Do any of you know that Sims Castaway game? Anyways, I got that this past Christmas and decided to write a story about Naruto, Hinata, Sasuke and Sakura all getting stranded on an island together. I'm not sure how long it will take me to update this story, but I already have a couple chapters written. This is just a fun story for me to write in my spare time. The pairing are NaruHina and SasuSaku.

And just to warn you, Hinata is a bit OOC. She and Sakura have been best friends for a long time, and Sakura has kind of changed Hinata's personality a bit. Hinata doesn't like Sasuke because he had broken Sakura's heart, but now he is back in Konoha. You will understand what happened throughout the story, because I explain it in there. Hope you enjoy!

-Chapter One-

Sakura Haruno and Hinata Hyuga latched onto each other, screaming in fright. An incoming wave towered over the boat they were on.

"I hope you all can swim!" Naruto Uzumaki yelled over the pounding of the rain on the wooden boat. His best friend and rival, Sasuke Uchiha, merely stood there, arms crossed, with an annoyed expression plastered on his face.

The four shinobi had been sent on a mission to another country, which required them to travel only a little ways across the ocean on a boat. About halfway to their destination a storm rolled in, the waves becoming untamed and violent.

Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke had all been on the same three man team when they were twelve. Only months later, Sasuke left to gain power then get revenge against his brother Itachi, who had killed their whole clan when they were younger. Sakura, who had loved him, got her heart broken the night he left and was never the same lovesick girl since then. Hinata Hyuga had been on a different team, but had a huge crush on Naruto, too shy to admit it though. As the years passed, Sakura and Hinata became best friends, confiding in one another and comforting one another. Naruto's crush on Sakura faded away and he started to take a liking to the Hyuga female. Sasuke came back at the age of seventeen after getting his revenge, and everything was almost the same as it had been before he left, except for Sakura obsessing over him. She still loved him, but knew she couldn't ever admit it again; it would only hurt her more.

Just yesterday the four had been assigned their new mission, and it was already a disaster. The wave crashed up onto the deck, sending the four ninja overboard, Hinata and Sakura getting ripped away from each other in the process.

The two girls shrieked the names of their comrades, but were only met with the sound of the wind and rain. Sakura squinted through the rain, seeing a messy head full of blonde hair.

"Naruto!" she screamed, starting to swim towards the figure. Another large wave had formed, and upon seeing this, Sakura's green eyes widened.

Hinata, who could not see anything and did not know where her friends were, was slammed with the wave, causing her to sink under the surface of the water. Her eyes were open and able to just barely make out the cloudy dark gray sky hanging above the water. Using all her strength, she reached up towards it, but found her muscles aching from the power of the wave hitting them.

Sasuke could not believe how bad the mission was going. He found it to be the most nerve racking mission he had ever been assigned. Trying to fight against the waves, he swam towards the direction he thought his friends would be in. A wave took him under, and as he sank, he crossed his arms and glared through the salty water that stung his eyes.

It was only a matter of minutes before each of them lost consciousness, hoping this was not the way they end their life.


Pearl-colored eyes fluttered open and were greeted by a pair of cerulean orbs. The female rolled onto her stomach, supporting herself with her arms, and coughed up the remaining water in her throat.

She could feel a warm hand resting gently on her back as she coughed. Naruto helped her to her feet when the coughing had subsided, helping Hinata balance herself. Sasuke was standing only a few feet away, eyes closed and arms crossed.

"N-Naruto!" Hinata, breathed, restraining herself from flinging her arms around him. "I'm so glad you're alright!" The blonde man grinned, letting out a short laugh.

Hinata searched the length of the beach they had washed up on, a shiver crawling up her spine. Heart pounding, she asked hesitantly, "Where is Sakura?"

Naruto's grin slowly faded, being replaced by a frown. When she got no response from her crush, her head snapped over to gaze at Sasuke for the answer. Sighing heavily, the man opened his eyes slowly. "We don't know," he replied quietly, holding Hinata's gaze with his onyx eyes.

Tears started to collect at the corners of the Hyuga woman's eyes. "I hope she's alright," Hinata whispered. She was quite startled when Naruto wrapped an arm around her shoulders to comfort her. As the tears started to escape her eyes and slide down her cheeks, she leaned against Naruto for support.

"So do I. Sakura is strong, I'm sure she is fine. She's probably somewhere on this island."

"Naruto is right," Sasuke said, an edge of some unknown emotion in his voice. "She's probably fine and not too far away."

"You actually sound worried about her," Hinata spat. "For once in your life."

The raven-haired man's eyes narrowed. "She's a close friend, just like Naruto. Of course I'm a little bit worried that we could find her washed up on shore somewhere, cold and dead!" Hinata cringed at his words, trying to hold back the sobs rising within her.

"Sasuke," Naruto said sharply, shaking his head. His arm tightened around Hinata as she started to shake from her crying.

Sasuke walked off and started to gather driftwood as Naruto continued to comfort the crying woman. Once Naruto had reassured Hinata that Sakura was probably alive and looking for them, they trudged over and sat around the fire Sasuke had built.

The three stared blankly ahead of them, the bright fire dancing right before their eyes. Suddenly, Naruto's stomach growled so loudly that it made the three of them jump. The blonde chuckled, scratching the back of his head.

"I'm kind of hungry," he admitted.

"We could eat fruit," Sasuke suggested, pondering for a moment. "But then again, it wouldn't fill us up very much. We need some kind of meat."

Two pairs of eyes were resting on Naruto, waiting for him to suggest something. The man scooted away from his friends, blue eyes wide. "Don't eat me!" Hinata and Sasuke raised an eyebrow, wondering why he had assumed they were going to have him for dinner.

"Why would we eat you?" Sasuke snapped.

"You were both looking at me after suggesting to eat meat." The man started waving his hands around as he explained. "I heard from somewhere that when people shipwreck they end up eating other people. I thought you two wouldn't resort to eating me, but when you both stared at me like that, it made me uneasy."

Both dark-haired ninja sighed and shook their heads before gazing at their surroundings, looking for a source of food.

"We could collect clams and catch fish!" Hinata exclaimed, jumping to her feet. It was only seconds later that Naruto and Hinata were searching the ocean floor, collecting clams from under rocks. Sasuke was content just sitting by the fire, and the other two were so busy scrounging for food that they didn't seem to notice him still sitting by the fire. Finally, he got up and started flinging kunai at fish as they jumped out of the water.

The twenty-year-old Uchiha had collected a fish for each of them, so he took his place by the fire once again.

Hinata and Naruto were finding a large amount of clams and were almost done searching for the time being. As the sun loomed over the water, Hinata caught a glimpse of something shining under the sand. Swiping her hand over the area, she picked up a small piece of a jade gem. As if it had hurt her when she came in contact with the gem, her arm recoiled quickly. The color had reminded her of her best friend's eyes.


Sakura blinked again, hoping she would wake up this time if it was a nightmare. When her emerald eyes opened, her feet were still planted in the soft, warm sand of a beach.

"Hinata!" the pink-haired woman called, searching the beach frantically. "Sasuke!" A sigh of despair seeped from her mouth. Her voice was barely above a whisper when she called for Naruto, knowing none of them were around.

The nineteen-year-old went into denial mode, telling herself she was not stranded on an island all alone. She slammed her fist into the ground, cracking it, but she still had so much anger to vent. Eyes narrowing, she targeted a coconut tree as her next victim. Forcefully, she kicked the trunk of the thin tree. In return, a large brown coconut dropped and hit her on the head before the whole tree fell over.

Profanities sliced through the mostly silent atmosphere. Clutching her head, Sakura's knees hit the sand. Tears streaming down her cheeks from pain, mostly her hopelessness, she forced her green eyes open. Lying behind a group of hibiscus flowers was a skeleton, the head turned so that it was facing in her direction. The woman took in a few shaky breaths before screaming shrilly and fainting.

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