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--Prologue: The Accused--

If somebody ever told me that I would be tried for a crime like the one I'm being tried for now, I would've laughed at them. But, it's really happening, no matter how much I wish it were a dream.


"Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, you have been called upon today for the trail of Katsuragi Yako, who is being tried for the murder of Katsuragi Seiichi." How can the judge just say this as if it were nothing?

"The victim was poisoned and then repeated stabbed with kitchen knives. Traces of the poison were found in a cup of tea, which only the accused had the opportunity to slip in, as they were alone in house, with the victim being in a closed off room. To gain access to that room, the accused need only to knock to be admitted." No, no! It could've been just me.

"The kitchen knives used to stab the victim only had two sets of fingerprints on them; one being the victim's own set, and the other belonging to the accused." Dad…

"There was also a good motive for the accused to murder the victim: She would be the only heir to Katsuragi Seiichi's small fortune. And being in a large debt as the accused is, the money would have freed her." Why would I even want the money now!?

The judge looked down hard on Yako. "Which will you plead? Guilty, or not guilty?"

A low murmur rose in the crowd.

"What's the point?" someone muttered, "There's no way she can be not guilty."

"Look at her! She's losing her nerve."

"My, this is interesting."

"The evidence is completely against her, poor girl."

"Oh! She's going to plead guilty!"

Katsuragi Yako gulped before looking up and saying clearly, "I plead, not guilty."


"Is there evidence that it wasn't me?"

"Well, there's...umm, no not that," Takeda shook his head, then brightened up, "There's always the fact that..." he stopped and shook his head again, "No,no, not that either."

"There's nothing, huh?"

Yako's lawyer gave a nervous smile, "Don't worry! You'll definitely be found innocent. Just…leave this to us, alright?"

"Right, of course!" Wonderful, even my own lawyer doesn't have any confidence in this case.

A silence stilled over them for a few minutes before the lawyer tried to draw up a conversation. "So, are they going to make you stay in the jail?"

The blonde girl shook her head and got up. "No, I paid a bail. I guess it's about time I leave. Thank you for your time, Mr. Takeda."

The old lawyer stood as well. "No, no, not at all. I'll contact you if anything comes up."

"I guess that means never," she thought.


Any hope that Yako had for being proven innocent was disappearing, and fast. Even as she walked out of the lawyer's office, Yako could feel people staring at her. She knew what the stares meant. All those people were thinking the same thing, "There's that girl that killed her own father"

There was no point in denying that point, even to herself. Nearly nobody believed in her innocence. Only a family friend, police officer Sasazuka Eishi, and her best friend, Kanae trusted her. Maybe the lawyer. If only her mother was here too…

Yako walked hurriedly, wanting just to escape from the stares. With her head down, she walked right into a passerby.

"Sorry, I wasn't—Mr. Sasazuka!"

A sleepy looking man with sliver hair gave a nod. "I see you pleaded not guilty, since you're still walking around the city."

Yako began to fast walking away again, with Mr. Sasazuka close behind. "Are you worried about all these people staring at you, Yako? Don't, they just don't know you. I'm sure they'll understand once you're decided innocent."

"I wish I would be," Yako said quietly, "But, everything's against me. I know I'm innocent. But how am I supposed to prove that?"

"It's obvious you're innocent, something will come up." Sasazuka turned another direction, "Just get some rest, you'll probably need it for all those hearings."

Yako smiled slightly. "You should follow your own advice."


The girl named Katsuragi Yako must've been more tired than expected, for she did not even find it strange that the door to her home was unlocked. Nor did she at first notice the man sitting uninvited in it.



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