Fandom: Earthian

Rated: T for sexual undertones

Disclaimer: Earthian is owned by Yun Kouga and this poem is owned by me.

Warning: Homosexual undertones.

A Sin Punishable by Death

How cruel it is for us to be this way

our very desires, damn our race.

Eden will fall, like time before

and we will be to blame.

Knowing this as I do—I should

be able to walk away and

leave sin for the others who'll fall.

But my will is weak and my passion strong

So I fall like those before me,

Into endless sin, endless pleasure—

Into your arms, into your body

A sin punishable by death,

and I die again and again

lost in the embrace of he who damned me,

He who spilt into me life like none

I've tasted before; so with happiness and joy

I flock to death's side.

A/N: In Earthian the angels have all but lost their attraction to members of the opposite sex. (There are exceptions however.) In response to this homosexual relationships are punishable by death. My inspiration for this poem came mostly from Michael and Ralphiel's relationship though Chihaya and Kagetsuya helped my inspiration a bit as well. Overall it is kind of abstract but I think it fits well with the general attitude of the manga towards this sort of relationship between its characters.