Hey to you readers. For those who are currently reading my other stories: I am at a huge block and am unable to get past it at the moment. So, in the mean time, I'll work on a story that has been buzzing around in my head for a long time now. Beast Boy will be the central character in this story, just FYI. Enjoy!

Perils & Sacrifice


Jump City was surprisingly quiet today. Almost too quiet for the Teen Titans. However, as any teens, they'd be sure to take advantage of something like this right away. It was a beautiful day out, so the team had decided to go out for a round of pizza.

"So this guy walks into this bar right, and he says OUCH!" cried Beast Boy, smiling to the Raven sitting next to him. She simply shook her head.

"Friend Robin, we only have few types of the so called 'toppings'. How come we do not explore the wondrous food that may be put on the pizza?" Starfire asked innocently to her boyfriend. As Robin went off explaining exactly why they stay limited on the pizza selection, Cyborg smiled inwardly to himself as he ate more pizza. Yes, he loved pizza and his friends easily and it was days like this he enjoyed most. His friends were happy, he had pizza, he was happy. And to top it all off, there was no crime happening today. Yup. Life is good. However, before Cyborg could put the slice of pizza in his mouth, it exploded, causing his hand to get singed.

"Okay, anyone else think that pizza SHOULDN'T explode?" The explosion was loud enough to gather attention of everyone currently dining at the pizza place – of those whose attention wasn't already being taken by the Titans' presence – and the awareness of the Titans as well. All was quiet, though. Too quiet. Robin gave a very subtle nod that only the Titans could pick up. Raven's power activated to sense any nearby presences. Cyborg's scanners activated to pick up heat signatures from all the people around. Beast Boy waited to take action, and Starfire and Robin were at the ready. Moments of silence that seemed to last forever went on and on. A small grunt was heard from behind Robin. He turned around quickly and jumped out of his seat, horrified at the sight before him. A girl was laying on the ground, with her throat cut open.

"What… EVACUATE!" Robin yelled at the top of his longs. The poor girl was on the ground bleeding. Robin prayed she had not yet passed. All the innocent people ran out extremely quickly accompanied by three of the five guards. The other two stayed in, readying their stun sticks. Raven was instantly at the girl's side, trying to heal her. Her face was completely stoic as she attempted to heal her, but felt the girl's life force completely slip away from her. It was too late. She stood up, keeping the sadness inside her. She shook her head slightly, enough for the Titans and guards to see. A sadness was brought over them for a moment, but a dark-dressed figure appeared seemingly out of nowhere. The figure pulled out multiple throwing knives and threw them at rapid speeds at of the Titans. Raven put up a quick barrier to protect them from any harm the daggers could possibly do. She lowered it after they had ceased fire, but the figure was gone. Attached to one of the thrown daggers was a piece of paper. Robin bent down and picked it up. He read it silently to himself, then aloud to his team.

"It says: 'You Titans have been around for too long. It's time you've met your match. Prepare yourselves, for the next week, you will all be put to the test to the best of your ability. You could not even keep the lady from dying. How can you save yourselves when you cannot even save the innocent?'" He stood for a moment of silence to let the words take affect.

"Dude… that… is… NOT COOL!" Beast Boy yelled at the top of his lungs. He ran up to Robin and snatched the paper with an evil look of hatred and he looked at it and ripped it into a million pieces. "Let's get OUT of here, NOW!" He yelled, and turned into a peregrine falcon and vanished into the air in a matter of minutes. Robin nodded to the rest of his teammates and they all took off. As Robin and Cyborg were in the car, there was something they both needed to discuss.

"Hey Rob, you think BB's gunna be okay?"

"I don't know. He is probably going to take this a lot worse than any of us. Can you talk to him when we get back?" Cyborg nodded.

"I'll try man. You know how he is with his feelings. He shrinks away to not talk about it whenever he gets asked."

"I know. It's surprising how long we've known him… we don't know much about him. Cyborg, by any means necessary, I want you to get him to talk to you about that kind of stuff whenever we're not working on this new mission." Cyborg sighed. "What?"

"You know I hate that kind of stuff man."

"I know you do, but you'd be the best. By the way, did you contact emergency?"

"Yeah I did. They'll be there in a few minutes." Cyborg sat silently for a moment, then got an interesting idea. "Hey, what if we try to get Raven to talk to him instead?" Robin looked at him as if he'd turned into a washing machine.

"What? You're his best friend… are you saying that just to weasel out of it?"

"No man I'm serious! Think about it. You and I both know he tries to spend as much time with Rae as he does with me. He's joking with her more than anyone else. I think if you 'ordered' Raven to do it, she would. Plus… I think guys talking about feelings is uh… weird."

"Cyborg, we've done that before."

"Oh yeah, but I hardly consider you a guy." Cyborg chuckled at a fuming Robin's expense.

"Is this honestly the time to be joking?" Robin half-yelled.

"No, you're right."

"No… you're right. I think Raven would be the best one to talk to him." Cyborg would wipe his brow, but he didn't want to look suspicious in front of Robin. After all, he was almost as bad as Beast Boy about talking about that kind of stuff. Raven, however, was NOT going to like this either. Robin was contemplating on exactly how to tell her while not sounding strict about it. It wasn't going to be easy. If Beast Boy were distracted and angry, then they'd have a very hard time tracking and taking out that person whom attacked earlier. Just like the time with the beast that could meld into the environment; they hadn't won that battle until Beast Boy had came to aid them. So one thing was for sure: he'd need to open up and be more secure on his feelings. That way, he would have a focused mind in the midst of battle. And that was important during this week. Who knows what that figure could have up their sleeve.