VoteSaxon has signed in.

DaleksRule has signed in.

VoteSaxon: Dalek Caan?

DaleksRule: Yes, Mas-ter?

VoteSaxon: Have you managed to capture the box? The TARDIS?

DaleksRule: No, not yet, Mas-ter.

VoteSaxon: Well, why not?

DaleksRule: Da-leks do not an-swer to non Da-leks!

VoteSaxon: Impotent!

MenOfSteel has signed in.

MenOfSteel: Master, I have captured the box which the Doctor travels in!

VoteSaxon: Really? Well, we'll have to think of a reward for about this? BANG

MenOfSteel: Terminated

DaleksRule: You just exter-min-ated the cy-ber-man...

VoteSaxon: Indeed. I didn't want him to kill the Doctor, did I?

DaleksRule: You are choo-sing to save the Doc-tor?

VoteSaxon: Of course not! I want to kill him myself!

DaleksRule: That is not poss-ible. Da-leks will con-quer and exter-mi-nate the Doc-tor. Da-leks are su-preme!

ParallelRose has signed in.

ParallelRose: Hello? Who is this?

VoteSaxon: Who is this? Do you know the Doctor?

ParallelRose: How did you know?

VoteSaxon: This is a Doctor Who chat room.

ParallelRose: Oh right. Yes I travelled with the Doctor...Is that person called DaleksRule?


ParallelRose: But it says-

DaleksRule: Exter-mi-nate the hu-man!

ParallelRose: screams

VoteSaxon: No! No, this person knew the Doctor...

LastOfTheTimelords has signed in.

LastOfTheTimelords: Ooh, I've got my own chat room! Cool!

ParallelRose: Doctor?

VoteSaxon: Doctor?

DaleksRule: Doc-tor?

LastOfTheTimelords: Rose? Master? Dalek Caan?

ParallelRose: Help, I nearly got exterminated!

VoteSaxon: Ha ha! I've got you now, Doctor!

DaleksRule: Exter-mi-nate! Exter-mi-nate!

VoteSaxon: No, he is mine!

DaleksRule: Mine!

VoteSaxon: power struggle with DaleksRule

DaleksRule: power struggle with VoteSaxon

LastOfTheTimelords: Hi Rose.

ParallelRose: Hi Doctor. Oh yeah, you never finished you're sentence on the beach...

LastOfTheTimelords: Oh yes...Rose Tyler, I computer crash! Error! Error

LastOfTheTimelords has signed out.

ParallelRose: Doctor? Doctor? Noooo! I love you!

ParallelRose has signed out.

VoteSaxon: You fool! You've lost the Doctor!

DaleksRule: Me? How dare you in-sult the Da-lek race?

VoteSaxon: Terminated

DaleksRule has signed out.

VoteSaxon: Regenerating...