Colours of the Night

Chapter 1

Anger and Sex

James Potter, Quidditch extraordinaire ruffled his hair in anger. The damn bitch, how dare she? Gwen Michaels, his latest girlfriend who'd decided to leave him for some singer. Cliff Daniels wasn't even hot! James growled. She'd learn. No one left James Potter like this.

He sighed; he'd been planning to propose to her next week. But apparently she and Daniels had been seeing each other on the sly for a while and had decided they wanted to become an official couple now. James growled, why hadn't he wrung the little bastard's skinny neck, he wondered.

The twenty-two year old Quidditch star pulled on a white jumper and some casual slacks. Damn her, he had half the English female wizarding population after him anyway, Gwen hadn't been that special. He'd trusted her though. And that hurt. She'd broken his trust.

He could still picture the blonde, with her grey blue eyes. She'd been pretty, sexy, a lot of fun. He sighed; thinking of the time he'd spent with her sexually was not going to help the fact that he wanted her with him right now. He was going to miss her company, of course.

The door knocked and he stood slowly stood to answer it. "Hi mate," he greeted.

The guy from his Quidditch team just smiled. "Hear you had a bad day," Lucas said, sympathetically.

"Just a bit, the bloody whore," James swore lightly.

"Come on, the guys and I are all going out to have some fun, we thought you could come now you're single. There's these absolutely hot sluts, had some fun with them last week," he grinned.

"Yeah," James smiled, "sounds fun."

"Come on then, we're meeting the guys there," Lucas said.

"Yeah, let me grab my wallet and my coat," James said.

"Whatever, mate."

"Hey, Potter!" James smiled at his drunken mates. "We were wondering when you'd get here."

"I'm here, guys," James grinned.

"So, still thinking bout the little bitch?" one of the boys, Andy asked, passing him a firewhiskey.

"A little, I did only break up with her a few hours ago," James sighed.

The boys handed out packs of exploding snap and they began to play, drinking and roaring with laughter. James slowly began cheer up.

"See, Captain," another player from James' team, Phillip said. "You don't need some ditz to make you happy, besides the whores here are mega hot!"

"Thanks," James said dryly, "I'll keep that in mind."

"Haven't had enough firewhiskey, mate?" Andy asked.

"Not quite," James smiled. "Though I'd like to enjoy my alcohol while I still have my senses."

Lucas stood and went to the bar. He ordered another round of drinks before yelling at the bar owner. "Hey, Derek, where are your sluts tonight?"

"Not long now, Lucas," he said in a heavily slurred tone.

"Best out tonight," Lucas said, "my Captain's here tonight."

"Oh, well I'll give him first pick of the pack," the older man said winking.

"Right," Lucas said.

He sat back next to James, "it's about to get a lot hotter in here," he told the other men.

"I hope the red head is here tonight, I really fancy doing her one time," Andy said.

"Yeah, I bet you would," another, Mark said. "She's a stunner, pays very highly."

James' eyebrows shot up into his fringe, he didn't like hearing his mates talk about woman in this way. No matter what their job.

"Maybe you'll get your chance tonight," Phillip said.

The lights dimmed and smoke started to flare from a stage at the centre of the room. Loud music started playing and James' mates all started cheering. He smiled softly; he liked having his team happy. And it was obvious by the end of the night, that all six of his team-mates would be very happy, no matter how much they had to pay.

They began to wolf whistle as some girls came to the stage. They were dressed in mere scraps that James couldn't possibly bring himself to call clothes. The 'underwear' was revealing satin and lace, entwined with sequins and gems. He began to feel slightly warm as the girls danced on the stage.

The barman came over to them, "well, boys, shall I call them down?" he asked.

The other six nodded enthusiastically. Derek gestured for them with one cocked finger. They danced over, settling themselves amongst the Quidditch players.

"Hey, where's your sassy little redhead?" Andy asked.

"She'll be out shortly," Derek said, "I'll go find her, just enjoy yourselves with these delicacies for a moment," he suggested.

James watched his team-mates pulling the girls into their laps and kissing them. Obvious lust growing within them, and the inside if their trousers.


She looked up, "yes, Derek?"

"There are some boys out there, that are showing particular interest over you," he said.

She nodded slowly, "let me just sort out my hair and lipgloss," she said.

"Alright, the Royale Suite is all set out for you," he said.

"Okay," she sighed. These were the worst nights, when she was asked for specifically.

Her thighs were currently covered in bruises from the previous evening's action. She tried to cover them with makeup, potions, charms; nothing had helped to reduce the swelling. Her partner last night had been a beefy man, extremely heavy. She was worried about that evening, if her partner was too harsh; she was worried she would pass out.

She brushed her hair lightly, into a tight bun. She knew it would not stay in for long. All men seemed to have a knack of removing hair from any constrictions. Luckily, she had plenty of practice of acting sexily as men did this. She tightened her red and black silk camisole and panties on her body.

"How do I look?" she asked Derek.

"Smouldering, as ever, darling," he replied, slapping her bum.

Lily smiled softly, although a little falsely.

"Come on, out there, Lily, and sell yourself." Derek ordered.

She pouted, strutting confidently out of the room in her five inch heels.



"Table six."

"Okay," she nodded.

"Big Quidditch stars, very interested in you."

"Oh." She said, making her way out into the main hall.

"Is she really worth all this fuss you're making, Andy, mate?" James asked softly. He cuddled one girl's bodies against his chest. She was slanting herself against him, so that he could see most of what was inside the rather slinky bra she was wearing. She pressed a kiss to the underside of his chin.

"Absolutely, James," Andy said, squeezing his partner's breast in warm hands. "She is the very meaning of sexy."

"Boys is this true?" James asked.

"Yep," Mark groaned from the nape of one girl's neck.

James smiled, pulling the blonde in his arms closer.

That moment, Derek appeared with the requested redhead. And Andy was correct, she was stunning. Because she was in-fact, Lily Evans, his long lost love interest from his school days at Hogwarts.

James coughed lightly. Wow, she was even more stunning than she had been at Hogwarts, when he'd used to pursue her. Though that may have had something to do with the rather revealing clothes she was wearing.

"Boys, this is my Lily-Flower, these are our Quidditch clients, darling," he introduced them. "Regulars, darling, I trust you can sort out occupation between yourselves," he winked.

"Sure, mate," Andy said, looking Lily's body up and down.

"Andy, back off," James said, harshly, "I'm taking over from here, mate."
"Aw, Captain, I spotted her first." Andy moaned.

No, I did, James thought to himself, back in school.

"You've got plenty to occupy yourself with, Andy, I'm having the redhead to myself," James said.

"Very well, Captain," Andy gave in, realising this was something James was stubborn about.

"Enjoy yourself," he winked. "And remember, it's only cause of the little slut, Michaels." He continued to stare at Lily's scantily clad breasts.

"Mate, eyes off," James warned.

"Sorry, Captain, it's just she's hot and she's practically naked…" he trailed off, his imagination obviously taking over.

Lily watched them tentatively, she was perfectly used to men arguing over her, but this was different. She knew this man. And Potter, he'd perfectly love to take advantage of her.

She pouted softly at James. She had a job to do, after all. The blonde moved out of his lap and stalked off to find another, no doubt uglier, partner. Lily moved closer to him and softly ran her fingers through his hair. It was like silk, soft and delightful.

"Come, my dear, our private suite awaits us," she said, taking his arm.

He took one gaze back at the boys, who all winked at him. Questions raced through his mind. What was Lily Evans doing in a place like this?

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