Ron Stoppable – Ultimate Lotus Reborn

Chapter I – For The Moment

Ron Stoppable ex side kick to the teen hero Kim Possible who had saved the world well over a dozen times, most notably against an alien invasion not three months ago, sprinted across the white corridor skidding behind a stone pillar panting hard as red laser shots screeched past him crashing into the elevator door behind the exhausted teen, causing many light explosions. The large window that ran along the corridor showing the large recovering Tri-City smashed from the explosions and laser fire that was erupting across the corridor.

Things where looking bad for Ron Stoppable and more recent events made things even worse. Above all was the breaking up of Team Possible, he still loved Kim but what he did was unforgivable even for himself. And now the foolish ex side kick was paying the price tenfold. He was all alone, fighting against an unbeatable force and there was no one to save him this time, no Kim Possible not even his most loyal pet and best friend Rufus, his trusty naked pet mole rat. Things indeed where looking sour for Ron Stoppable.

The white armored men walked toward him down the corridor laughing hard as they aimed their red state of the art rifles, made from the Lowardian technology their bosses' had managed to take from the remnants of their assault. They took aim towards the pillar behind which the young Ron Stoppable had fled behind and was using as cover, trying to quickly survey his options. There was no escape. They had him right where they wanted him there was no where left to go finally the Ron Factor would be eradicated from existence and they got the Honor to perform this Honorable feat. It wasn't the easiest task no, it took several bribes countless actually. The largest of which was freeing one Camille Leon from jail, it had all been worth it though. Team Possible was split and more importantly Team Possible where more vulnerable then they ever had been.

Behind Ron was the elevator to the large white building he was inside as the arrow above slowly moved towards his level the very top. A grin crept across his features at last Kim Possible His best friend the one person he could and had always relied was coming to his aid. Even despite their situation of late, even despite what he had done he still loved her and he was sure she loved him no matter what he had done, and this was proof. He was sure she was coming to save him like she so often had done in the past, he was sure she still cared for him.

The elevator chimed accordingly as the door slid open.

"KP!" Ron shouted out to the elevator as a grin of joy evident on his face at the figure of Kim Possible standing in the doorway, her face blank, unreadable. The situation soon became clear to Ron as he realized she wasn't alone, standing tall behind her was a figure, a very commanding figure that stood in the darkness, intent on not revealing himself. Ron tried to make out the unknown figure's face through the darkness but could only see blackness. His eyes suddenly stopped scanning this new factor as Kim was launched out of the elevator into the open corridor, the many men that stood aimed down at the unlucky hero who was but helpless injured and panting hard barely keeping her balance her face still as unreadable as it had been. Slowly she turned to look at her life long friend and once love of her, finally she couldn't hold back her emotions anymore, a single tear fell down her face as she looked at the horrified look on her once best friend's face. He had hurt her, beyond recognition, broken her very heart and for that she could never forgive him. But there was a silent voice in the very back of her mind that protested and wouldn't stop, despite everything there was a small part of her that still loved the man before her, but what had to be done was truly for the best no matter what she thought deep down.

"I'm sorry Ron." The eighteen year old teenager spoke out sincerely to her long time friend as the men opened fire their red lasers striking Kim hard in her chest before she could react. Her eyes widened from the pain as she fell back staring at the blonde haired teenager, Ron Stoppable her life flashing before her eyes.

"No!" He let out a cry of terror as he watched Kim's body fall to the ground lifeless, her eyes where still full of sadness. No she couldn't be dead not like this, she just couldn't be. He repeatedly told himself over and over again as tears began to flood down his cheeks; this couldn't all be over not now, not at this moment. Finally he let out another cry of pain as he drew a golden ring from his pocket, if this was truly to be it then he was going to go down fighting to the end, he was going to do Kim proud. The man that was once young and innocent, the man known as Ron Stoppable dove out towards the love of his life who lay on the floor finished the look of pain still evident in her eyes, launching the ring at the sea of men before him. Landing atop of Kim a large explosion shot across the room as the ring exploded before the men.

The man inside the elevator chuckled lightly as the unknown figure slowly stepped out of the doorway looking down at the scene before him, he had to admit the young kid was making a hell of a last stand, but it was all soon to end, just like it had to end, just like it was meant to end. The tear filled eyes of Ron Stoppable glanced up at the figure, a very slender figure, a female figure. She was wearing a very expensive blue suit, which looked like there was more to it then meets the eye. The brunette looked down at Ron Stoppable her face void of any expression, of any emotion, a face he knew.

"We cannot allow you to harm anymore people Ron Stoppable, your termination is imminent." She drew a small very advanced blue pistol from her holster, obviously one made from the Lowardian technology. The woman aimed it directly at the once proud side kick and hero's head. Was this finally it? He couldn't believe it all the time saving the world alongside Kim. He never got the chance to say sorry to say he still loved her.

Tears continued to flood down his face, he still could not believe it as he stared down at the figure he was now holding in his arms, the woman who was once the crimson haired hero Kim Possible. She was never going to smile again, or laugh, she was never going to do the infamous 'puppy dog pout' she was never going to save the world and it was his entire fault. This wasn't how it was supposed to end, not like this. The female figure pulled the trigger as she held the weapon to his head her face still void of any emotion.


The image slowly began to fade in his mind as the old man's eyelids began to lift. The wise master was floating high above the floor motionless wearing a red and gold embroidered robe, a golden glow suspending him above ground in the large dojo he had concealed himself in to meditate in peace. The old man's long grey beard was ever present on his features as his wrinkled face had a worried look fixed upon it. Slowly the old master lowered himself to the ground the gold glow dissipating as he got lower and lower. How had he not foreseen this, he was so concerned about the immediate threat that he had blinded himself of the consequences of what was to happen after.

The world was in a delicate state after the Lowardian attack and if he did not tread lightly terrible things were going to be set in motion and they had to be stopped before it was to late for even the chosen one to help. Finally he reached the ground sitting gracefully in the meditating position as the large doors to the temple opened revealing a very slender female ninja who stepped inside of the large dojo the only light inside the room was that of the outside from the opened door. The ninja clad in a black Shinobi outfit typical to that of the students of the Yamanouchi School her black hair falling gracefully behind her.

"Sensei you asked for me." The woman spoke in a gentle and respectful voice as she bowed low to her master and sensei to the school.

"Ah Yori it is good you have come. I'm afraid I have some disturbing news." The old man, master of the Yamanouchi School spoke in a very wise man like manner as he spoke slowly.

"Sensei?" Yori said once more in a more worried tone as she watched her father like figure rise to his feet. Sensei was never often worried nor did he scare easily, in fact she was quite certain that their where very few things in this world that could unease the master as much as he was now. Indeed this did mean very troubling times where coming and she had already in only a matter of moments decided to offer her services to her sensei and do whatever it took to fulfill the wise man's wishes.

"I've made an old man's mistake." Slowly he turned round as he began to walk to the other side of the large dojo his robe following elegantly behind him.

"And we must move quickly."

"What is it Sensei?" She asked as she stepped further into the dojo her face a mixture of worry and determination. This was the moment she had trained all her life for this was the moment she was going to truly make a difference in the world.

"The world is in ruins after the recent invasion. And vulnerable…" His voice spoke with sadness as he turned to the greatest of the ninja's in this school the one ninja who could stop this terrible event from occurring. Yes Sensei would have usually taken this mission upon himself as he had done before. However he was getting old to old for such journeys and it was time he stepped aside and let the younger generation do what had to be done. She was his only hope to saving the world from this disaster but where they to late?


Shego a pale green skinned woman who wore a black and green jump suit, her black hair falling elegantly to her knees which surprisingly never got in her way of fighting, her sultry figure shook her head, the raven black hair followed her movements gracefully exaggerating each sway giving her an almost Goddess like look. She watched her employer the mad scientist and super villain Dr Darken polishing his bronze medal which he constantly starred at. The blue skinned villain never went anywhere without it, it was as he said his good luck charm his way to ensure his success. Dr Darken had earned the medal after saving the world from disaster and the clutches of the Lowardians, though he would never admit to saving the world it was how he managed to achieve the medal, and also achieved his one success. The villainess Shego that was feared all across the world had her own medal though she made sure to hide it away somewhere safe where it could never be found. Deep down Shego was very fond of it but would never admit that to herself, she had enjoyed working alongside Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable and most of all enjoyed all the media appreciation she got. It reminded her of the old days with Team Go; however she had convinced herself that it was a way of ensuring she was well known and even more feared for stopping the incredibly powerful alien civilization. Time was slowly drifting back to the way it should be and her rather foolish employer Dr Darken had a new scheme his 'best yet' as he frequently told her.

The good doctor clad in his usual blue suit attached the medal to the front ensuring the shiny piece was in full view and in all its glory turned to face the villainess almost bouncing from the suspension.

"Fine."The villainess let out a sigh as she held out the small and very delicate computer chip to him, she knew exactly what came next and very reluctant to hear today's scheme. She leaped gently up onto the table in front of her taking a seat facing Dr Darken and crossed her legs as she reached down drawing the nail filer she always carried around for such a time.

"At last!" He bellowed as he held the chip into the air letting out a wail of victorious laughter, you could only but appreciate his confidence and how he would never let himself get down despite his everyday defeats, though his recent victory of the Lowardians had put him in a very confident mood, an almost unbeatable mood.

"With this computer chip, the technology of the Lowardians will at last be mine! I will create the most devastating laser ever made! Using my new laser I will – "The once normal student known as Drew began his usual ranting as an increasingly large grin grew across his face not noticing Shego wording everything he said to the exact letter before she cut him off with a frustrated look evident upon her face.

"Again with the laser? Why do you even think this will work anyway?" She sighed turning her attention back to her nails, it was a question that had been bugging her nothing was different, nothing would stop the 'princess' from coming.

"Because Shego, I am on a winning streak." His grin ever present on his face widened revealing his shiny white teeth as he looked at his side kick. This time he was sure he could once and for all rule the world.

"Oh for crying… It was ONE good plan. ONE!" This was the last thing she needed Dr Darken getting big headed because he had one good plan which helped save the world. It isn't like he's ever come close to actually destroying it before; on the contrary his history of failures was quite abysmal with nearly every battle going to the good guys. Shego even began to wonder why she was working with someone as inadequate as Dr Darken was.

"Soon to be two!" He turned around placing his right hand behind his back as he tried to continue his ranting not letting his past record get to him, telling himself silently this time it would be different, this time he would crush Kim Possible. Shego quickly cut him off before he could continue once more quite intent on keeping the subject away from his plan, besides as a side kick she felt it was her job nay her duty to annoy Dr D, and it was one job in which she took pride in

"There's something different about you?" She looked at Dr D quizzically unable to quite but her finger on it as she leaned in to get a better look at him her face inches away from his own.

"Oh, it's my hair I got it trimmed." He grinned flaunting his hair about.

"No, no that's not it." To be honest his hair looked exactly the same as it always did, the villainess continued to take in every inch of the doctor trying to put her finger on it.

"Well I have been working out." He tensed his bicep in attempt to flaunt his muscles which he didn't have, a problem with being a mad scientist.

"That's it! You've lost the dandelion look!" She said raising her finger whilst trying to stop herself from bursting into laughter. She had to admit the 'flower' Darken did make her laugh uncontrollably just seeing him; he looked like a five year old kid playing a flower in a school play. That thought would make anyone roll over with laughter.

Darken stared back as his posture slumping down as he took yet another insult from his side kick, at times it was humiliating but he knew better then to challenge someone as deadly as Shego.

"Thank you Shego… I found a formula to remove the flowers." He said with a slightly annoyed tone. Slowly the grin grew on his face once more as he regained himself, obviously he wasn't stupid though he had kept the vines, he had made sure to keep the vines he had a small hunch he'd need them in the future. Besides despite himself he just couldn't destroy them, they where dare he say it precious to him, he almost shivered at the thought. He was Dr Darken an evil genius bent on conquering the World.

Shego immediately burst out laughing just thinking of him that way sent her into a frenzy as she continued now punching the table. Sighing quietly to himself Darken attempted to continue his ranting despite the very rude audience he had to deal with on a daily basis.

"So once I have installed the chip into my – "He began once more regaining his height and posture raising his finger to the air when suddenly there was a loud crash from above as the read haired teen hero Kim Possible clad in her purple and black mission outfit spun down landing neatly on the ground just opposite Shego who was still laughing at the thought of Dr Darken.

"Did I come at a bad time?" Kimberly Anne Possible asked as she raised an eyebrow looking at Shego questioningly.

"Kim Possible!" The crazed scientist screamed in surprise as Shego managed to compose herself turning to the good doctor. Kim Possible was her arch nemesis and when it came down to it this was why she worked with Dr Darken, his 'evil' schemes eventually lead him to a face off with the teen hero. And that was where she jumped in.

"Why are you always surprised?" She rose to her feet placing her hands on her hips shaking her head.

"Quiet! Do whatever it is you do!" He ordered Shego as he turned around holding the delicate chip firmly in-between his finger and thumb, he didn't have much time and he was intending on using every second that he had, after all he had learned a few things over the years and one of those was not to give Kim Possible a single chance.

Exhaling Shego slowly pushed off of the table getting to her feet as an emerald green flame ignited around her fists, just as a flame in her eyes sparked to life. Skipping the small talk the villainess decided to take the direct approach and darted straight at Kim Possible, swinging hard with her right only meeting air as the graceful cheerleader easily dodged the blow.

Dr Draken, meanwhile tip-toed toward his laser as something small and pink jumped onto him attaching itself to his face firmly.

"Get it off of me!" He managed to cry out as he flailed around in a useless attempt to free himself from the creature. The strange animal detached itself and dove for the chip successfully grabbing the item and diving into the grateful arms of its owner.

"Good job Rufus." The blonde haired teenage side kick known as Ron Stoppable took the chip from his naked pet grinning broadly as Dr Darken turned to the combatants, Shego and Kim who were darting around his lair fighting it out. Shots of green plasma shooting in every direction almost hitting the super villain.

"Shego get the chip!" He shouted as he began to chase after Ron whom was already bolting it towards the door in an escape to get out of there before it was to late. The downside to being a distraction was the distracting part.

This was usually the case of Dr Drakens schemes, she was forced to fight Kimmie, and then somehow the buffoonish side kick would mess things up. Though she was a little reluctant to think of him as a buffoon having a new level of respect for Stoppable having seen him go 'ape' on the Lowardians, it had put him onto a new level with the villainess which wasn't easy to do.

Focusing on the intense battle at hand the super villain quickly flipped back pushing her right fist forward through the air launching a powerful shot of green plasma at Kimmie forcing her to dodge backwards with a skilled back flip. This gave the skillful villainess a split second which was all she needed to take care of business here. As Kimmie back flipped Shego launched another shot of jet green plasma at the beam above her causing it to crash down towards Kim Possible who was almost helpless, however using her years of experience and reflexes she was able to spin up into the air in order to barely dodge the beam that was collapsing toward her.

Shego had already used the opportunity to its fullest extent darting over with one very elegant leap landing justa meter away from Stoppable; in another quick shot of a movement she tackled the young side kick to the ground hard. There was a quiet breaking sound as a foolish grin grew on Ron's face whilst he looked up into the villainess' face.

"You know you look kind of cute in this light." He grinned stupidly as Shego scowled grabbing him by the collar and launching him into the air high. Quickly she reached down to where Stoppable's figure once was and grabbed the now destroyed chip picking it up in her hand as she crushed the remnants of it with another scowl of annoyance.

Kim Possible had already recovered fast from her near death experience and swung through the air holding her trusty hairdryer grabbing Ron with her free hand catching him under the arm as she swung.

"I've got half a mind to leave you here." She told him with a slight grin as she played with her boyfriend. Just the thought of boyfriend still sent a twinge of excitement down her spine.

"I was just playing KP… Have I mentioned how stunningly beautiful you look today?" He said in earnest grinning broadly as the hook detached. They flew out of the make shift exit which also happened to be their makeshift entrance in the roof, and began to free fall towards the sea. Kim opened up her parachute still holding Ron tightly holstering her hairdryer. Slowly they floated down towards a small boat that was silently awaiting the teen hero's stylish arrival. Kim touched the ground as she landed gracefully onto the boat, Ron however fell forward landing on his front hard grunting in pain slightly, but he was used to it by now. Looking stupid in front of Kim Possible his girlfriend came with the side kick job.

"Nice save." She told him before turning to the captain of the boat.

"Hit it Jenkins!"

"Right away."The captain of the small speed boat replied as he hit the gas speeding off into the setting sun, the destination Tri-City. Ron slumped down into the large comfy seats at the back of the speedy white boat. Kim Possible returned from the Captains deck sitting down beside him as he put his arm around her pulling her closer.

This was the life he mused to himself as he cuddled the crimson haired hero, and love of his life Kim Possible. He had everything he ever dreamed of, a good life with the woman of his dreams and not a day went by in which he didn't tell himself how truly lucky he was. Ever since the homecoming dance where he and Kim finally tied the knot, Ron always had doubts that Kim would soon become bored with him and his foolish antics but that definitely hadn't been the case. Over a year they had been going out now and he treasured every passing moment with her, even if it was a near death experience.

They both stared ahead watching the beautiful red sunset on the horizon.

"Kim." Ron spoke in the moment, Kim resting her head on his chest lost in the romance of the moment.

"I know." The woman of his dreams replied a broad smile swept across her face as she hugged him close.

"I do to." She spoke softly staring at the romantic scene, she had everything she ever wanted, she had Ron and at that moment that was all she wanted.

The blonde haired Ron leaned back on the large seat grinning as he looked down at the woman he held in his arms. She truly was a sight to behold, the love of his life and the one woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. Despite himself he couldn't help but wonder what was going to happen next. With college just around the corner, what if they ended up in different states or different countries. Could they really make a long distance relationship work? No he told himself sternly he didn't need to worry himself about that, right now he didn't need to worry about anything. At this very moment all that mattered was him and Kim and that's all he cared about

However deep in the black corners of Ron Stoppable's mind was the words 'The center can not hold.' The words that frightened him more than anything the words his old teacher Steve Barkin had told him before graduation. He had tried with all his might to get them out of his head but every time his mind drifted to the future to where him and Kim where going the words where there engraved in his mind. They where the four words that scared Ron the most, the words that filled him with doubt and fear.

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