Man my head hurts and i cant move there's something holding

i remember what happen and i look up and there david

looking straight down on me.I growl and jump away i'm just

glad i didnt turn back to my human gets up please

marlo what, why does he care.. what does

he want?I cant think no no then i feel a pain in my stomach

i fall to my david yells and he rushes over and

tries to touch me but i just in the ballroom

is staring at us.I cant but it hurts so much ,i here david

ask someone whats wrong with her?A voice i think my mother

yes mom, saying she's refusing her nature and with you so

close and the full moon's out it is causing her

needs to be in the same form as her mate but shes denying

mean ,yes she needs to change.I see davids face and i

try to growl butit comes out a face twist into a

frown for a minute then goes back to marlo

what i dont understand?Please marlo you'll die is it

really that hard to do?I want to cry i just cant i shake

my head i just marlo if not for me for for,,,,

for me i look up at her and shes crying

no dont cry nikki, please moonlight i dont want u to cry

do what ever he wants of you please.I look at her and

nod then close my i open everyone is staring

and i here nikki gasp.I look down at my hands and turn them.

You know its been 10 years since i've been human,

i've missed it and i so this is were you've been

hiding david exlaims. Then i remember why i have been a wolf

all this time and the smile slips of my up at him, no i havent

been hiding david i left for scowls at me and says

your my wife (i hear everyone gasp) and you'll stay with me.

No i will not why do you need me anyway you have all your

little !Yes girlfriends we all know your

a playboy i WAS a playboy then i married you why would i cheat on

you ?Thats what i want to know.I turn on my heal and walk

out of the ballroom,i cant belive him denying he cheated on me, that asshole.

I walk to the garden it alwayse calms me but i cant hold it

in and i start crying .Marlo,i look up and theres david i didnt

even hear him walk do you want david?I want to know

why you left.I told you you did but i dont know how you got that idea.

hahaha you know the day i left,he nodded,i was waiting for you

when kim brought the mail there was a letter with no adreess.

I opened it and it was a note ,tears roll down my eyes,it was a

girl. ashley said thank you from the great time i figured it was

better to leave.. wouldnt want to get in the walks over

to me i fliched but that dosent stop him he grabs my face and forces my face

looks at me and says you really think i would cheat on you Marlo?

Your my life when you left i searched for you , i have never

stop looking i havent sleep proparly in i cant remember , i have

missed you so much.I shake my head,no its true marlo and i dont

know any ashley let alone sleep with her.I I no no your

can you not belive me marlo what did i do look so sad.

What did i do wrong?You you never came .What what do you mean?

You werent there that i left that night it was a full moon.

You never let me be alone on the full moon but you werent sob.

Oh marlo ,david grabs meand holds me to hid chest kissing my head .I cant pull away

i have missed him so marlo he pulls me back i wasnt there that

night not because i didnt want you .I was actually out picking up a necklace i hade made

for you i wanted to suprice so you didnt get tired of me?No no

i love you marlo i'll never get tired of you ,you make my days worth

of david i have missed you so much i wanted to comeback but i was

you never have to be afraid he leans down and kisses me a long passionate kiss.I

didnt want it to stop but after a while we ran out of breath and had to pull way.I'll

never let you go again marlo.I look up at him and see the love in his eyes,

you better not,then i kiss him again.I'll never leave his side husband, my mate ,my only love.