A valiant young trainer deficient of wisdom,
Embarked on a quest throughout the Pokémon kingdom.
With his team of six brave souls he traveled,
During the course of his journey, his future unraveled.

At the final point of his quest,
His longtime rival is suddenly impressed.
To a battle of three, the brave-hearted trainer is challenged,
Will it be a fair match, or are supernatural methods to be scavenged?

The subsequent evening the battle was to be held,
Therefore, our hero made sure his team was well.
It was necessary for his men to have a feast,
A spectacle fine enough for both man and beast.

A wide array of treats were put forward for his men,
There was berry powder, pokéblocks and rare candies then.
Also, Poffins aplenty and berries galore,
The choices were unreal, like that of folklore!

The battle commenced the proximate night,
They then called forth their friends who'd help them fight.
Our hero chose his silver-winged Butterfree, his Leviathan-like Gyarados and finished with his ever-faithful Pikachu.
Whilst his combatant chose an offensive-smelling Vileplume, a droopy-eyed Slowbro and a severely-shrewd Sandshrew.

The battle raged on in full intensity,
Gyarados sent torrents of water that were quite flaunty
However he was quickly trumped by the foul-scented Vileplume
Pikachu was beaten as well, for our hero there was only gloom!

Just then a Pokémon of legend came from the sky
The sheer power and beauty made the others cry
The majestic creature was called Mewtwo,
With critical eyes he glared at my crew.

The teammates of the brave-hearted trainer shook with anxiety
No matter what he tried, they remained jolty
The image of almighty Mewtwo was quite haunting
So, he imparted with his squad the following:

"Till the end I will be with you
We will go where our dreams come true
All the times that we have been through
You will always be my best friends…"

The mighty exhortation jogged their memory
And they were stuck back into the battle scenery
Mewtwo had come to aid their combat endeavors
Now, no failure was allowed whatsoever!

With its great power, the creature restored the trainer's Pikachu,
He then used a revive on his beastly Gyarados, bring back his crew.
His rival was amazed at this marvelous sight,
Yet even disorientated he continued the fight.

After toiling for days on end, or what seemed at least,
The grand blitzkrieg finally ceased.
Five Pokémon fallen and one remaining,
The brave-trainer revered in the fruits of his training.

"You have fought well young human."
Mewtwo said and nodded of to the crewmen.
He then took of towards the skies,
And our brave-hearted trainer found tears in his eyes

This was a mock epic poem I wrote for English class.

Any comments are much appreciated. :)