"Jeremy!" Dana's voice boomed from the conference room, "Get in here!"

When Jeremy had complied with the command, he walked in to discover that everyone was sitting around the table. In front of them were the small pies Jeremy had left on their desks earlier that morning.

"Barring a mass hallucination, I can't imagine why we all we given pie today. Is it the feast day of some roman god of pie?" Dana asked.

"There is no Roman god of Pie, Dana. And even though National Pie Day was in January, I thought I'd make some pies to help you all celebrate Pi Day."

"But you just said that was in January," Kim pointed out, words muffled by the mouthful of blueberry pie.

"It's not Pie Day, it's Pi Day."

"What now?" Casey asked, trying to distract Dan long enough to steal a bite of his best friend's cherry pie.

"The first three numbers of the unending number pi are 3, 1, and 4. It's March, the third month of the year, 14th today. 3, 1, 4."

"And you decided to celebrate this festive day by depositing miniature pies on all our desks?" Dan asked, seeking clarification as he used his fork to fend off Casey's quest for his pie. "Case, you have your own apple pie, leave my cherry alone." Catching his words, he smirked and winked at his lover, "Well, my cherry pie at least."

Satsified with the reasoning behind the appearance of a banana cream pie on her desk this morning and reassured it wasn't poisoned, Dana dismissed the assembled people. But not before leaving with the parting words, "You're a very high form of geek, Jeremy."

"I may be a geek," Jeremy countered, "But I go home with her." He pointed at Natalie who was looking like she was going to pass out from the pleasure of eating her chocolate cream pie with whipped cream on top.