Summary: Ichigo is often alone on the battlefield in this fight against the arrancars. He has been fighting to protect his family and friends ever since he had gained his powers as a Shinigami when he first met Kuchiki Rukia. Although many look up to this orange-head, nobody knows that he has been longing for someone to hold and love him.

Note: The story is based on the song, Soulmate by Natasha Bedingfield.


Ichigo had just returned from another tough fight against the arrancars with his comrades. The orange-head secretly entered his room from the window and as usual, he got back into his body and popped the gikongan back into the plush toy.

The orange-head then threw Kon out of the room and laid on his bed. He thought of the fight that had just ended. It was total humiliation for him for he was defeated such that he almost died. He had only managed tp escape the clutches of death when Ulquiorra forced the teal-haired Arrancar to retreat.

I must have looked pathetic getting beaten into a pulp. Orihime even cried as she healed me. I'm still not strong enough. Dammit! Ichigo cursed himself for being weak as he could have gotten the innocent citizens of Karakura Town and people he held dear dead.

However, what Ichigo really wanted was not more power but a pillar of strength he could always lean on. He had realized his own feelings – loneliness. Although he had Zangetsu, two wonderful sisters, a silly but capable dad and many good friends, he still could not get rid of the solitude he experienced every time he fought or returned from a battle.

Who doesn't long for someone to hold
who knows how to love you without being told
somebody tell me why I'm on my own
if there's a soulmate for everyone

Ichigo had wanted someone who can provide him warmth, hold him tight and love him from the bottom of his heart. He needed someone to comfort him after he had returned from school or a fight with the Arrancars. He needed someone to nest his wounds mentally, not physically like Orihime.

"Ichigo, are you feeling alright?" A familiar voice came from the window.

Ichigo looked up and saw his best friend, Abarai Renji jumping through his window and onto him.

"You're crying…" Abarai said in the most gentle way as he wiped the tears off Ichigo's cheeks with his thumb.

"Why? Why are you crying? Is it because you lost to Grimmjow or does your wounds still hurt?"

Ichigo could not say anything and just shook his head. He buried his head in Renji's chest and cried his heart out. He could not tell Renji his frustrations because the red-haired shinigami liked him. He had hurt the red head and he did not want to break him apart because of his own selfish reasons.

It was a few months ago when Ichigo, Orihime, Chad, Ishida had broken into Seireitei to save Rukia. Rukia was finally saved from being beheaded when Aizen's evil plot had become known and left for Hueco Mundo with Tousen and Gin after getting hold of Hougyoku. It was then when Renji confessed to Ichigo but was rejected as the orange-head felt nothing for him.

Renji was heartbroken then but he had come to terms and accepted reality. Then the Arrancars finally made their appearance in Karakura Town and the number of times they are appearing have increased to nearly everyday.

Renji had sensed something wrong with Ichigo and realized that the orange-head had been bottling up his feelings and tension especially when he had to look as though he was leading a normal life in the day and continue to go to school. He wanted to help Ichigo vent his feelings and decided to volunteer himself to be Ichigo's fuck buddy.

Ichigo had been reluctant initially but Renji had convinced the orange head that there would be no strings attached and that he himself needed a form of place to release his sexual needs. Since then, the two of them had become fuck buddies.

Ichigo knew that Renji still held feelings for him but had acted ignorant. That's why he could not tell the red head his feelings. Renji had done too much for him already.

Ichigo had wanted to put a stop to their relationship but each time he would just give in to Renji and get fucked until he was sore. Just like any other nights, Ichigo and Renji fucked each other like there was no tomorrow that night.

Here we are again, circles never end
how do I find the perfect fit

there's enough for everyone
but I'm still waiting in line…


"Ichigo, are you really alright? You have been saying that you're not in the mood to do it these few days…" Renji asked his fuck buddy.

"I'm alright and I'm really not in the mood to do anything. I'm also tired from having to attend school in the day and fight the arrancars at night everyday… Just return to Soul Society already or else Byakuya will come charging into my room to get you back." Ichigo replied with a little irritation.

"Hai… If that's what you say…" Renji was disappointed that he wouldn't be getting any from Ichigo that night and returned to Soul Society as he was told.

I've been feeling an intense glare and an unfamiliarly strong reiatsu nearby every time Renji comes into my room ever since that night Renji fucked me… But I always can't seem to get hold of where the reiatsu is coming from. I wonder who it belongs to… Renji doesn't seem to have noticed it. That idiot… Ichigo sighed.


The Arrancars had attacked Karakura Town as usual. It seemed to have become their daily routine. This time, the teal-haired Espada whom Ichigo had been waiting for had appeared once again, determined to kill off Ichigo.

When the two loggerheads face off, both raised their reiatsu to the maximum naturally. Ichigo immediately went into his bankai mode.

"Getsuga Tenshou!" Ichigo hoped to gain the upper hand in that night's fight by attacking first.

Ichigo used Getsuga Tenshou continuously but Grimmjow doged each attack easily and suddenly closed in on Ichigo, shooting a cero right in Ichigo's chest. However, Ichigo had successfully used Zangetsu to block and reduce the effects of a direct shot.

Grimmjow then circled around Ichigo and kicked him from the back, sending Ichigo to the sky. Then he used Sonido to get above Ichigo and punched him hard, causing him to fall back to ground.

Just as Ichigo was trying to get up, he saw Grimmjow closing onto him with sonido and he held Zangetsu up, ready to shoot out Getsuga Tenshou if Grimmjow tries to use his Gran Rey Cero.

However, Ichigo's prediction had been off. Grimmjow knocked his Zangetsu out of his hand, grabbed him by his shihakushou and crashed his lips onto Ichigo's, leaving Ichigo stunned and not knowing what to do.