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"Yo, Aaron, wanna win the money that I took from you two weeks ago?" Reid grinned as he walked up to the pool tables where Aaron and Ryan stood. It took almost all he had to not go over and beat the shit out of Abbott. He hated him for what he had done to Babyboy. If it weren't for the fact that he knew Ty would be upset by it he would do it with pleasure. But he had to hold himself back. For Tyler.

"Where's your pool buddy?" Ryan sneered, taking notice of the fact that Reid wasn't being accompanied by Tyler.

Reid shrugged. "Hell like I know, I'm not his keeper. Now, enough talk boys, let's play some pool," the blond grinned, grabbing a pool stick.

"You don't need your boyfriend, Garwin?" Ryan smirked and picked up his pool stick.

Reid inwardly snarled at what he said. "Fuck off, and let's play. I can kick both your asses solo," he growled, his tone harsher than intended.

"Fine, let's go," Ryan said and started to set up the game.

Aaron, who had been quiet for the entire confrontation, got up and put away his poolstick. "I'm out. I don't feel like playin' tonight. Kick his ass," the curly haired male said, walking away from the pool tables.

"Wait, what?" Ryan exclaimed, looking after his friend with wide eyes. He looked back at Reid who was grinning. He was no match for Reid. With Aaron at his side, he stood a chance; but not alone.

Tyler walked into Nicky's and past the tables where he knew Caleb and Pogue would be with their girlfriends. He didn't want to see happy lovey dovey couples right now. That would hurt too much. He had been rejected by Reid and didn't wanna see anything that was romantic in any way.

As he made his way to the pooltables where he knew Reid would be, Ty kept his eyes on the ground; an old habit that he had for when he was deep in thought. Without warning, a shoulder was rammed into his, causing him to stumble back a bit. Looking up at who had bumped into him, his eyes locked onto a pair of blue eyes that he recognized.

"Move it, Simms," an irritated voice snapped and pushed past him.

Tyler muttered a stunned sorry and continued to walk toward the pooltables. He hadn't expected to run into Aaron that soon after what had happened.

"Oh, look Garwin, your boyfriend's here," Ty heard Ryan say as he walked up to the pool table that him and Reid were at. Reid gave Ryan an irritated look before he gave Tyler a nod.

"'Sup, Ty," the blond male said setting up the balls on the pool table.

"Hey," Tyler said grabbing a pool stick.

Ryan suddenly shook his head. "Hell, no. I'm not playing both of you. That's not fair. I'll go against one of you but not both," Ryan said in protest, his face set in a scowl. He knew that he barely stood a chance against Reid, but he sure as hell knew that there was no way he stood a chance against both Garwin and Sims.

Reid rolled his eyes. "You're such a pussy. Just suck it up and play us."

Ryan shook his head again. "Fuck no," he put the poolstick and stepped back. "Only one of you or I'm not playin'." He gave Reid a glare as he folded his arms over his chest.

"Dude, stop bein' a little girl and just play. You're gonna lose your money eitherway," Reid said sounding exasperated.

"Hey," Tyler said putting up his stick. "I'll just not play, Reid," he said shrugging.

Reid whirled on him, obviously taken aback. "What? Why? We always play together," he looked at his friend.

Tyler shrugged again. "Look, I don't feel good. I'm just gonna go home."

"You just got here," Reid frowned at his friend. It's because of what Aaron did earlier isn't it.

Tyler mentally shook his head. No, I just don't feel good. Seriously, I knew I was comin' down with something before the whole Aaron thing. "So? I don't feel good so I'm gonna go now."

"Ya, Garwin, let your boyfriend go home. It's just gonna be you and me now," Ryan said, seeming to have regained his cockiness, now that it was gonna only be him against Reid.

Reid growled frustration. He was sick and tired of Ryan's shit. "Ryan, shut-up, I can whoop your ass with one hand tied behind my back. So, shut your pussy mouth and let me talk to my friend before I get pissed and make you shut it."

Ryan opened his mouth to say something but Tyler gave him a look to shut-up. Ryan knew that Reid could easily beat his ass at anything if Aaron wasn't there. He also knew that Reid would go through with his threat. He closed his mouth and settled on glaring at Garwin.

"If anything happens, call me," Reid said softly so that only Tyler could hear him, before he turned back to the pool table and began the game.

Alright. Tyler turned and left the pool area. Be careful. Came a thought in Tyler's head and he knew Reid was worried about him. I will. Don't beat Ryan too badly. He walked out of Nicky's and smiled when Reid replied. No promises.

Tyler sat in his Hummer for a bit, glad that he always parked near the back of the parking lot where no one ever really went, not knowing why he didn't know where he was going to go. Home, he told himself. Just drive home. Go back to the dorm, he prodded, but found he didn't really wanna go there. He would be alone like always. He couldn't go somewhere where he would be lonely. He didn't wanna be alone tonight. He needed to be with someone tonight. He needed to be with someone, anyone.

A knock on his window scared him and made him jump. "Shit," he exclaimed looking up in surprise at his window. Standing there with a frustrated and confused look on his face was Aaron Abbot.

Tyler quickly rolled down his window, feeling himself getting aroused at the sight of the curly-haired male. "Aaron?" he said, trying to sound casual and confused.

"We need to talk, Sims," Aaron said simply, his blue eyes beginning to get their usual cockiness in them.

Tyler blinked. "About what?" he asked, knowing possibly what it was that the blond male wanted to talk about. The 'dream' was obviously still on his mind as it was on Tyler's.

Aaron frowned at him. "We just need to talk. Don't worry 'bout what. Meet me at my house in an hour," he said and turned, walking away.

"If you wanna have sex with me, then just say it and invite me over," Tyler called after him, frustrated that he hadn't just come out with the dream. He understood though. Why would Aaron tell him about the dream? They weren't friends. The only thing that connected them was the 'dream' and that was it.

Aaron stopped in his tracks, slowly turning with a look of disbelief on his face. "What the hell did you just say to me?"

Tyler cursed himself inwardly, that probably hadn't been the best approach to getting Aaron to talk to him about the 'dream' or about his attraction to Tyler. He took a breath, trying to organize his thoughts and find the right words to not piss of Aaron and not let him know that he knew about the dream. "You heard me. I said if you wanna have sex with me then just tell me and ask. I know you're attracted to me. I saw you looking at me during practice," Tyler said as soon as the thought came to his head.

Aaron approached the Hummer with a pissed off walk. "I'm not a fag! If anything, you are! I saw you looking at Garwin like he was some piece of meat, you little fruit," Aaron sneered.

Tyler kept his mouth shut, knowing exactly where the conversation was going. It was most likely going to be a repeat of what had happened earlier in the locker room. Except this time, Ty would not be caught off guard by Aaron. This time, Tyler was in charge.

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