Colours of the Night

Colours of the Night


Lily sat on the rug, in the front room of 'The Fantasie.' She reached behind her to grab Harry from escaping under one of the table. He crawled away from her faster and Lily reached out to tickle his sides. The little boy giggled as she pulled him into her arms and pressed light kisses all over his soft skin.

She heard the door open behind her and watched as her partner and Harry's father entered the room. He smiled at her, before bending to place a warm hand on their son's head. "The first children are arriving," he told her.

Lily nodded as James sat on the carpet next to her. Their small boy padded his way over to his father and sat crossed-legged opposite him. Lily grinned fondly, watching them interact. "I better go and fetch them then."

The past two years had been very full and busy for the young couple and the club where their love had grown from. It had turned out that the club had been going bankrupt for months, a fact that Lily had only been aware of after she saw the club was for sale. Derek had sought out an early retirement, leaving Harold to sort out the financial mess their 'company' was in. all the so called 'staff' had been left without a job and nowhere to go.

Shortly after the discovery of the club's bankruptcy, James had taken it upon himself, at Lily's request, to buy the building. At first he was at loss as to why she would want to buy a place that had mistreated her so but it soon became obvious as Lily's dreams began to take place. As her pregnancy continued she engaged herself more wholly in her work, until shortly after their baby's birth she was ready to do what she intended.

After James had brought the building Lily had revealed her plan to turn the premises into a childcare nursery. Her beloved had helped to sort the building, along with the help of his closest friends and team-mates. Before long the building was clean and decorated in a way that was much more suitable for children. Then Lily brought in the equipment that was needed for the centre.

James continued his job in the Puddlemere United Team and once Harry was old enough to be around other children, Lily opened the centre. It was a hit and there was no shortage of children to be watched or helpers to care for them. During her working days, Lily kept Harry with her. He was small for his age and had a very sweet temperament. He had his father's build and dark messy hair but his face was adorned with his mother's sweet, almond-shaped, emerald eyes. He was playful and shy around strangers, much like Lily when she was younger.

Lily's pregnancy had been easy enough. Harry had been born on-time in an expensive ward (courtesy of his father) in St. Mungo's. He had been a good weight and had been healthy.

The children began to enter the room and Lily saw to them taking off their coats and putting their lunch boxes away.

James walked back into the room. "I'm off," he said, "have a good day."

Lily nodded, pressing a kiss to his chin, before settling back down to a small child, who was colouring.

"Remember to write that letter to your mother, about her summer ball…" Lily said.

James nodded, "of course." He gave Harry a quick hug and kiss, before leaving.

After the initial shock of Lily's previous job had been gotten over, the Potters had taken an extraordinary liking for her. They were aware she was not after their son for his money but was interested in him for his personality. They loved their grandson and he never wanted for anything.

Derek also loved the boy. Surprisingly, Lily had not prevented him from being in their lives. She still saw him as a father figure; no matter all the ways he had tried to deceive her. He was genuinely sorry for everything that had happened and took an active interest in the subsequent business to his. He also kept a careful eye on all the girls that had previously lived in the club.

Lily's father had died the previous summer and while clearing the house, Petunia had finally released a few items left to Lily in their Mother's will, including her jewellery box much to Lily's delight.

"Hey," Lily greeted James as she pulled a coat on a small boy.

"I'll wait for parents," he said, "could you fetch something from the office? I left it on your desk."

Lily walked quietly into the office, pausing a few times to wave to a child goodbye. She pushed open the wooden door. The office had smartened up. It was now a pastel blue and the old red velvet curtains had been thrown out. Lily bent to her desk, looking carefully for the item James had sent her for.

Her heart sprung into her throat when her eyes fell upon a small black box. It had a small scrap of parchment tacked to the top, which read simply 'to Lily' in James' messy font.

She picked it up with trembling hands, biting her lip. She tried to open it, but the cover held fast. She tried again… no luck. She sighed and realised she would have to find James to open it for her.

She padded into the hallway, where James was crouched and was talking to one of the older children. "Was this what you meant?" she asked him, catching his eye.

James nodded, quietly saying, "that's it."

The boy standing at his knees pointed out that he had spotted his mother. James patted his back and waved him off, before standing next to his girlfriend.

He took the box off her gently, "well…" he cleared his throat. "These last two years have been great… really great. This is great…" he pointed to the building. "Harry's great…" he paused, "you're great…"

He took her hands in his.

"Anyway, I'm gonna just stop stalling and ask you the question." He got down on one knee," Lily, my love, will you marry me?"

Lily felt tears shining in her eyes as he carefully opened the box. She nodded slowly and allowed him to slip the ring on her finger. And there, in the crowd of workers, children and parents, Lily Evans and James Potter kissed to their new vows of love.


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