"Danny, open the door and give me-"

"C'mon Casey, say it." The glee was evident on Dan's face as he stood on the other side of the office door. One hand holding the transparent door closed, the other holding Casey's lunch aloft. "Say Dan Rydell is the Emperor of My Domain."

"If you don't give me back that sandwich, you're going to have an assassination attempt on your hands." When Dan showed no signs of relenting, he sighed. "Could you be any more annoying?" He growled at his lover.

Dan smiled. "I sure could try, Casey. Just say I am- NO!" Inspiration lit up in Dan's eyes, "Say I rocked your world last night."

"Well, you did it, Danny. That was more annoying." Casey sighed. "Fine!"

"Nice and loud, Case."

"I hate you so much right now." Casey barked out, "Dan Rydell rocked my world last night!"

"What else is new?" Kim asked as she passed by.

As Casey turned to deliver a scathing and witty retort (he wasn't sure what it would have been, but he's certain it would have been good), Dan tossed Casey's sandwich at him and took off running down the hall.