"So, did you find out why Esra had the fever?" asked Magno as she looked down at Duero.

"It appears she has some parasitic organism growing within her body," said Duero with a slight frown.

"No that's not it," said Esra with a light blush, which caused the other women on the crew to look at her curiously.

"I didn't want to say anything until we had everything under control, but I am pregnant," said Esra with a light blush. The women on the crew instantly rushed over to Esra in hopes of finding out more.

"Well that certainly is good news, I hope you have a healthy baby Esra," said Magno with a small smile.

"I thought babies came from a factory," said Bart confused.

"Hmm, I have heard that women reproduce internally," said Duero thoughtfully. Before anything else could happen, alarms started to go off and Parfait appeared on a large screen in front of them.

"Captain we have some trouble near at the bridge near the ship's core," said Parfait frantically.

"What is it now?" asked Magno with a small sigh.

"I can't really explain it, but it seems that one of the men managed to escape or something," said Parfait as she showed another screen where a man was laying unconscious on the ground in the bridge.

"Get Meia and the others down there right now and apprehend him immediately," said Magno with a frown as she studied the man. She didn't recognize him as one of the many captives they took, and from the strange clothes he was wearing, knew that he wasn't from men's planet so where did he come from.

"Hai Captain," said Parfait before closing the connection.

"Hmm, was it just me or do you not recognize the man as any of our current captives as well Captain?" asked B.C. with raised eyebrow.

"Yes, I noticed that as well, but not only that, he carries a strange looking sword along with wearing clothing I have never seen before. Something tells me that he will be more difficult to handle then our current captives," said Magno with a frown.

"I wish to get a better look at this man, maybe I will be able to learn more about him that way," said B.C. with a bow before leaving the deck.

Hospital Wing

Duero stared at the man lying on the bed with a curious expression on his face. The man was found on the bridge over the ship's core, lying on the ground unconscious with no signs of any physical or mental trauma. It was just unheard of that someone would appear out of nowhere, but this man had. Now instead of being contained in a cell like all the other men, he was brought here so that they could study him. His thoughts were interrupted when the door slid open and B.C. entered the room.

"I see you are already looking over our new guest," said B.C. with a small smirk.

"I didn't get much choice in the matter since I am the only qualified medical doctor on the ship," said Duero impassively.

"Hmm, so tell me, have you found out anything about our guest, like how he got here?" asked B.C.

"No, he has not waked up since he was brought here and seems to be in some type of coma from the looks of it," said Duero.

"You did find something though," said B.C. as her eyes narrowed.

"Yes, but it is most curious," said Duero with a slight frown.

"What exactly did you find out?" asked B.C.

"Well, I ran some tests on him and found that he has a much higher bone density along with several other unique abilities. He has high regenerative abilities, which I found out when tried to take a sample of his blood and the cut healed up in less then three seconds. From what I can gather from everything, I found, this man is no regular human," said Duero.

"Interesting, was there anything else that was found when they took his weapons and clothes?" asked B.C. curiously.

"I wouldn't know, I was not allowed to go anywhere near his things so you will have to check with your own people to find that out," said Duero.

"Hn, let me know immediately if you find out anything else about our mysterious guest," said B.C. before leaving the room.


"Alright fox, what the hell happened, the last thing I remember was sparring with Kira and now I am here," said Naruto clearly annoyed.

"It appears your time ran out in that dimension, you shouldn't be so surprised since you have been jumping dimension for the past two hundred years because you messed up on that damn jutsu," growled Kyuubi as he glared down at the insolent human.

"Meh, well this time I ain't leaving so easily because I actually had fun piloting those Gundam," said Naruto with a smirk.

"More like you enjoyed sketching Lacus and that Captain in your new books," said Kyuubi with a large grin.

"Hehe, hey it is not my fault, Lacus said she didn't mind because she thought my books were creative even if they were on the perverted side. It was just the captain that had a problem," giggled Naruto perversely.

"If it is any consolation, I believe this world fights using machines similar to those GUNDAM machines you enjoy piloting so much. In fact, since you were in a GUNDAM at the time, your machine was probably transported to this dimension as well, but you will have to find it," said Kyuubi seriously.

"All right, that is the best news I have heard so far, now I just need to land on a planet or ship full of hot women and everything will be perfect," said Naruto with a large perverted grin.

"It will be a few weeks until you wake up from your coma, so until then I will have the unfortunate pleasure, of having you in my company," said Kyuubi in disgust.

"Hehe, don't worry fox, I will make sure to keep my mind open so you can enjoy my books while I write them," said Naruto as he pulled out a notepad and started to jot down some new ideas that came to his head.