Chapter 3 – Impossibility

"We've got some smudged prints on the dagger. Very small, very hard to detect. They are hard to determine whose exactly they could be." Gran sighed as he explained this. The green one looks as if he's going to cry…Gran thought to himself. "It isn't much, but it's better than anything else we have." Robin nodded.

"Raven, which of the honorary Titans have you contacted?"

"So far, I got Kid Flash, Jinx, and Hotspot. They should be here within 48 hours."

"How come so long for Kid Flash and Jinx?"

"They're apparently on a vacation in Denmark," Raven said and rolled her eyes. Robin sighed.

"This is worse than I thought. You can't teleport?"

"No. I haven't gotten nearly enough meditation for it this whole week. It'd be faster if they just flew here." Before anything else could be said, smoke bombs started dropping all around the Titans and Gran and the investigators. Soon, coughing was heard. It was no ordinary smoke. The coughing sounded as if someone would be dying from a sickness – no one could do anything. No one could focus. After a moment, the smoke cleared, and Gran's body lie, lifeless. The Titans and the investigators were all staring, amazed, disgusted, and filled with sorrow. A shriek was heard from what one would expect Starfire to make, but it came from Beast Boy.

"We… we… need to evacuate the city… and put guards at every possible exit… many police officers, and an honorary Titan. Everyone else needs to get out of the city." The two investigators each got out a cell phone and started calling the people who could do just that. Robin sighed. He knew Beast Boy would be a much better fighter against whomever attacked him if he were on par with his feelings. He turned around.

"Starfire, Cyborg and I are going to help evacuate people out of the city. Raven, Beast Boy, I want you two to return to the tower. Don't go separately; stay together. Don't teleport so you can conserve your energy if you get attacked." Raven nodded and Beast Boy looked slightly confused. Raven knew why he would designate them to return to the tower. "I'm also going to call more honorary Titans while we evacuate."

Raven started walking, but Beast Boy was still standing there. "But… dude! That one guy… he kicked my butt…"

"Yes, that's why you're returning to the tower. If you haven't noticed, you're bleeding in your back." Beast Boy put his hand behind his back and brought it in front of his face and paled slightly.

"Oh man… owww… it hurts…"

"Adrenaline can do strange things to one," Raven said. She put her hand on his back, which was presumably close to his butt; she blushed slightly, and healed his wound. Of course it wouldn't fully close, due to her power not being at maximum efficiency. "Look, let's get back to the tower and then I can close the wound back there, okay?"

"Oh… alright." Before he went, Robin put his hand on Beast Boy's shoulder and turned him around.

"Beast Boy, I've always been wondering… can you close a wound by morphing into an animal? That's the first time I've seen you bleed." Beast Boy smiled slightly.

"Actually, I can't. I normally just avoid all wounds that would cause me to bleed. I got unlucky this time because I couldn't see him attack from behind."


"Yeah. See ya later."

"Wait, one more question."

"What is it?" Beast Boy asked, turning around again and having a neutral face.

"What was that person who attacked you dressed in?"

"Oh… he had all white on. And his mask-hood thingy had some gold borders around it, and some red jewels on it. It looked really weird. He also told me that he wasn't considered one of the best."

"Okay, thank you."

"No problem. Now if you wouldn't mind, Rae and I are gunna go…" he leaned in closer to Robin and whispered something and winked. Robin paled slightly and turned around. "It was a joke man!"

"Please, I wish to hear the joke to increase my spirits," Starfire said sadly. Beast Boy frowned at her. He walked up to her and whispered the same thing and winked. Raven sighed at this, not sure if she wanted to know what he said or not. Starfire giggled and blushed. "Thank you, friend." She hugged him lightly before he and Raven took their leave. Cyborg stared at Robin and Starfire for a moment. He then burst out laughing.

"What?" Robin said, irritated.

"I heard that! It was great!"

"Grr…" Robin was thinking something along 'Stupid ultra-sonic hearing' as Cyborg was laughing.

"It was quite the enjoyable joke, was it not?" Starfire said and smiled brightly at Cyborg. Cyborg nodded. Robin just shook his head. At least Beast Boy had a way to lighten the mood, just like always.

"So… do I want to know what you told them?" Raven asked Beast Boy, who was whistling. At least he was in a good mood. Well, he was trying to be. Raven could still feel some deep grief within him.

"Probably not. You might hurt me. It was to cheer everyone up."

"When have I ever hurt you for something you said?" Raven stated blankly.

"Well, there was that… no, you didn't then. OH! How about… nope. You never really do hurt me, now that I think of it." Raven smiled a tiny amount. Of course, at this point, Beast Boy noticed her tiny smiles. "Hey! I got you to smile!" He grinned widely, and Raven's smile disappeared and she sighed.

"It wouldn't be the first time."

"True. But I'm not going to rest until I get one of those smiles where I can see your teeth." He smiled widely to demonstrate. "Like this." Raven rolled her eyes.

"Thanks for showing me, it's not like I didn't know."

"I was just making sure with how little you smile."

"I suppose… I guess you're not going to tell me what you said, are you?"

"Nope," said Beast Boy cockily, whistling some more. It unnerved Raven slightly. "Hey, how come Robin asked you to come with me?"

"Someone needs to close your wound."

"That's true, but wouldn't Cy be better at something like this? I mean he's the one who works in the med lab when one of us gets injured."

"That may be true, but I have healing powers to help speed up your recovery. We need you healed as fast as possible in order to help us take out this dangerous threat. I'm surprised you can walk with a wound like that," Raven said.

"Well, it doesn't hurt all that much. The only thing it's doing is irritating me. I want to scratch it, but I know I shouldn't. Hey, how come you didn't just heal it right up back there?"

"I… couldn't work in those conditions very well. Not with a dead body so near. It made me weaker. Plus, I haven't meditated too much. If I'm in a comfortable environment, I'll be able to heal much more efficiently," she explained.

"Ohh, I see. Man, no one is around. Those detectives must be better than I thought."

"Well, when innocent lives are at stake, and we… can't do our job too well, then the city needs to be evacuated as soon as possible. Back-up needs to be called in."

"You're right. This is the most dangerous criminal we've ever dealt with. I mean, not even Trigon killed innocents. He just turned them into stone. These guys are so much worse." Raven nodded, with all kinds of thoughts buzzing around in her head now. What do these mysterious criminals want? Surely, it can't be domination of the city. Of the world maybe? Or maybe they just have a lust to kill people. The two walked the rest of the way to the tower in silence, each absorbed in their own thoughts. Beast Boy was at least getting distracted now, Raven noted. His pain was put away, and she was happy for that.

Robin, Starfire, and Cyborg were not fairing too well. They were currently in combat with one of the criminals. It was a female and she was giving the Titans hell, and enjoying it too. She moved at speeds that were impossible to comprehend, and the Titans weren't even sure if the speed was possible to achieve on legs. She also had a whole arsenal of dangerous weapons that the Titans had to dodge in order to keep their lives. Robin quickly pulled out his bo-staff and rushed her, swinging down hard. She easily dodged it. She was also extremely good at hand-to-hand combat; better than Robin. She could easily take him down, even when he had help. She struck behind Robin's knee and kicked him in the face when he kneeled. Starfire charged in, blasting starbolts. The criminal did a backflip, dodging all the bolts flawlessly. However, she misjudged how many Starfire had fired, and one of them singed her leg. She fell, letting out a small shriek of agony. She got many smoke bombs and the area got filled with smoke.

"Oh not, not this time!" Cyborg yelled, activating his infrared vision. He scanned the area, but there was no figures other than Robin and Starfire to be found. He sighed. Suddenly, he fell to the ground face first. "Argh! That's it! You messed with THIS robot for the last time!" He turned on his back quickly and started blasting his sonic cannon. This garnished to result other than a few falling rocks from the nearby building.

"Titans! Regroup!" Cyborg and Starfire neared Robin, and the smoke finally cleared. She was standing on the other side of the road, just staring at them all. Well, she was stalling right now. And Robin was trying to think of a plan how to beat her. The three together couldn't take one down, and Robin sighed slightly. They had to beat her. Some how, they had to. He was busy thinking of a plan, and she started chuckling. Eventually it grew to a full laugh.

"Is that the best you have to offer?" she asked. No one responded. "It's such a shame. The famous Teen Titans can't even take one of us out. Ohh wait, your whole group isn't here. I apologize. Maybe you could all take me out, if you tried hard enough." Robin was gritting his teeth. He really wanted to run out and try to pummel her, but he knows what result it would end up in. He would run, miss his swing, she would probably deliver a few hard punches, and he would fall to the ground in pain. He kept his cool. Well, his next best option was psychological war. Maybe he could wheeze some knowledge out of her.

"What do you want?"

"What do I want? What do I want? How kind of you to ask. What I want does not matter. What I think is insignificant. Everything I do is for the greater cause. Once you realize just who we are, you will wish you had never come to protect Jump in the first place. You think Trigon was a tough enemy? Hahah! That fool didn't have any plans. He was fueled on anger, and bent on domination. He was blinded by that.

We, however, have better planning than him. We cannot be defeated. If you can't expect to take one out, how can you expect to take even two out? Or ten? Or a whole army? You will not be able to win. It's only a matter of time before our ultimate plan is put into affect. Now, I must go. I have played with you long enough. You have a taste of what we're made of. You should know what true fear is by this point." And with that, she disappeared. The Titans stood there, shocked.

"What… what did she mean?" Asked Starfire, in hopes of an answer.

"I wish I could tell you. She was just… toying with us? What for?" The answers just seemed to escape the Titans as they stood there, unable to collect their thoughts, too shocked by the battle and revelations – of what little revelations they had. Still… it was something to go on for them, and Robin was ready to look into it.