James Potter squeezed his wife's hand as they walked through the busy muggle street. They were being bustled around, and he made sure that he kept a protective arm wrapped around her waist at all times, his hand tracing occasional circles on her slightly swollen stomach. Lily Potter was beaming; nothing could spoil her mood at this moment in time. The deaths being reported in the Daily Prophet each day could not stop her from smiling, the general subdued air that had enveloped the entire wizarding world was not affecting the spring in her step. Lily Potter was pregnant, she was pregnant by James Potter; the man of her dreams, the man she loved more than anything else in the world. In all, the reason she existed.

They plundered on, trying to find the shop where Lily's mother had bought all of hers and Petunia's baby clothes. Lily was determined to carry on the family tradition and James would have been foolish to try and stop her.

James was keeping a watchful eye on Lily, noticing how pregnancy seemed to have brought a new sparkle to her eye, a newfound rosy colour was upon her cheeks and by God her boobs were fantastic! The small bump beneath her t-shirt was unnoticeable; there was no way anybody would be able to tell that she was pregnant, unless they had known beforehand. She looked amazing to be truthful, and James wasn't the only one who had noticed it, judging by the glances that she was attracting from many men in the street.

James had to keep sending glares in many directions as several random men ogled his wife's naturally enlarged breasts. They were for his eyes only, and if any man wanted to produce children, then they would stop looking at them.

Lily had obviously spotted the shop; she jumped up and down and squealed, pointing at a shop front that was filled with everything imaginable that a parent would want for their baby. James looked at the sign 'Mon Bébé', then at the little baby outfits arranged inside. They were going to be hours in here.

Lily dragged James inside by the hand; he seemed a little reluctant to enter the shop full of hormonal women who could snap at any moment. But he relaxed when he noticed a big squashy armchair, sitting right in the corner of the quaint little shop.

He spun Lily around in his arms, "Listen, babe, I'm gonna go and sit in that chair over there, you're better at this shopping lark than I am, okay?"

"Yeah, fine, I'll come and get you when I'm done"

With that she sped off, presumably to buy tons of unnecessary romper suits and dinky shoes. James settled himself into the armchair and perused a curious looking item. It looked like a method of medieval torture. He spent over half an hour looking at the item, he couldn't fathom what on Earth its use was.

Lily spotted James looking at something and wandered over, arms laden with all kinds of baby items.


"Yeah?" he replied, eyebrows furrowed, still looking at the plastic device,

"Why are you playing with a nipple milking pump?"

James squealed and threw the pump to the floor, wiping his hands on the armchair. Lily jumped onto his lap, laughing hysterically at her husband's stupidity. He grabbed her around his waste and whispered into her ear,

"Are you laughing at me, Lily Potter?"

She nodded and carried on giggling.

"I don't care, do you know why?"

She shook her head and looked at him,

"Because I fucking love you"

He kissed her passionately, making the baby clothes fall onto the floor.

"It's a good job that I love you too, or I would seriously have to question you about your fascination for nipple pumps"

With that, she jumped off of his lap and went in search of more things. James sighed and relaxed back into the chair. Life was good.