"Tosh!" I spun around trying to locate where the voice had come from. I spotted Jack heading down the stairs from his office, a file in his hand.

"What?" I shouted back to him, buttoning up my coat.

"You finished analysing those disturbances yet?"

"Yes Jack I have. It's all done and on my desk." I pointed to the file and the printouts that I'd done for him. "I've analysed it all and come up with some theories on it." I grabbed a bobble off my desk and tied my hair up in a ponytail before pulling on a scarf. It was the middle of winter and it was going to be freezing outside, so it didn't help I was wearing a skirt.

"Can you just quickly look over this for me?" He held out the folder that he had been holding.

"No Jack I can't."

"Why not?"

"She's going on holiday isn't she?" I heard Owen say as he came up the stairs from the autopsy bay where he had been examining a dead Weevil.

"That's today? But I really need this done."

"Jack I can't. I've got to get back to my flat, get my suitcase and get a taxi to the airport. My plane leaves for Japan in less than 2 hours and I want to be on that plane. Get Gwen to do it or something."

"No, I'm not doing it either. I'm going home." I noted that she too was pulling on her coat.

"Why are you going?"

"Because I've done all the jobs you set me today and I'd quite like to spend some time with my husband. Come on Jack, it's one week until Christmas. Can't we just rest a bit? Tosh is going anyway so we'll be down one member of the team."

"Nice try Gwen. Owen?" Jack looked hopefully over at him, but he was already ahead of him, pulling off his white coat and putting on his leather jacket.

"No way am I staying here if those two are going. One of us will do it tomorrow." Jack sighed, accepting defeat and threw the file down on Gwen's desk.

"Fine. Gwen you can do it tomorrow."


"Yes you." With that he turned and disappeared into his office, slamming the door behind him.

"Don't worry about it Gwen. He'll have forgotten all about it tomorrow," Ianto said as he appeared from the kitchen. "Are you all going?"

"Yep." The three of us replied in unison.

"I'll join you. I need to head into the city centre and get a present."

"Who for?" I asked, hitching my bag onto my shoulder.

"My mum," he muttered, blushing slightly. Owen snorted and I hit him on the arm.

"Shut up Owen. That's really nice Ianto. At least some people are getting in the Christmas spirit," I said as we headed into the dark corridor that lead into the tourist shop.

"I never get in the Christmas spirit. Don't see the point," Owen grumbled.

"You're just a scrooge," Gwen laughed. The four of us entered the dimly lit shop and made our way to the door. "Looking forward to going to Japan Tosh?"

"Yeah, chance to see all my family again. Though Jack's got me on call so if anything happens I can fly straight back."

"No," Owen said, grabbing my arm and pulling me towards the door. "You haven't had a holiday since we started at Torchwood. You are having the next fortnight off no matter what, even if the world ends."


"No buts," Ianto added. He went to pull open the door, but he stopped as it refused to move. Yanking at it hard, it stayed firmly shut. "It's stuck."

"Oh move over you weakling," Owen muttered, shoving him out of the way. He attempted to pull the door open, however it remained firmly stuck.

"Any other bright ideas?" Ianto laughed. I wandered over to the window and dazzling whiteness hit me. Snow was piled up against the window, towering well over the small building we were standing in.

"Um guys. You may want to look at this." I beckoned them over and they all gathered around the tiny window. There was nothing out there except white snow.

"Oh fuck," Owen groaned. "Tosh was there anything announced about a giant freak snowstorm?"

"The weather guy said there would be light snow, but nothing more than a gentle covering."

"This is not a gentle covering!"

"We must not have noticed it because we were in the hub," Gwen said, staring out at the avalanche of snow that had fallen over the streets of Cardiff.

"That's what you get for having no windows." Just then there was a buzzing noise and Gwen shoved her hand in her pocket, pulling out her phone.

"Great. I've got 9 missed calls and a voicemail." She held the phone up to her ear and we could faintly hear what sounded like Rhys' voice. "Rhys called me earlier this afternoon. I must not have heard it ringing. He said that the news announced at lunchtime that the snow was going to be getting heavier and that it looked like it was going to be stopping. Apparently they were warning people to go and get supplies because people could be getting snowed in."

"Snowed in?"

"You mean we're stuck here?"

"Looks that way." I felt my own phone buzzing and I pulled it out. "Hello?"

"Is…th-…Sato?" I could barely hear him since my signal was practically all gone thanks to the snow.

"I'm sorry, I can't really hear you. Yes this is Miss Sato."

"…can't…pick up…snow…roads blocked…airport …no flights…" Suddenly I heard the dialling tone and I realised my phone had just lost its entire signal. Flipping it shut, I stuffed it back in my pocket.

"Something wrong?" Owen asked sarcastically. I glared at him and the smirk fell from his face.

"Yes something is wrong. From what I can gather, all the roads are blocked and there are no flights because of the snow. My grandmother is expecting me in Japan in just under 12 hours to get ready to celebrate Christmas and instead I'm snowed in." Ianto gave me an apologetic smile and I shrugged.

"We better go tell Jack." The other three nodded and we made our way back into the hub.

When we entered, Jack was standing at my computer typing something, a brown file open next to him. He turned when we entered, looking slightly confused as to why all four of us were back.

"And you lot are here because…"

"The whole of Cardiff is snowed in. The roads are blocked, there are no flights and there's no way out of here. We're stuck until the snow clears," Gwen sighed, pulling off her coat and draping it over her chair. I pushed Jack away from my computer and began to try and locate a signal.

"What are you doing?"

"Trying to pick up a TV station if I can, find out what's going on and how long we'll be stuck here for. Ah ha!" I grinned as BBC News popped up on the screen, and the familiar face of Bill Turnbull smiled down at us. The image changed and the screen showed a video of Cardiff completely covered by snow. The roofs of buildings were visible, but all the streets and pavements were white.

"As you can see, thanks to a freak snowstorm, Cardiff is completely snowed in. This morning, the local news predicted a light covering of snow, however by lunchtime the snowfall had become immensely heavy. At this moment, it shows no sign of stopping. Residents were warned to stock up on food, and it is predicted that Cardiff could be snowed in for a week. In other news…" I turned off the video and turned to face the team whose faces were all aghast.

"A week? There is no way in hell that I am staying here with you lot for a week!" Owen shouted.

"Gee thanks. Do you think we want to be here with you either?"

"I have to get home. Rhys is expecting me. I can't be here a week."

"I'm meant to be on my way to the airport by now!"

"How are we going to survive a week?"

"We'll be snowed in for Christmas!"

"Would you guys shut up for a moment? We'll cope! It won't be a week, they always over predict on these things. It'll probably be 3 or 4 days."

"3 or 4 days?"

"Max. Something happened like this in the 1980's and it really wasn't that bad. Actually if I remember rightly half the team ended up shagging by the end of it." We all stared at him looking distinctly unimpressed. "Though that won't happen this time. Right. Ianto, go and check how much food we have in the kitchens. Tosh go and check the lockers and see what spare clothes everyone has. I'm sure we don't want to spend the next few days in our work gear. Owen go and store that dead Weevil somewhere. Gwen you can get started on that report."

"You want me to work?"

"That is what we do here. Come on team, this will be fun," he grinned, before turning and heading into his office. The four of us stood looking shocked. How would we survive a week…in here…with each other?

A/N: I'm really not sure where I got the idea of Torchwood getting snowed in from, but it seemed an interesting idea. I can imagine the five of them stuck together. This will probably only be a few chapters long –maybe one for each day they're in there. We shall see.

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