This is what I've always wanted to do. Well, maybe I wanted to do this from a minute ago. But heck.

Basically, it's a list of stuff that I think will start to apply to you if you've been playing too much ToS. Hehe, enjoy!

Oh, and if you can figure out where I got this idea from, put it in your review, and I'll give you a cookie…crumb…molecule. Yeah!

Symphonian Symptoms

1. You make your own wooden swords and start shouting 'DEMON FANG!' at everyone.

2. You think Kratos should be in Disneyland.

3. When you see a guy with a helmet, you think, 'Ah! Desian!'

4. You think 'Nebilim' should be in the Oxford Dictionary.

5. When you open your mouth at school, everyone will know you're talking about Tales of Symphonia. (Hey, did you know? I found out Remiel was a bad guy! Etc.)

6. People call you Mr./Ms. Symphonia at school.

7. You wonder why Tales of Symphonia isn't in DS or Gameboy form.

8. You make your own club at school, with a slogan that says, Symphonia RULEZ!

9. When you see a sexy guy in school, your first thought is, 'OMG HE LOOKS LIKE KRATOS!'

10. You teach your little brother how to dress up like Lloyd. (Here, kid, try this red outfit on. It suits you!)

11. When you play Tales of Symphonia, you see everything in 3D.

12. When someone says he or she doesn't know what Tales of Symphonia is, you start poking his or her head and hope he or she will remember. (Ow, whaddya doing? Gerroff me!)

13. When you get a staff and shout 'Fire Ball!', you're surprised that no runes appear under your feet.

14. You dress like Lloyd and run over to someone, hoping that a cutscene will appear.

15. Your Grade in the game is 99999.

16. You spend your precious time reading dumb things like these.

Okay, the last one isn't very true. :D

Anyway, if by some chance this isn't crap in your eyes, I'll continue this. Around 15 symptoms a chapter, unless I have major WB or major inspiration. Ehehe.

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Ehehe, thanks for reading this.