know, he was creepy, I told him to leave or I'd stick a sword in him." Mallory was looking at Jared funny. "Why?"

"He took Jenna," Simon said, catching on. "He kidnapped my girlfriend."

"What are you talking about?" Richard asked behind them. "God I leave for a few years and you guys turn insane?"

"Come on" Jared said, ignoring his mean father.

"Where are we going?" Mallory asked.
"We're getting Jenna back. Where's your fencing stuff?"

"In my college dorm." Mallory said.

"Damn, hold on." Jared dashed upstairs, grabbing his knife, two baseball bats and the Field Guide. He returned to his siblings.

"Jared," his mother said. "Where are you going? Where would he have taken her?"

"I don't know, either the woods or somewhere else in town, the quarry or the cave in the woods."

"The Manticore Cave?" Simon asked, scared.

"Yeah, that's probably where." Jared realized. "Come on."

"WAIT A MINUTE!" Richard exclaimed. "What is going on?"

"Grace Children," A small voice said. "Let me come with you!" Thimbletack appeared before them.

"What the-" Richard started.

"Mom, we'll be back soon, I'm reachable on the cell." Mallory told their mother. The three stepped out the door, each feeling exactly as they had five years ago when they were on their way to Mulgarath.