Ron Stoppable – Ultimate Lotus Reborn

Chapter IV – Betrayal

Ron brushed his fingers gently through the hair of Bonnie Rockwaller staring at the stunning brunette longingly. She seemed so peaceful whilst she slept, and if it was possible even more beautiful then when she was awake. Lying in the comfy hotel bed he rested his head on the cushion as he thought back on how great last night was, a twinge of guilt continuing to pry at his conscience deep down. It wasn't like he was sorry for sleeping with Kim's enemy; on the contrary it was one of the best nights of his life. It was just no matter what way he looked at it he had cheated on Kim. Furthermore what happens next, he once thought he loved Kim but now he wasn't so sure. Does he tell her that he… And what of Bonnie he had to admit a relationship with her was more then a little intriguing but he couldn't live with himself if he ever hurt Kim.

Ron's mind was truly a mess of thoughts as he tried to decipher what his next move was going to be. What he was going to tell Kim and also Bonnie. He quite frankly could not make his mind up on what to do it was just not the situation he wanted to be in. Well he had it seemed two beautiful women who liked him, but the one problem was no matter what way he looked at it he would end up hurting one, and if he didn't watch his step both. This was a very, very dangerous situation.

The sudden chiming of the Ronnunicator suddenly brought himself out of his head as he quickly reached down the side of the bed, slowly and lightly as possible so not to disturb Bonnie. Clutching his fingers around the red communicator he pulled it up to respond.

"Hey Ron, bad news!" The boy genius Wade virtually shouted out the words as he continued to type away on his keyboard looking at Ron.

"Shh Wade, not so loud." Ron responded in a low voice trying to hush the disturbed Wade down as he glanced over at Bonnie making sure she was still asleep.

"Wait is that…" Wade's voice trailed as he stared into the screen his jaw dropping as he tried to come up with the word. "…Bonnie."

The embarrassed Ron, instantly blushed as he tried not to look Wade in the eye, he didn't want people to find out this early in fact he didn't know if he wanted anyone to find out yet.

"Err, not the time. We'll talk about it later. This bad news?" The blushing blonde finally replied after a short silence trying to drift the conversation away from dangerous territory. The last thing he needed was Wade on his back and it was far too early to deal with him right now. Maybe after Bueno Nachos.

"Fine but only because this is really bad news." Wade sounded and looked even more worrying as he prepared to say the next words. After all he didn't want to quite say 'Ron was right' that concept was more then worrying.

"You were right, the signal from the Diablo's was coming from the centre of Middleton from –"He began to speak loudly now and even more distressed then usual.

"Global Justice headquarters." Ron finished his sentence his eyes narrowing as his mind began to take in this new information. His theory was a wild guess that he thought of just as soon as Shego had told him of Global Justice's attack on Dr Drakken and the other villains. In fact if he was being brutally honest, he was just trying to pin something on them so he could spend more time with Kim. The theory however became frighteningly true; the problem was it made no sense. No doubt Global Justice relayed the signal through Drakken's lair in order to throw anyone of their trial. But why would they have active Diablo's and what are they planning. Sure he was just jumping to conclusions but whatever it was had to be bad.

"Ron you need to find Kim and tell her, no doubt she'll know what to do." Wade finished. A loud crash suddenly came through the communicator followed soon by a woman screaming. Wade's head spun round to the entrance of his bedroom trying to decipher what the sound was. In reality he already knew, his mother.

"Wade what's wrong?" Ron virtually jolted up right on the bed as he heard the sound almost stirring Bonnie as he looked into the communicator disturbed.

"I don't know." There was another bang like a door slamming into the wall. Wade jumped out of his seat as a black figure dove across the screen of the communicator tackling the young boy genius.

"Wade!" Ron screamed as another crash could be heard followed by numerous footsteps. Finally the noises stopped as the screen to the communicator cut out showing a blank screen. Ron frantically tried to contact Wade but nothing happened. His eyes glazed over as he thought on what just had happened. Two words summed it up just fine - Not good.

Taking another longing look at Bonnie he rose from the bed as quickly as his tired limbs would allow him, grabbing his clothes around the room dressing as fast as he could. There was nothing he wanted more then to stay with Bonnie, but he had to help Wade… somehow. And he aimed to do everything in his power to do that.

Pulling his shirt over his face heading toward the exit he slowly turned to take a final long look at the peaceful stunning brunette who lay fast asleep in the bed. Sighing to himself he reached into his pocket taking out a small note and left it on the table before turning to the door and exiting the room reluctantly. As much as he hated leaving he had to, he didn't have time to be waking Bonnie and explaining things. He needed to head to find Kim. He had to behonest, he had no idea where Wade lived, his only hope was finding Kim and fast.

Even that hope was all but crushed.

Darting out of the stairs literally darting shooting for the exit of the hotel he was stopped by the sight of three very large muscular men. Clad in black suits much like that of an FBI agent each staring at their target – Ron Stoppable. The middle man stepped forward toward the enemy as the other two flanked his movements. Ron felt quite alone as he realised, they never really did anything without Wade's assistance. If he was to succeed he would need something special.

"Ronald Stoppable, you are under arrest for the kidnapping of one Wade – "Ron was caught completely taking aback, what the hell where they even talking about? He had just witnessed Wade being kidnapped. Something very wrong was going on here and he needed to find out before it was too late.

"What the hell are you on about!?!" He virtually screamed back at them annoyed at how they could accuse him of all people.

"Two hours prior one Ron Stoppable was seen breaking in to the victim's house. We arrived at the seen finding your DNA in the victim's bedroom as well a completely destroyed home." The man spoke assertively as now the two others walked past him flanking his position.

"What's going on!" Ron couldn't fathom what was happening. He was asleep then, with Bonnie, he had just seen Wade not ten minutes ago being kidnapped how could they get it so wrong?

"You are charged with assault and kidnapping, Global Justice has ordered for you to be turned in, with any force we deem necessary." A slight grin grew on his face before the well built man continued. "If you do not come in quietly we will use extreme measures." The three men now drew out a short stick as electricity erupted around it.

This was not happening, he couldn't believe this. He needed to find Kim explain what was happening, he couldn't let himself get caught not like this. He needed to escape contact Kim head to her house before it was to late. But how was he going to get past the three brutes? Taking a deep breath he lowered himself into a stance.

"Bring it." He replied taking a deep breath before the man in front swung for him. Quickly back flipping he dove into the air landing in a roll. The other two men drew out a red advanced pistol as they fired many laser shots through the now crazed crowd. Ron barely had time to react as he rolled behind a chair before darting for the exit laser fire flying past his head.

Skidding through the door he looked round frantically for a way out. It seemed lady luck was on Ron's side as he saw a man starting up a red motorbike just in front of him. Quickly taking the chance he literally kicked the man of the back apologising for his rudeness as he revved the bike. The three back suited men darted out opening fire once more as the bike erupted with a loud roar before Ron shot of into the distance.

"Target is heading east." Whispering into his ear the three of them darted at a sprint towards the car park.

"We already have the Kim Possible residence secure, if he comes we'll have him." The voice of Will Du replied confidently.


On the forty ninth floor, in the large white tower that was the headquarters of Global Justice Kim sat patiently in the office of Dr Director, head of Global Justice. She was tired, or rather exhausted would be more the word. She had almost spent all night helping Global Justice repair the governments in many third world countries not to mention put down a few rebellions. It was tough work but well worth it. And now she was sitting in the very large head office waiting for Dr Betty Director.

Finally the doors to the office slid open as the blue suited Dr Betty Director stepped through, her eye patch still hanging over her right eye. She smiled cheerfully at Kim as she briskly walked around the head table taking a seat on the large black chair. Taking in a deep breath her face turned into a more serious look. Kim already knew what this was all about and she had to admit the idea did sound intriguing almost good. But there was something about it, it was just so...

"Kim Possible, glad you're here. So have you thought anymore on our plans?" She spoke, her face void of any emotion. One that was difficult to tell what she was thinking, also a look that would make her a hell of a poker player. It was something the young head had learnt over time in this business, a necessity to the business.

"Well, I don't know. To be honest I prefer the way things are being done now. But I'll need to talk to Ron and Wade about it." The prospect of having the chance to talk to her long standing hero companions made the weight lift off of her shoulders slightly. Wade was a genius and could spot any problems a mile away, and well Ron wasn't the smartest guy in the world but his instincts where undeniable.

Betty raised her eyebrow slightly giving away a twinge of emotion before she finally sat up straight once more. Kim also noted a small eye movement she gave, it lasted less then a second but Kim could spot these things a mile away. Already knowing the room inside out she could tell she went to look at the small camera in the corner of the room. A very subtle movement that Kim couldn't quite understand, unless. Unless it was a signal. No she was just being too suspicious. Wasn't she?

The door once again slid open as a black suited large male entered the room standing to attention. He looked sympathetically at Kim, almost as if he was apologising for something before turning to Betty speaking in a very serious like tone.

"The target has assaulted three of our men, and stole a motorcycle. The suspect is now on the run travelling at over sixty miles per hour." The black suited man then saluted as Kim looked back and forth trying to understand what was happening or even what they where talking about.

"Then I'm afraid we'll have to use excessive force before he endangers the public." She sighed as she spoke almost looking sad.

"Very well, but don't you think she should know. She's going to find out in the end anyway." The man indicated to the crimson haired hero who was seated opposite Dr Director looking very confused at the scene.

"Tell me what?" Kim finally spoke up sitting to attention looking back and forth.

Closing her eyes for a second Betty let out another deep breath before she began.

"Very well. It's Ron we have reason to believe he kidnapped Wade." She spoke almost defeated and barely looked Kim in the eye.

Taking it all in as fast she could she sat stunned at what she had just told her. Ron kidnapped Wade it was almost laughable.

"Look I know Ron, he wouldn't." She replied before the bulky man cut her of.

"We have an eye witness reporting that he, Ron Stoppable broke into the victim's residence not three hours ago. We also have DNA evidence, his fingerprints where also all over the kid's room. The neighbours also reported a series of crashes and bangs. Finally they saw one Ron Stoppable dragging the victim out of the back window and fleeing the scene." He spoke in a very assertive and certain voice as Kim refused to believe it. She couldn't help but shake her head at what she was hearing.

"I'm sorry Kim but the evidence is over whelming. Not to mention when we tried to bring him in for questioning he assaulted our men before stealing a vehicle and going on the run." The women shuck her head to in disbelief before rising to her feet walking around the table.

Kim's mind continued to process the information as she tried to sort out what she was hearing in her head. He had to of been framed there was nothing else to it; Ron just wouldn't do something like this. She knew it in her heart, her gut everything was telling her Ron didn't do it, that this was all a mistake. He was probably just scared and fled that was why he went on the run it made sense right?

"Ron wouldn't do this, he was framed look he doesn't even have a motive." Kim reasoned with them as she to rose to her feet trying to get her point across. She needed to protect Ron before he did something even more stupid. As clumsy as he was she knew he wouldn't do anything like this. It was just so unbelievable.

"That's not quite true Kim." Betty spoke again as she walked alongside Kim her hands behind her back, she gave a look to the man as if telling him to explain. Kim too looked in his direction awaiting his reply. No matter what it was she knew he couldn't convince her that he would do this.

"We have information that Wade attempted to contact Mr Stoppable at ten thirty last night." The man began reluctantly before Kim quickly cut across him.

"He contacts him all the time." She replied forcefully.

"And…" The well dressed man stopped once more gulping slightly trying to find the right words to say what he meant.

"And?" Kim ushered him on before Betty reluctantly took the lead stepping toward the wall.

"There's no easy way to tell you this Kim. But Wade caught Ron in the act. We believe he tried to confront Ron on what he was doing and threatened to tell you. Scared and confused we think Ron attacked Wade in order to prevent this and keep it as a secret." She was now standing in front of the far wall, her hand rising up as if searching for something.

"Keep what a secret?" Kim was still confused and couldn't quite decipher what Betty was telling her exactly. Caught in the act, it just didn't make any sense. What was she even getting at?

Finally the woman's hands stopped scanning the wall; her hand pushed against a small hidden switch which brought down a large flat screen from the roof. She turned around and began walking back toward her desk her eyes meeting the suited mans.

"I think you should leave now." She nodded to him being sympathetic toward what was about to happen. The man too understood and exited the room the door closing behind him.

"Fine, just let me bring him in it'll be –"She regained her voice almost stepping toward the exit ignoring the screen that was buzzing to life.

"I think you should sit down Kim, this won't be easy for you." Her face was once more straight and silent void of anything. Kim looked back at her quizzically before she dropped to the seat turning to face the screen.

Finally the large screen began to reveal its 'secret' showing a large hotel room. It wasn't the hotel room however that was causing Kim to look on in horror her eyes widening in shock or was it rage? The screen revealed that of Ron Stoppable and a Bonnie Rockwaller getting to know each other rather 'intimately' in the bed room, a sight that Kim was completely flabbergasted at.

Kim's fist clenched hard as her nails dug into her skin causing a few small droplets of blood. The pain however was nothing to that of the agony of her heart breaking from the scene she was witnessing. Her mind was silent; her face was now to silent showing no emotion. The only proof that she was still feeling anything was the small tear that was streaming down her face. She could barely come to terms with what was happening, Ron was cheating had cheated on her with… Bonnie

The screen went blank once more as Betty took a seat staring at the back of Kim's head sorry. The crimson haired woman continued to stare at the scene as thousands of emotions flooded into her head as if a dam had broke down allowing the emotions to overflow her mind. She felt pain, sorrow, despair, anger and then nothing, her whole body went limp. She did nothing but stare straight ahead, straight at the blank screen before her.

"I'm sorry Kim but I need your agreement on the project it's the only way." The woman that was Betty Director head of Global Justice spoke to Kim slow her voice revealing the seriousness of the matter. To Kim however the voice was far off, as if it was coming from the end of the dark tunnel she was in. She only had to go toward the soothing voice and she would be 'free.' Her chair slowly turned to face Betty. The once enthusiastic cheerful Kim Possible's face was now void of any sign of any emotion.

The single tear she had shed fell toward the ground striking the blue carpet without the faintest of sounds.


Racing down the streets the crimson motorbike scorched across the tarmac weaving in and out of many unsuspecting drivers, scoring many near misses. The blonde haired rider squinted ahead as the wind blew hard against his face causing his scruffy blonde hair to trail behind. With a loud screech the bike skidded across the ground turning into the corner, smoke engulfing the wheels as he did. He struggled to control the bike with one hand as he reached into his pocket with the other grabbing his communicator. Time was against the determined rider and he was going to use every second he had.

Turning onto a more deserted road with a loud shriek he stole a glance down at the communicator flicking through the many installed settings determined to find what he wanted. Looking frantically back and forth from the road to the communicator, the wind complicating matters he finally found what he needed – the number to Kim Possible's kimmunicator. It seemed luck was not on his side as the usually dead tone rang barely audible above the wind, proving that Kim had once again failed to turn her trusty communicator on. Indeed Ron was definitely not having his best of days. Revving the bike into a higher gear he shot down the almost deserted street powering towards the possible residence hoping with as little hope he could muster that Kim was at her house.

His fingers slipped on the communicator as he barely weaved around a senior driver. Losing slight control of the bike he began to swerve left and right with his left hand whilst his other hand attempted to grip the Ronnunicator barely in his hands. His eyes lit up slightly as an on coming truck came straight for him it's horn sounding loud causing Ron to swerve of to the right, his hand gripping down on the communicator tightly causing him to press a button on the device. The screen instantly lit up revealing a large conference room with a podium at its head. Standing tall on the stand was none other then Dr Betty Director, with Kim Possible on her right. Ron also spotted to her left in the background the unmistakeable figure of Will Du. One of Global Justice's top agents.

Now trying to watch two things at once, he continued to steer the bike now slowing down slightly reassessing the situation. As it was he was heading west away from the centre of Middleton toward Kim's house. However it seemed she was not there instead she was in some conference god knows where. He knew exactly where he had to go deep down. He just couldn't sum up the courage to go. Taking a deep breath he pulled hard on the breaks causing smoke to fly up into the air behind him. Spinning the bike round hard he began to rev the machine preparing for what was ahead of him. His eyes drifted upward towards the sky staring at the recently built white tower of Global Justice headquarters. There was nothing else for it; he knew that's where he would find Kim. He knew that's where he'd find his answers. All he had to do was make it there.

The blonde haired rider took in a deep breath as the wheels spun round screeching and smoking, not one second later the bike accelerated into the distance down the street.

"This emergency conference meeting has been called up in light of the recent news we have gathered. It seems villains have struck all across the world attacking many of the key rebuilt cities. Yesterday Professor Dementor managed to capture the prime-minister of England. DNAmy has unleashed a pack of mutated 'monsters' on France. And here, Dr Draken has unleashed his rebuilt 'diablos' on the white house." The woman that was Betty Director spoke the very grave news that had shuck the world speaking very gravely yet determined.

"What! This makes no sense, GJ captured Dr Draken yesterday! I'm so confused." Ron virtually screamed out as he drifted across the lanes and into a hard right followed by a quick left.

"In light of this new information, we Global Justice will work along side the leaders of every country and have a considerable say in keeping your homes and every home across the world safe. It is with a heavy heart we take this responsibility, but I assure every one of you, Global Justice with the aid of Kim Possible will bring the villains of this world to their knees. We will create a safe and secure society and ensure peace around the globe." The crowd that stood before the podium began to much to Ron's dismay applaud the head of Global Justice giving her an almost standing ovation. A large evident grin grew on the face of Betty Director as she attempted to calm her audience.

Ron shuck his head furiously as his eyes turned to the figure of Kim Possible who stood by the side of Dr Director standing. Ron quickly noted the almost vacant expression on her face, emotionless. To anyone it would seem as if Kim Possible was indeed emotionless, however Ron noted a slightly sign of sorrow, sadness in her eyes. Deep within her gaze almost locked away behind her vacant exterior. He could only ask the question what had happened to her or more likely what had they done to her. Gritting his teeth now believing above all Kim Possible needed his help he speeded up drastically bursting across the streets at great pace.

Ron glanced down at the communicator once more as it looked as if Dr Director was about to speak. Suddenly a large flash of red light shot across him striking the communicator causing it to fly out of his hands blasting in a thousand pieces.

"Not good." Ron's eyes moved from the remnants of his old Ronnunicator to the three black suited bikers who where now in hot pursuit on his tail. Changing gear he shot down the street just mere miles away from his destination. More scorching red laser shots flew past barely missing by just a hairs whisker. Another shot glanced of the bike causing him to lose control at frighteningly high speeds. Determined to keep control he weaved left and right barely missing vehicles. Forcing himself to keep his eyes open Ron pulled right hard to miss yet another car.

Now with no control over the vehicle Ron hit the curb shooting onto the sidewalk. His eyes now closed and his right arm covering his eyes just for good measures, civilians cried out, people dived out of the way of the crazed rider. A woman stopped looking to her left frozen at the sight she saw, a bike zooming straight for her. Forcing himself to look Ron pulled a hard left causing him to miss the woman by mere inches and making her hair to stand up on end as she stared ahead still frozen on the spot.

Once more back on the road the ever surprising Ron regained control of the bike at last. Turning right hard he once more was heading in the right direction. However approaching a crossroad the traffic lights above switched to red and within seconds a large truck came out in front of him leaving the poor Ron Stoppable with little time to react to the new danger.

Acting on mere instinct alone Ron turned the bike left hard in a vain attempt to stop. Skidding sideways and fast toward the large truck Ron lost his balance causing him to fall to the ground. Still skidding and still holding onto the bike tightly Ron found himself sliding underneath the truck gracefully as if he had meant it all along. Which of course he did right?

Meanwhile the black suited Global Justice agents where not so lucky. They slammed down on the brakes hard, but it was all too little to late. The agents flew into the side of the truck with incredible force, forcing them to fall into darkness, unconscious.

Ron shuck his head in amazement before finally coming to terms with what he just did. Rising to his feet Ron only had one thing to say, which also summed up the event very nicely.


Turning away from the truck he saw in front of him the large white structure that rose high above the ground. Dwarfing that, that was around him. Looking toward the large doors that lead into the Global Justice complex Ron took in a long deep breath preparing for the massive feat that stood before him.

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