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Change of Heart

Part I

By: Okami-chan

He was surprised, to say the least. Why would he offer such a thing? Zero's throat became dry and he swallowed, but this plain act would not help. Just thinking about getting a vampire's, not just any vampire's blood, but the pure blood Kaname Kuran's blood was... He shook his head at the thought. There was no way he was going to accept it.


"You can't hide it. I know you care about Yuki, what better way to show her than to stop taking her blood? With her you need to feed every couple of days, but with my blood it's once every two weeks. You'll eventually dry her out and who's fault would that be then?"

Zero clenched his fists. What could he deny? He knew this was true. He glared at the vampire in front of him.

"I'd rather die than take help from you," the teen began to walk away.

"If I'm not mistaken you feed tomorrow night, right? Isn't Yuki leaving before then?"

Zero froze in his tracks.

"It looks like you'll be leaving this world a lot sooner than you thought."

Zero drew his gun and turned to face the other, gun in position but there was no one there. He lowered his gun and holstered it before returning to his job. He was sure he couldn't hold himself back from going rampant and if anything, Kaname was just helping him out for Yuki's sake…but taking help from those he hated most was not one of the best ideas that came to his mind. There was no way… He couldn't give into this idea so quickly. There had to be another way.


"Are you sure about this?" Ichijo asked.

Kaname was hard to read sometimes and he didn't have to question his decisions. He was a smart person who always thought things through, so this sudden interest in Zero had to be explained one way or another. Kaname turned to look at the noble.

"Wouldn't Yuki be better for this? You could procreate with her…"

"That's not what I'm aiming for, as I'm sure you're not either. True, Yuki has this certain strength about her but Zero is the only one that could handle this."

Ichijo was in his right mind to blush. His and Shiki's relationship wasn't exactly a secret between the Moon Dorm students.

"Pardon me for asking but how do you know that he will come, and why did you change your mind?"

"He's not very hard to read," the brunette said as he looked out the window, "As to the other question, he has a certain quality that I would like to know more about."

Ichijo remained silent and watched as the subject of their conversation passed by on the school grounds. He would not say a word of this to his grandfather.


"Will you be fine?" Zero looked up from his meal.


"Will you be fine without me here?" Yuki asked with concern clear in her voice.

"I'll be fine. You go have fun. With today being the last day of class it shouldn't be hard to keep everything in order. Besides, the Day Class won't be here to provoke them."

A moment of silence passed between them.

"That wasn't what I meant."

He knew very well what she had meant but he didn't want to talk about it and worry her more. A warm smile graced his lips.

"I'll be fine. The Blood Tablets are starting to work again," he felt awful about lying to her but if it helped her feel better then it was fine, "The doses the Headmaster gave me this time around are stronger."

An audible sigh was heard and she returned to eating her breakfast.

"That's good news," she said but stopped as soon as what she said registered in her head, "I mean, not that I mind giving you blood you know it's just that with me being gone a couple of weeks and…"

"Everything will be fine," he assured her.


Yuki looked around the Moon Dorm. She went to look for Kaname but didn't find him in his room. She rounded a corner and stopped when she saw him leaning on the ledge that surrounded the pond.


Ruby eyes turned to look at her.

"Hello, Yuki. Shouldn't you be leaving shortly?" he asked.

"Well, yes but… I've come to ask a favor."

A smile spread across his lips.


The girl hesitated for a moment before speaking.

"C-could you take care of Zero for me?" she waited for a reaction but saw none.

"Of course."

It took a moment for the answer to register before a big smile broke across her face.

"Thank you so much Kaname!" she said happily and bowed deeply before leaving, "I'll make sure to come and see you first thing after I come back okay?"

She waved goodbye and disappeared. An uncharacteristic smirk crossed his lips as he turned to look at Zero who had been approaching him from the opposite side but had stopped short when he saw Yuki approach. He had been out of sight but not out of hearing range. He glared at the vampire and quickly turned away, getting as far as he could from the brunette. He would avoid him at all costs.

To begin with, he didn't even know why he had actually considered going to the vampire with a way to make amends only this once, for everyone's sake but now…all rational thought had gone out the window. That smug smirk he had on! He wanted to turn back now and punch him to get that look of satisfaction off his face!

He didn't care what happened, if he got too out of control he could just use the Bloody Rose on himself and get it over with rather than to beg for the other's help.


"…What?" he asked disbelievingly.

"I…I asked him and he said it was fine…besides, isn't it best for you to be around someone who can look after you and take care of you in case something happened?" Yuki asked, her eyes pleading with the white haired teen to please back down and do this if only for her sake.

"No," He said firmly.

She let out a sound of disbelief. He hadn't even thought about it! She sighed and somehow it sounded full of resolution.

"Well you don't have a choice in the matter. Your stuff has already been taken to Kaname's dorm. Everyone better be alive when I get back," she said sternly before making her way to the car, "Take care," she said before she got in the car and left.

What the hell? Yuki was supposed to always take his side! He turned to look at the red eyed teen but before he could say anything the brunette turned and walked away.

"Come to my room whenever you feel up to it," he said as he walked away.

The white haired teen glared at his retreating form. Was that supposed to be his way of a challenge? There was no way he was going to show fear, especially when something like this was thrown his way.


Kaname kept glancing at the clock, anticipating Zero's time. He had only a very short while before they started, the cravings. Sure enough only minutes after his last glance, a pounding came from the dorm door.

"Kaname-sama! It's begun!"

He put his book down and picked up a small object, putting it in his pocket before quickly making his way out.

It was only minutes later when they reached him. He was at the pond. It was a nice and secluded area. Zero was on the ground, on his hands and knees, trying to resist it, to hold back his uncontrollable desire but he couldn't hold on for much longer. He wanted it, he needed it! Violet pain filled eyes turned to look at the pure blood and a small flicker of hope passed through them.

Kaname wasted no time. Quickly he made his way towards the teen and picked him up in one swift move and then they were gone.


"Bite me."

A silence settled over them, with the exceptions of Zero's grunting and heaving. He was so close, if he could, he could brush his lips over the taller teen's neck. It was so tempting, God it was so tempting.

"No," it sounded weak and hesitant, even to the silver haired teen's ears.

"Bite me," his voice was much more forceful and demanding.

"…No," his resolution sounded just as weak as the first time, if not weaker.

His voice had dropped to a mere whisper.

Kaname pushed him away, far enough away to where he could get something out of his pocket and he pulled it out. It was a small knife. Before Zero could register what was going on, Kaname had already made a long cut along the side of his neck and the thick red liquid began to flow freely.

That was it. That was all it took. That smell, that intoxicating smell. Zero dipped his head and licked the liquid, getting it before it stained the pure blood's clothes and before he knew it he sank his fangs into the somewhat tanner neck. Kaname held his breath. He hadn't done this before, and to do it with a half-breed… He positioned his neck to give Zero better access.

Zero drank without remorse. It tasted so good, far better than Yuki's blood, far sweeter. Zero had had a taste of wine before, his Sensei, Toga, had let him try it once at a party. He was told that it was one of the finest wines out there and it was sweet but he was sure that this blood had a certain elegance that the wine did not.

Kaname hesitantly placed his hands on Zero's waist and waited patiently. Before long the white haired teen slowly pulled away, as if dazed. It was as if he had been drinking wine. Ruby eyes watched as the blood covered lips came close to his own and then he himself could no longer resist his own cravings. He leaned down and captured those dark red lips, quickly licking them and asking for entrance, savoring the taste of his own blood once permission was granted. Their kiss deepened and Zero brought his hands around the other's neck, burying his fingers in the long brown tresses. He was so lightheaded despite the fact that he had just had his fill. They broke the kiss but Zero kept his eyes closed.

He felt so…giddy.


At the sound of that voice his eyes snapped open. They were so close, their lips just almost touching and that weird high he was in…he couldn't stop himself even if he wanted to. He leaned back in for a kiss and before he knew it they were on the couch with him straddling the brunette.

His breathing was hard. He moaned as he felt Kaname nibble his own neck. How…why was he in this predicament? Fuck. But he couldn't stop. He hadn't expected for his instincts to have reacted that badly. He moaned yet again. Kaname was grinding their hips together and he couldn't help but to push back.

"Ah!" He tangled his hands on the brown tresses as moist, full lips found their way towards his own.


Nimble fingers quickly worked the holster for the Bloody Rose and swiftly took it off, tossing it off somewhere where it wouldn't disturb. Those same fingers found their way under Zero's white shirt and teased a nipple. He arched his back as that small action sent small waves of pleasure throughout his body. It was as if Kaname's blood was an aphrodisiac. Every touch, every sound and every look even, their intensity seemed to be multiplied. Those same hands insistently pulled his shirt up further, finally prompting him to take it off. He tossed it somewhere on the floor and gasped as he felt a tongue replace fingers. The suction was delicious. Kaname quickly took action and laid the shorter teen down on the couch, taking his own shirt off and letting the other's eyes roam over him. He began to rub the erection through the shorter boy's clothes.

"Ah… ah…," It was all Zero could do or say.

He could feel it. Zero was just as hard as he was, if not harder.

"You can touch me," He said huskily as he began to unbutton the other's jeans.

He knew that but rational thought was no longer a working part of his mind and all he could do now was feel. He let out a hiss as Kaname freed him from his confinement and began to stroke his cock. Somewhere along the way the white haired teen had lost his jeans. He let out a throaty moan as his now hardened member was engulfed by a wet heat. That sound sent shivers of pleasure down the pure blood's spine. He licked, sucked, nibbled and with one of his hands, massaged the other's balls. The pale skinned teen was a writhing mass and was almost at his peak but Kaname stopped his ministrations before he could reach the zenith.

"Don't… stop," Was the other's somewhat weak demand and he lifted his head to see the other's actions.

"Don't worry. We aren't done just yet," The brunette quickly undid his own pants and freed his own straining erection.

Zero's eyes widened as he saw it. It was engorged and weeping and he waited to see what the tall brunette would do. His whole body felt hot as if he was running a fever, and he was so hard. Kaname pulled him up to where he was straddling him and they began to grind into each other all the while the tall teen slicked up his index and middle finger for penetration. Zero began to help him, drawing the long finger into his mouth and slicking it up before their lips met. Kaname kissed him back, it was a deep, wanting kiss and he used it as an opportunity to begin preparing him. He began to feel for Zero's passage and worked the first finger in when he found it. The teen stiffened for a moment, unsure of what to do but began to moan as the finger began to slide in and out of him. He could feel it.

The pleasure was being intensified

Once Kaname was satisfied he added the second finger. At this, the teen gasped. The pain was intensified as well. Every part of his body seemed to be overly sensitive and Kaname took advantage of it, nibbling and exploring the other's neck to find his hotspots. It didn't take him long to find one and as Zero's attention was diverted, he began to pump them in and out.

Soon the third finger was added and the preparation was almost complete. It hurt a lot at first but once the initial pain was gone the pleasure felt all the better, especially when a certain spot was brushed inside of him. He let out a cry of ecstasy as those fingers brushed against his prostrate. His whole body trembled with pleasure. This mind numbing pleasure though, was short lived.

Kaname hastily pushed the teen down and looked for the tube of lube that he had in his pants pocket. He could hardly hold himself back. That scream served as a prompt for him to hurry up. He quickly lubed himself up, giving himself a few good strokes before he took hold of Zero's hips and with help from said teen, he aligned himself with his entrance.

"This will hurt," he warned him, his voice husky and raspy.

Zero let out a loud cry as his passage was stretched to its max capacity. He gripped at the couch's pillows and at the couch's wooden base, making his knuckles turn white and he took in long, deep breaths. He couldn't do anything to keep the tears from falling; his face was contorted with pain and all Kaname could do was stay still and resist the urge to move. He finally found the strength and ability to move his hand and began stroking Zero's wilting member. A thick sheen of sweat had covered the bodies.

Zero's death grip gradually decreased and the pain was somewhat replaced by the ruby eyed teen's ministrations. Soon enough the pain became a dull throb and he rolled his hips.

"Move," He said.

Kaname began to pump in and out of him, always trying to aim for the bundle of nerves in him. He held back as best as he could. He couldn't forgive himself if all he caused him was pain. After a couple of tries he finally hit it. Another cry of pure bliss escaped the teen's lips and he arched his back just as the thrust was coming in and Kaname sank deeper into the hot recesses of Zero's body. Kaname moaned as he felt his whole self being swallowed up. It was so tight and soft and pleasurable.

"Ahh! Kaname!"

The teen leaned down and captured the shorter teen's lips, swallowing his moans as he kept sliding in and out of him. It was so surreal, so perfect. He never wanted it to end but he knew they couldn't last much longer. He could feel it. God they were so close!

Kaname brushed against the other's prostate and he cried out, yelling out his release to the world. His cock spurted seed all over their stomachs and his passage constricted. Only a couple of more thrusts and Kaname was also done, the tight passage milking him of his seed. He opened his mouth and let out a soundless yell as he filled the white haired teen from the inside before collapsing on top of him. The brunette stayed like that for a while, letting his mind and body come back from the high they were in but when he finally made to move, hands slipped from his back. When had he been embraced? He looked at the teen under him and a sweet smile graced his lips. He had already fallen asleep.

He quickly got up and cleaned him up as best as he could without disturbing his sleep before tending to himself. He brought in a couple of blankets and covered Zero up before he settled himself on the floor.

He was sure the smell of blood had caught the attention of everybody from the Night Class, especially when they figured whose blood it was. He however, had given Ichijo specific orders and even though he was standing outside the door, about a good ten feet away, he admired the noble's strength of will. He should probably tell him to go and take care of himself.


There was a moment of silence. The brunette figured he was trying to pull himself together before showing his face. The door slowly opened and he peeked in.

"Yes, Kaname?"

"You may go now. Thank you."

The teen looked surprised for a moment as he saw their position. Kaname was lovingly stroking the other's white tresses. A beautiful, rare smile graced his lips.

"Right. Thank you," He closed the door and remained there for a couple of seconds, letting the image of his best friend's smile register fully in his thoughts before returning to his own needs.

He was sure Shiki was somewhere close by.