Disclaimer: I own nothing. This story is for fun not profit.

Authors Note: The song is Welcome to the Black Parade by My Chemical Romance. It just seemed like something she would rock out to.

Lost in the Music

by Kerisempai

Penelope Garcia sat in front of her bank of computers deep within the recesses of one of the most highly secure buildings in the world; mistress of all she surveyed, goddess of information, and finder of all things lost. Her blond and pink streaked hair stood in spiky pigtails, and her glasses were creeping down her nose as she typed furiously, flitting from one open window to another.

A soft tinkling piano sounded from the speakers surrounding her. A young rock voice plaintively sang out… "When I was a young boy…"

As the voice continued, drums backed the voice, followed several measures later by a classic sounding guitar riff. The song built higher and higher, adding more instruments and anticipation, until at last it swelled to a crescendo; and as it did Garcia began to bop her head to the beat. Head bopping quickly became full-out chair dancing as the blonde hacker swayed her body from side to side. Garcia's hand typed rhythmically on the keyboard, keeping time with the music.

"So paint it black, and take it back," the blonde sang out, in a slightly off key shout. Whatever task she'd been in the middle of was easily thrown to the way side, as Garcia closed her eyes and embraced the music with her whole being.

Standing in the doorway, JJ and Morgan looked on, unnoticed. Neither could contain the grins that had broken out at witnessing Garcia's pure moment of joy. They exchanged a conspiratorial look, and as one, stepped fully into the room.

"We'll carry on, we'll carry on," The three voices joined in the chorus.