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Change of Heart

Part VII

By: YaoiOkami

Kaname stared after the blonde noble who had stepped out.

That was what intrigued him the most about Kiryuu Zero. His stubborn nature was something he had appreciated and something he had grown to want. He was someone completely different from the norm destined to follow a pureblood. He was hard to read. He had never thought such a comment would have affected him that way.

He didn't know Zero was the insecure type.

He did know however, that he was stubborn.

His eyes returned to the door that hid Zero. Ichijo indeed was correct. He was still human. The pureblood remained where he was for what seemed like a long time.

There was also another issue that needed to be dealt with. He wasn't exactly sure when Yuki was due back. He would have to thank her although the way things were going... Zero would try to hide their current relationship from her, no doubt about it.

It seemed that no matter how he tried to avoid Zero his thoughts would always bring him back. There was no better time than the present. He would deal with the most important issue at the moment. He heard ruffling of the sheets and concluded that Zero was now awake. His attention returned to the papers in front of him. He would finish the last bit off before deciding to talk to the stubborn ex-vampire hunter.


Zero stared at the silk of the canopy bed that was over him. The silks were a deep red and violet color and very loosely weaved into each other. Some hung low enough for him to sit up and reach them. He found the pattern a bit intricate and had long since stopped trying to figure it out. Now however he was lost in his thoughts. He didn't know how long he was going to avoid Kaname. Last night he could have just as easily returned to his former room but he had decided against it. No doubt the pureblood would have gone to look for him. He shook his head and decided to sit up. He didn't have anything to set right. He would avoid him until he decided to come to him.

With his mind finally at ease he reached up to pull at the silk and was startled when it slid off easily from the hooks that were holding it up. He pulled a couple more, some to which the ends fell and others didn't. He was intrigued. He had never seen a bed like the one he was in before. He crawled around and continued to pull more. He wanted to know if the woven pattern was as intricate as he thought. In a minute or two the bed was decorated with scattered silk cloths and Zero was standing at the foot of the bed, wondering how they were supposed to be put back. A couple of them had come completely off, others had one end of the cloth hanging a foot or two of the bed and the rest hung from the ceiling in graceful arcs. He wasn't sure if Kaname had been the one to decorate anything in his rooms, but the bed looked beautiful.

It wasn't long after when he heard the door open. He turned as Kaname stepped into the room and for the first time in hours their gaze met. Kaname could still see Zero's annoyance and anger. His gaze then drifted behind him.

"I see you were busy," he said as his eyes returned to the teen standing in front of him.

Zero said nothing.

"You really surprise me," the ruby eyed vampire said finally after a couple of moments of silence.

"I live to please," the other said in a mock bow and made his way towards the bed where he climbed back in.

The slightly taller vampire regarded the teen. He was sitting on the bed leaning flush against the headboard, the bed sheets covering his long legs which were raised. His arms were resting languidly on his knees. He also noticed that he was wearing one of his shirts, a purple one.

"Was there something you wanted?" Zero finally asked, feeling uncomfortable under that calm stare.

Kaname stepped away from the door and made his way toward the teen on the bed. The violet eyed teen tensed a little but watched through the fallen silk nonetheless as Kaname sat in front of him.

"Despite what you may think, the fact that I'm a pureblood already ensures me the Council's loyalty," the brunette certainly didn't waste time by beating around the bush.

Zero's brows raised in disinterest but Kaname continued on, "To them, taking you in as a pet shows them that I am serious about protecting our kind," he stopped as he saw Zero look away, disbelief reflected in his actions.

He however, continued, "Everyone, every vampire knew the notorious Kiryuu Hunters. Most have lost someone dear to them because of the Kiryuu family. Understand that the only reason no one has attempted to take your life is because I am here."

"And I'm supposed to be grateful?" the pale teen asked in disbelief as he turned to look at the ruby eyes in front of him, "I didn't ask you to do this for me—"

"I made that decision. Whether anyone else approved of it or not was irrelevant. True, taking you in as my pet has indeed gained me certain vampire's favor but it has also gained me hate."

Zero looked at him. The ruby eyes seemed the same as always but the sincerity in his voice… He knew that was true. There were more than a few glares directed at his back whenever he went out with Kaname.

The pureblood saw the realization of that truth in his eyes. They no longer held that sharp anger or dimming annoyance. He very nearly let out a sigh of relief and instead opted for a small smile.

Violet eyes blinked before a blush settled on his cheeks and he distantly wondered if that had been how Yuki felt whenever the man smiled at her and then he suddenly noticed how underdressed he was. He was only wearing the violet button up shirt and underwear. He looked away before throwing the covers away from him and proceeding to stand and gain as much distance from the brunette as humanly possible. This time however was for a completely different reason.

The slightly taller vampire took a firm hold of the pale wrist and pulled him back onto the bed. The silver haired teen landed ungracefully on the mattress and before he could do anything else he had a seemingly impatient pureblood vampire looming over him. He looked up, his violet eyes slightly widened as the vampire settled himself on top of him.

"There's nowhere for you to be at this moment. I saw Asato off already," he placed his hands next to Zero's head, "I think I need to reclaim what's mine," a predatory look settled itself on Kaname's features, "Will my pet deny me?"

Zero would admit that perhaps denying him would be impossible, however…

"Don't…call me…," he couldn't help but to kiss the brunette back as his lips were coaxed into participation.

He allowed a slow, passionate kiss to build but he could feel the ruby eyed vampire's impatient tongue dominating the kiss. He broke away in order to kneel on the bed. He captured those lips again and pulled the vampire onto the bed, pulling him further toward the center.

Kaname allowed himself to be pushed onto the bed as the other climbed on top of him. Zero settled himself nicely in between Kaname's legs.

Of course this action did not go unnoticed.

Zero descended on his neck, letting his fangs graze the skin teasingly. He could feel the pulsing vein under his tongue as he licked the soft skin. However it was at that moment that his body decided to remind him of his lack of blood. He had bled a lot the night before. He sat back and held his head, suddenly becoming dizzy.

Kaname watched him before sitting up, "Seems that you can't continue."

He wasn't sure if he could let him have free reign of his own blood either. He had taken a large amount the last time and he had yet to recover properly from it. He folded the left sleeve of his dark red button up shirt and bit onto his wrist. He filled his mouth with a reasonable amount of blood before turning to the startled and attentive white haired vampire. He took hold of his chin and very carefully gave the blood to the waiting mouth. It was all Zero could do to ravish the mouth on him. The taste of his blood was in a classification of its own. He had never tasted something so wonderful that it was almost addictive. Kaname pulled back when he was sure all of it was gone. He licked the corner of his mouth, getting the small amount that had escaped the pale teen. He was not at all surprised when Zero took his left wrist and began to clean him of the stray blood.

"Perhaps you can…?" the taller of the two asked with a slight smile on his lips.

Amethyst eyes looked up at him through his bangs. It made Kaname's breath hitch. Nothing like that had ever happened before. He leaned back as the white haired teen leaned in, abandoning the now clean wrist. They were back in the same position as before. The brunette was leaning on his elbows, staring at him, wondering why his heart was pounding so fast. It wasn't until those alluring eyes left his own that he relaxed. He watched as the teen began unbuttoning the shirt. His hands then dipped under the shirt, palm down as he uncovered and felt the body beneath him. He felt the defined muscles before he could see them.

He had seen the vampire under him shirtless before, or so he thought but his memories of his first time with Kaname were blurred and a bit choppy. It was as if he was out of it for most of it. So seeing the body now… he leaned down and lightly bit the skin, hearing Kaname gasp he continued and made his way up. He took a nub in his mouth and began to suck. He heard the intake of breath but didn't stop. He took the hand that he wasn't using to hold himself up to pinch and roll the other.


Kaname was surprised to say the least. Zero had never done anything like that before. He had never taken the initiative. Not that he minded, not at all. It made for a more interesting sex life that was for sure.

He was met again with those same amethyst eyes. His thin fingers intertwined onto white locks of hair before engaging him in another kiss. They broke away soon after and Kaname pulled his hair slightly to expose the teen's smooth neck. He left opened mouth kisses, trailing from his jaw down to his collarbone before sucking on it. Zero bit his lip before pushing the other down. The pureblood watched as he moved to straddle him, pale thighs revealing themselves to him as the shirt rode up the slim body. His hands settled on the creamy skin, his thumbs gently massaging the soft thighs. Zero leaned forward, placing his hands on either side of the pureblood before parting his thighs a bit further. He then grinded their hips together slowly.

A twin pair of moans left their mouths, the friction bringing them delicious pleasure. Zero continued to grind their half hard erections together through the clothes. Soon Kaname's hands relocated, settling on the pale teen's bottom and helping him push down as his own hips bucked up to meet the teen, the thrusts becoming quick. He allowed himself to look at the white haired vampire on top of him and watched his reactions. His eyes were closed with his mouth just slightly slackened as the sensations traveled through his body which he realized he couldn't see at all.

Well he didn't like that all too well.

His hands left the round globes as they instead began to unbutton the shirt that covered the wonderful body. Zero took advantage of this and began to regulate the thrusts, changing the pace to a slightly reasonable one. He liked it better that way. He could enjoy and feel the definition of the half hard erection grinding against his own. Kaname stopped his task as his slender fingers pinched and rubbed a nub that had been revealed to him. He sat up, Zero remaining on his lap as he licked and nipped at the now hard nub. A moan escaped the violet eyed teen as his fingers slipped onto the brown tresses of hair. Kaname's attention diverted to the other one and he lightly bit it, the white haired teen gasped. He licked at it a bit longer before laying him down fully on the bed.

Zero's head rested on the pillows and he raised his hips as he allowed Kaname to rid him of his undergarment, leaving him with only the half-buttoned down shirt. The slightly taller vampire took hold of his leg and began to kiss down the inside of his thigh, leaving a trail of wet kisses. It was at that moment that Zero felt overly exposed. He pulled the shirt he was wearing down as he tried to cover himself.

"K-Kaname, wait…!"

Clouded ruby eyes looked up at the uncharacteristic demand. He saw the violet eyed teen's obvious embarrassment and attempt at covering himself up.

"If that's what's bothering you…," Zero watched as the elder of the two got off the bed and began to strip.

His unbuttoned shirt came off, followed by his pants and underwear, leaving him completely exposed. It didn't exactly make the former hunter feel any better.

"Besides, you look wonderful in this state," he said as he climbed upon the bed once again.

He removed Zero's hands and kissed his belly button before going lower and moving to his left inner thigh and kissing the hollow that formed there. He sucked, leaving a well pronounced mark before continuing to trail kisses towards the hardening shaft. He pumped it slightly before engulfing the head.

"Mmh!" Zero held in the cry that threatened to escape his lips when he began to suck.

His hips bucked up when he felt the wet heat go down lower on his shaft. Kaname however stopped him as his hands were holding his waist down. He tried suction, watching the reactions and filing them away. He pulled back enough to keep the head in and used his tongue to gently tease the slit. It made Zero squirm. His hand then moved to play with his sack. He rolled it back and forth.


He finally pulled back. His gaze then went to the white haired teen's face as he seemed to cradle his sack with his index finger. He pressed down slightly and then began to move it back and forth rapidly. Zero's back arched as he felt that place inside of him being teased indirectly. His legs spread involuntarily and a wanton moan escaped his lips.

"Inviting me in already?" the experienced of the two said as he leaned over to kiss and nip his neck.

He kissed the corner of his mouth but his tongue was soon ravishing the inside of it as Zero turned to capture his lips. He rolled them over and the taller vampire was now underneath him. He took the ruby eyed vampire's index and middle finger and began to coat them with his saliva, getting them ready for the penetration that was soon to come. Kaname seemed surprised, but he enjoyed the show. Once he was satisfied with the slickness of his fingers he pulled them out. He placed his hands under the firm globes and lifted them up slightly, enough for him to be able to access the tight entrance. Zero moved forward as a result and he was face to face with the handsome vampire. The teen's breath hitched when he felt Kaname's hands part him for the penetration. The pureblood then occupied Zero's mouth, effectively distracting him from the preparation. Zero took advantage of that and let both of his hands bury themselves in the silk like brown tresses as his elbows held him up. He held nothing back as he explored the moist cave thoroughly. He then felt the first finger go in.

He resisted the urge to pull away but began to squirm when he felt the second finger go in. His hands moved from the soft hair to the pillow under it. He gripped it as Kaname began the scissoring motion to stretch him further. The pain somewhat receded as Kaname found a way to stroke him, kissing his cheeks, nose and eyes in an attempt to relax him. When the third finger finally went in he couldn't feel it much, Kaname's careful and extensive preparation allowing that. Kaname used that third finger to search for the bundle of nerves that would make the teen over him tremble. He probed around until he felt his fingertip touch it.

"Ahn!!" he felt the body shake as it arched up.

He tormented it a few more seconds before switching them around again. He left his place to gather the small tube of lube and returned. He took the lube and applied a generous amount on his palm before coating himself thoroughly.

His right hand went under the small of Zero's back and he lifted his lower body up. He used his knees to balance himself and his other hand to align his erect member against the well prepared entrance.

"Ready for me?" he asked.

Zero bit his bottom lip before nodding. His hands went to his thighs, spreading himself as much as he could. Kaname pushed in, allowing the head to enter slowly. Zero turned away and gripped his thighs tightly. Once that part was in the brunette leaned over the teen and used his hips to impale himself further in. Zero's hands moved to scratch down his back, leaving trails of a vivid red to appear.

Everything then stood still. His body was already covered in a sheen of sweat and he was out of breath. The pureblood allowed a moment of adjustment. He then began to move when he felt the violet eyed teen rotate his hips. It was slow at first but even he had a limit. It wasn't long before he had the teen's legs spread wider, his hands under the knee joint and pushing them further apart as he buried himself deep into his lover's body. The white haired teen tossed his head as his prostate was tormented; moans filled with pleasure continually left his mouth. However when the violet eyed teen began to get close to release, Kaname purposefully began to miss, only allowing the other the sensation of him slipping in and out of his tight body.

He then pulled the teen up, sitting him on his lap as his hands went to the round globes, lifting him up slightly, hinting him to move on his own. He finished removing the violet button-up shirt and then sucked on the pale teen's collarbone as he felt him begin to move of his own accord. He left three marks before those lips were tempted to meld in a passionate kiss with the violet eyed teen's lips.

Kaname definitely had restraint and perfect control over his own body but the mewls and moans that left the rosy lips weren't helping his self control much, especially with all the noises he tried to hold in. He could hear them perfectly well. He felt moist lips on his left shoulder and felt him leave a mark of his own. He grabbed his chin and commenced a needy kiss, allowing their tongues to dance against each other. Zero pulled back and pushed the elder vampire down fully. One hand searched for the silk that hung from the bed. He wrapped it about his arm as he used his other hand to steady himself on Kaname's chest. He bounced up and down the shaft, the sounds of their flesh meeting creating a steady rhythm. A hand rested on the pale hips as the pureblood too thrust up into the wanting body.

It wasn't long before Kaname wanted to feel the body on him. He pulled himself up, letting a hand pull the body towards him as he brought an already sensitive nub to his mouth. It made Zero arch his back gracefully into the waiting mouth. The teen's free hand searched for another piece of silk and he allowed Kaname full access to his body as he continued to ride him shamelessly. Moans escaped his mouth as his chest was exploited.

"Let go," he heard Kaname say at one point.

The silk unwrapped and his hands fell onto the other's shoulders. He placed them on the bed again but this time pulled out of the tight body. The white haired vampire moaned at the loss but understood what he wanted. He turned around on all fours and felt as the body behind him embraced him, turning his head to capture his lips again before he was re-entered. Kaname let out a low moan as he felt himself go deeper inside his lover.

"You're amazing," he heard Kaname whisper in his ear.

Those words lit a fire in the pit of his stomach and it seemed that it increased the effects of the other's ministrations.

"Are you ready to cum for me?" he asked.

He nodded absentmindedly, wanting to feel the climax that his body had been building up to.

"Open up for me," Zero obeyed as he spread his legs, lowering his upper body to have him go deeper still.

The pureblood began to pump in and out. He quickly found the teen's sweet spot and enjoyed the moans and spasms that made Zero squeeze him every time he pulled out. Zero gripped the pillow as his prostate was tormented repeatedly. Kaname's right hand went around him, finally gripping his neglected cock and began to stroke him in time with his thrusts. It wouldn't take long for the teen writhing under him to finish, he was sure, and the moans let him know how quickly he was losing control.

"Ah! Ahn!"

Zero let his final cry be muffled by the pillow as he came into the slender fingers. Kaname took advantage of the further restricting passage and allowed it to bring him to his end, letting the passage milk him completely as he gripped the slender teen's hips.

He slipped out and Zero let out a small moan. Kaname lay next to him and pulled him close, allowing them both to enjoy the afterglow. It was a couple of minutes of fast breathing before he heard it steady. He pulled the covers over them and stroked the white locks of hair.

"It's best if we enjoy the few days of peace that we have. We have a few things ahead of us."

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