Catherine of Goldenlake walked into the stronghold of her mother Buri and Father Raoul of Goldenlake this castle was a beautiful grey stone castle. This was where she had grown up until she had gone to the convent to become a lady. She was 15 and glad to be back in her family home. Upon walking in she saw her baby brother Johnny who was 5 years old and had black curls and green hazel eyes like his father. His nurse maid hurried behind not seeing Catherine until Johnny screamed "Cat" and ran to hug her. Catherine hugged her brother hard and asked "where are mommy and papa" The nursemaid pointed to her father study. Catherine knocked on the door and the stepped in.

"Hello Father" said Catherine. "Oh hello catty" said Raoul. Catty was her father's nickname for her which she hated. "Father I wish you would remember that I am 15 and not a girl any more. "You sure act like a little girl on the archery court" said Raoul. "Father I can bet you anytime" said Catherine. "I can beat both of you blind folded" Catherine heard he mother Buri say. "How is Gabin doing as a squire you said he was squire to Prince Roald" said Catherine. "Yes he has went with the prince's caravan to the Yamani Islands and brought you back some things" Said Buri.

Catherine thought about her brother and he knew her as well as she knew him. She walk as fast as they were taught at the convent was appropriate for a lady and then remembered she was not at the convent and ran up the stair into her rooms were she found. A long staff like weapon with a blade at the end and then realized it was a Yamani glaive. She had seen her adopted aunts the queen, the Lioness, and Lady Kel her father's old squire use these. But she had never seen such a beautiful on before it had winding up the shaft a black background with pink cherry blossoms all around and it was made perfect for a women off her size. She looked on her bed to find also a beautiful Yamani dress pink and yellow with flowers she would have to wear to court. Also she found a small cat statue and read the card he left which said "The cat is to bring you luck, the glaive is to protect you because dad said you would be beating the suitors off with a stick so I thought you might as well give them a good cut with the blade, and the dress is to make look great to all the suitors. Catherine just stood there and laughed at the jokes her brother had made. She would have to ask her god mother the queen to show her how to use the glaive.

Catherine bought the glaive on her weapons rake which was in her room. She felt cold for some strange reason she used her gift to light a fire she went inside herself and called on the white fire inside herself she pulled the white gift to her finger tips and shot it at the logs in the fireplace. Catherine had to send one more letter of thanks from someone who had sent her congratulations on finishing at the convent. The letter she opened it was from her god father Duke Gareth adviser to the king he was her father's year mate when he was a page. She loved her uncle Gary he was the one who took Catherine on her real horse ride and then he had bought her first horse which she had named Becker a honey chocolate mare who was now retired and living in the Goldenlake stables happy with all the food she could want. She wrote her godfather thanked him for his beautiful gift of a silver dagger and matching silver comb. The men gave the weirdest gifts sometimes.

Catherine had sent the letter. Then she walked down stairs and played with her brother Johnny then she went to bed.


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