"So Light, you seem happy today. What's the occasion? It must be fairly important for you to not have written any names in the death note."

"There's no occasion, Ryuk. I'm just happy because the amount of fics involving LxLight yaoi has diminished."

Light was on his computer, searching any fic site he could find. He was currently on and, indeed, the number of yaoi fics had been reduced since Ls death. Ryuk was calmly sitting on Light's bed, eating a golden delicious apple, for a change. It wasn't as appetizing as the red apple.

Light was about to switch sites to Deviantart for fanart when the power went dead. Light got up and toggled the light switch a few times, hoping the electricity would come back on, but it didn't even flicker.

"Ryuk, you wouldn't have anything to do with this, would you? Ryuk?"

Light stared at the shinigami as Ryuk cowered in a corner of the room.

"She's here!"

"Who are you talking about? There is nobody here."


A shrill, female voice rang in the room, scaring the crap out of Light and Ryuk. A tall, gangly shinigami appeared through the wall and stood before the two. She was as tall as, but much more elegant-looking than Ryuk.

"Ryuk, do you know her?"

"Yeah… she's my ex-girlfriend."

Light burst out laughing, unable to control himself.

"How in the hell did you get a girlfriend? Just look at you!"

"Shut up, Light. I said 'ex'-girlfriend. The relationship didn't work out the way I wanted it to. Believe me, Ryo is a bitch from hell."

The female shinigami struck Ryuk over the head with her notebook.

"Don't call me a bitch! You're the little devil, Ryuk."

Ryuk regained his composure and picked up his half-eaten apple, taking a large bite out of it.

"So Ryo, what're you doing back here? I haven't seen you in, uh… how long has it been? I forgot."

Ryo ignored Ryuks idiocy and answered his first question.

"The queen sent all of us to find someone worthy enough to revive. I was doing some research and realized you were here, so I decided to drop by."

"Ryuk, what is she talking about? Shinigami only kill, correct?"

"Sorry Light, I forgot to tell you. Ryo is a different kind of shinigami from another realm. Where she comes from is the complete opposite of my realm. I've been there before. I'm telling you, it's scary. Everything there is alive and lush!"

"What do these shinigami do?"

"They're in charge of resurrecting people. Only those who have committed no sins during life can come back to the world of the living. They too, use notebooks, except they're called Life Notes."

"That's fairly unoriginal."

Ryuk laughed and finished the apple, core included.

"Have you finished your task?"

Ryo opened her notebook to examine the name.


"Who was it?"

"Actually, it's quite interesting. First off, I introduced myself to him. I then told him that I had to visit someone who had a connection to another human. When he asked their name, I said 'Light Yagami.' He apparently knew you and asked to visit. But before I let him in, he wanted me to show you something. He claimed it was part of a game of guess-who."

Ryo presented Light with a few sheets of paper. Light read them and realized that it was the lemon portion of an LxLight yaoi he had personally written. There was only one person in the world who could conclude that he had written it.

Light was scared now.

"Don't make him come in! I beg of you!"

Ryo smirked.

"You can come in now."

The door opened to reveal an all too familiar face.

"Hi Light. How're you doing?" L said with a gleam in his eyes.

Irony sucked.

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