"Hello John."

John turned around with a little flutter in his stomach. He knew it was dumb, she was at least 6 years older than him, but he couldn't help it, she had a weird effect on him.

"Hello Amy," he said, keeping it cool.

Amy was a college student majoring in secondary education; she was at John's high school for student teaching. He loved being around her. She was possibly the only person he felt comfortable around at school, which was ridiculous, because she didn't even go to his school.

"You look like hell," she said with a laugh.

John shrugged. "I didn't sleep well last night."

"Again?" she asked with concern.

John couldn't help smiling that she was concerned for him. "Yeah," he nodded. "It's all right though, I'm fine."

"You sure?"

John nodded again.

"Ok, then you better get to class; you don't want to be late."

John smiled. "Yeah, ok. See you later."

"And John," she said after him. "Feel better."

"You're late," said Sarah as the kids came up to the car. She had been waiting there for nearly half an hour, her usual panic rising up in her.

"John was talking to a girl," said Cameron.

Sarah wheeled around to glare at her son. "A girl?" John knew the rules.

"Not a girl, a teacher," he said, directing his frustration at Cameron. He had run into Amy again after school, she had asked a question, it would have been rude not to talk to her. "Am I not allowed to talk to teachers anymore? Cause if that's a new rule I might as well just stop going to school."

"I don't appreciate your sarcasm mister," Sarah said as she pulled the car out of the school driveway. She sighed. "So why were you talking to this teacher?"

"I need a reason now?" John knew he was being disrespectful, but he really didn't care right now. He was so sick of all the damn rules.

"John," his mother said sternly.

"Fine, she wanted to talk to me about my options."


John sighed. "Yeah, you know, college and stuff."

"Oh John…" she started.

"I know. I know that I don't have options, but it's nice to pretend every now and then."

Sarah nodded but didn't say anything. She knew what he was going through. She had had these thoughts for him since before he was born. She glanced into the back seat at Cameron; the Terminator was being unusually quiet.

"Anyway," said John after a moment. "I'm sorry I was late. I didn't mean to make you worry."

"I know. So…which teacher was it? One that I know?"

John shook his head. "No, she's new. She's a student teacher."

Sarah glanced at her son with a small smile. Maybe there was a bit of a "girl" aspect as well. "Is she cute?"

"Mom," he groaned. No 16-year-old boy wants to talk to his mother about a girl, especially one who's 6 years older and would never look at him that way.

"Fine. So tell me a bit about her."

"She's like 22, studying education…"

"Her name?"

"Oh, right. Amy Hasters."

"What?" Sarah asked harshly, turning to look at him for so long that she started to swerve off the road.


Sarah turned back to the road and got the car back under control. John was staring at his mother like she was a crazy person; Cameron was observing it all with intrigue.

"Mom what the hell is going on!?"

Sarah was breathing heavily, she was in complete shock. She had never expected to hear that name ever again. They had arrived back at home and she parked the car and went into the house without a word.

"Is this kind of behavior normal for your people?" Cameron asked.

John looked back at the robot. "For most humans? No. For her?" He glanced in the direction his mother had stormed. "For her yeah, it's normal."