My name is Jordan LeDoux, however you may call me J R LeDoux, (or Jordan I suppose). First and foremost, this story was not written by me. In fact, you will even find another repost of this story up on by Spirit of the Abyss.

No, I didn't have my hand in this story. That honor goes to an author known simply asDameWren. I am reposting this story, unedited except for clarity, because I intend to continue the sequel. The original author finished this story, Two Halves, in the summer of 2005, and started in on her sequel, Twice Shy. She got three chapters in.

To my knowledge, she quit fanfiction forever, and has been unreachable by all publically available means since. Her reasons, again as I understand them, were that she was unsatisfied with her own work on this story, and that she felt she want to write professionally, instead of fanfiction. Both things I think fanfiction authors, and readers, should be familiar with.

This, however, is perhaps the single best fan authored story I have ever read. And further, it is one of the very few stories which would benefit from a sequel instead of be hurt by it.

I have waited… waited for someone to give it a shot, to finish a sequel. I've waited for someone to pick up the gauntlet and give this story deserving of its original characters and original author.

And none have done so.

I never intended to write Naruto fanfiction that I would put out there. I was happy reading it, and keeping my writing to fandoms like Harry Potter. But this story needs to be finished, and since no one more equipped has stepped up in the more than two years since its completion, I will give it my best shot.

I have contactedSpirit of the Abyss about his repost, and have talked to him a bit about my plans. He expressed a willingness for me to write a continuation, and has agreed to help me by beta reading my work. I'd be interested in one more beta reader, and if you're interested, you may e-mail me at Jordan (dot) ledoux (at) gmail (dot) com, or if that fails (and it sometimes does), leave me a review with your information.

If you have found this story for the first time through either my or Spirit's repost, please give it a once through. Even if you only read what the original author wrote… even if you are not a Naurto x Hinata fan… this is a truly exceptional piece of work.

If you have read this story, and have been waiting for a sequel… I hope that I can give you what you're looking for. The sequel will be posted in my profile under the title "Twice Shy", (the title DameWren gave the story), once this repost has been completed… all 35 chapters.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you continue to read my work as well.

Ja ne,

Jordan LeDoux

PS: For clarity, this story begins directly after Tsunade becomes the Fifth. So the whole Sasuke arc hadn't started, and neither had the training mission. In fact, this story begins with Naruto returning to find Sasuke still in the hospital from the Chuunin exam.

PPS: For the record, I've also tried to get ahold of TimeShifter, DameWren's old beta reader. If anyone happens to be able to get ahold of him, let him know that I'm waiting for a reply to my e-mail.

PPPS: (That's a lot of post scripts). If you feel like sounding off, go ahead and leave a review. I'm not the original author, and I have no way of getting your reviews to the original author, but reviews on this story will definitely help me with direction on style for the sequel and such. :)