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Moans and groans filled the room as Tyler pulled the covers high over his head trying to tune out the sounds. He had tried to sleep but had been kept awake for the past hour with Reid's sounds of pleasure. Of course, the girl that Reid had invited over was shouting and moaning Reid's name but for some reason her noises didn't bother Tyler at all. The girl's sounds weren't doing a thing to him but Reid's moans and groans were giving him a major boner. Damn, why did Reid have to fuck a girl in their dorm where he could hear everything that was going on?

It wasn't Reid's fault though, he didn't know how he affected Tyler or how turned on Tyler got when he heard Reid reach his climax and groaned in ecstasy. Day in and day out, Tyler was forced to watch Reid seduce girls and then lure them to their dorm where he would always get what he wanted from them. Tyler at that point would be forced to endure a long and almost painful to bear hard on from hearing Reid's pleasure sounds. After the girl would leave, sounds of satisfaction could be heard from the blond's bed. Those sounds would ease away some of the brunette's tension but not a lot. It was sheer torture to have Reid lying in the bed next to him every night and not be able to do anything to the beautiful blond.

Tyler had known for quite a while how he felt about the blond but had said nothing to any of his friends. He could only imagine the looks of horror and surprise on Reid's face as Tyler told him how he felt. Images of Caleb and Pogue finding out flashed through his mind and he cringed at their expressions of disgust. They were like his big brothers and it hurt him to think that if they found out they would disown him. Tears would always threaten to come when he would think of Reid telling him that he was disgusting and that he wanted nothing to do with him. It simply broke the poor brunette's heart.

For as long as Tyler could remember he had always been Reid's follower. It was just how things worked. He didn't even remember how it had started; all he knew was that it was just how it was. At first, he had followed Reid because he was his friend Over the years it became habitual, but after a while he couldn't help but notice how attractive the blond was and found himself more and more attracted to him. He had tried to ignore the feelings and deny that they even existed. But sooner or later truth always rears its ugly head and he finally had to accept it. He was in love with Reid Garwin.

The sound of a closing door brought Tyler back to present time and he realized that the girl had left. It was just him and Reid now, alone. Tyler rolled over onto his side; facing away from Reid, his eyes squeezed shut as he tried to calm himself and not get excited by soft pants coming from the bed belonging to the sensual blond.

"Hey, Babyboy, you up?" Reid's voice was husky and a bit rough, not making Tyler's life any easier.

"Yeah, I'm up. How am I supposed to sleep with you and that girl doin' shit?" he said forcing himself to sound mock upset.

"Sorry, 'bout that but I haven't been able to get my usual amount of sex. Since it's Christmas Break everyone's gone to spend time with their families, so it's hard finding a good fuck buddy. I saw that girl and decided to use her," Reid's low voice aroused Tyler deeply and he wished so bad that he could be the one to cause him to sound like that.

"Whatever, g'night," Tyler said his voice a notch too low, though he knew Reid would never notice.

"Yeah, night," came Reid's reply followed by a shuffling of blankets and then silence.

Tyler closed his eyes and rolled over so that he was facing the blond now knowing that he was not facing him. He could see Reid's body outlined by the moonlight shining through their window and saw that the blanket only covered him up to his waist, his torso bare and naked. A groan pushed at his lips, as did his erection at his boxers. This was the torture that he was forced to endure everyday and every night while sharing a dorm with the beautiful blond Reid Garwin.

Reid kissed Tyler and stroked him making moans escape him. Tyler kissed him passionately, needing to let Reid know how he felt about him. Hands roamed down over his bare chest and down to his boxers that were holding a very hard and very high erection.

"Reid," he groaned when the hands slipped inside his boxers and grabbed him. Reid smirked against his mouth and pulled his mouth away from Ty's then attached his lips to his neck.

"Reid, I have to tell you something," Tyler gasped trying to express his feelings but finding it very difficult due to everything that the blond was doing to him.

The blond was relentless with his torture on the brunette, he continued to nip and suck on his neck while his hand lightly pulled on the gasping brunette's erection causing a long and guttural groan to escape his lips. "Please, stop. I have to tell you," Tyler said desperately through clenched teeth.

"I'm not stopping. I already know Babyboy. You don't have to tell me," the blond said moving his lips back to Tyler's mouth. "I know how you feel and what you're feeling."

A noise of surprise and relief came from the brunette and he kissed Reid's lips, feeling as if a great weight had been lifted from his shoulders.

Suddenly, the room shifted and he wasn't in his room any longer with Reid on top of him torturing him, he was now in a dead field of grass. All around him, everything was dead. His eyes wandered to the ground a few feet away from him, feeling drawn to it and gasped. Reid lay there his blue eyes open but blank and dull, his skin way too pale. A chill ran through Tyler and he went to the still blond, panic beginning to rise in him. He knelt down beside the body and shook his head when he felt the blond's neck, searching for a pulse.

"No, no, Reid you can't be. No," he said softly tears coming to his eyes. This was the worst thing that could happen. Reid dead. He shook his head, not able to believe it. Reid couldn't be dead. Not Reid. No, this couldn't be happening. It couldn't. Tyler pulled the lifeless blond's body to him, cradling it to him. "Please Reid. Don't do this to me. You can't be dead, please," he cried softly, tears tumbling down his face.

Pain. Pain was all he felt now. It felt like there was a giant, gaping hole inside of him and it hurt so goddamn much. He clenched his jaw against the pain and lay his forehead against Reid's, tears falling freely. Reid was gone. Why? He didn't know. Who? He didn't know that either. All he knew was that with Reid gone there was no point anymore. No point to anything.

Reid had awakened to moans that sounded like who ever was moaning was having a good time. Groggily, he had rolled over onto his side and looked over at Tyler's bed where the noises were coming from.

"Hey, Babyboy. You awake?" No reply came and Reid knew that Babyboy was having a very fun dream. He couldn't help but wonder who it was about. Curiosity killed the cat, he thought to himself. Thank God I'm not a cat, he grinned. His eyes flashed black and almost immediately he was in Tyler's dream watching from his bed himself on top of Tyler; his mouth on Ty's neck and his hands no where in sight. Tyler groaned and the not dream Reid felt himself stirring.

"Please, stop. I have to tell you something," Tyler said through clenched teeth.

"I'm not stopping, I already know Babyboy. You don't have to tell me," the dream Reid said moving his lips back to Tyler's mouth. "I know how you feel and what you're feeling."Almost immediately, Ty kissed Dream Reid upon hearing his words.

Reid watched himself and Tyler kiss for a moment when suddenly the room changed to a dead looking field. He stood next to Tyler and saw when the brunette gasped and went to something lying on ground a few feet away from the two...

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