OFF: The sequel to Prophecy is finally released!... well, pseudo-sequel. This isn't a continuation of Prophecy as it had a "full circle" ending. Rather, it will use the same premise: an alternate sequel to the canon storyline.

In this case, it is an alternate finale to the serie. In short, rather than lead to the third Legend of Spyro game, TEN would lead to this story. Keep in mind that it will feature very different plot twists and might end up with very different revelations concerning certain key characters.


Prologue: Illusion

The one who has nothing left will see a final glint of hope... the very last glint of hope... but this glint is nothing but an illusion of the shattered mind for there is no hope for the one who has nothing.

"Oh no..." whispered Cynder as she saw him, floating in the air, covered in dark flames, eyes glowing white, an expression of pure, sheer rage on his face.

"Whoa Spyro! Calm down!" said Sparx, eyes widened.

"I... I can't..." the purple dragon replied with much difficulty, struggling to keep control.

Cynder stepped back slowly, shaking her head while Sparx looked around. "Hang in there! We'll help you!"

Spyro stared at the two, tears filling his eyes. The power... it was too great. He couldn't contain it anymore... he couldn't... he couldn't...

"Cynder... Sparx... R-r-run... Save yourselves..." he cried, his entire body pulsating as the energy teared through him. It was so painful, so terribly painful, every single part of his body burning, his very eyes bursting with powers, his scales slowly torn off his frame... but he held it all inside of him.

And then, as the black dragoness and yellow dragonfly quickly nodded, yelling to everyone to evacuate as they ran off, Spyro found himself alone and couldn't help but sob.

"Sparx... Cynder... Plea... se... for... gi... ve... me..."

And then, at this moment, he felt a surge of power overwhelm his entire body and he opened his throat to scream... but the second he opened his mouth, a massive stream of dark flames poured out of his mouth instead as his entire body pulsated one last time, no longer able to contain the power within.


The shockwave went deep into the earth, tearing through the ground with incredible force, shattering the mountain's foundations.

On that night, the Mountain of Malefor was split in two, broken through the sheer weight of an immense dark force...

"So... this is it, right?"

"Yes. It's them."

"... the similarity is indeed startling. Do you think they could be..."

"No. They aren't. They are the heroes that were on the ship, in that other cell."

"... hmmm... do you think that then..."

"Do not be ridiculous. You know what this would imply? Trust me. They are the ones."

"I am not sure if we should trust him. For all we know, it might be better not to remove the seal."

"And let him continue his rampage? Let us remove the seal."

"Fine then... but if anything go wrong, remember that it was YOUR idea!"


"Good. It is done. Now what?"

"We leave."

"What? You are not going to greet them into the new world?"

"The others are waiting for us. We must return!"

"But shouldn't we bring them back with us?"

"No. In their current state, moving them will kill them most probably. They must awaken and find us on their own. He will lead them to us. Trust him."

"If that was your plan all along... then I'm not bringing my hands together for this. This will not end well..."

"Stop whining. Let's go!"

The first thing that Spyro felt was pain. A very sharp pain in his neck that soon spreaded all over his body, making him shiver from head to toe. To make the feeling further unpleasant, he felt as if a wave of magical freezing water had wrapped around his entire body, travelling down along his scales at the same time as the painful shiver that went down his spine.

As such, the purple dragon's very first reaction was to shake out of control, eyes widened, gasping for air as the pain bit into him sharply. Whimpers escaped his throat before his limbs failed him, causing him to collapse and sprawl all over the ground.

Then, slowly, the pain finally begun to die down. The process was so slow and he couldn't even move a claw but eventually, the pain came to pass and he could catch on his breath.

With the pain finally gone, the purple dragon could finally get a grasp of his surroundings and the situation.

Slowly but surely, the reptile slammed his claws into the rocky floor and managed to get back up. Looking around, all he could see were boulders and twisted metal poles everywhere. The Temple of Souls, completely destroyed. Visibly, since he was awake and that the place had been cleared of debris enough for him to actually stand there safely without the seal, someone must have dug his way here.

"Brrr! That was nasty!" said Sparx, slowly hovering by Spyro's side. Seems like he had suffered the same sting that he felt when he woke up.

He turned to where Cynder used to be when he created the seal. She was there too although she seemed like she had, too, felt that nasty sting.

Well, that's one reason to be relieved. Since they're all alive and well, seems like creating that seal wasn't so useless after all...

But well, why are they awake? He lost consciousness after creating the seal so he guessed that someone must be responsible for it but looking around, he couldn't see anyone anywhere.

"Well... now what?" the purple dragon was suddenly pulled out of his thoughts as his brother spoke up.

The dragonfly slowly hovered forward and then turned to his brother, crossing his arms.

"I remember the old guy saying that line... "Do not fear Spyro for you have allies!" or some other non-sense like that." he then motioned to the empty room. "So... where are those so-called allies?"

It was true. Before he went to sleep, the Chronicler told him that when he would awaken, the world would be different and would be plunged in darkness but that despite it all, he would have allies. And now, here they are, alone. But still...

A sound once again disturbed the dragon. This time, it was the sound of claws against rock. Cynder walked to his side and then, walked up in front of him, looking around carefully before turning to him, nodding.

"Sparx has a point... but on another hand, someone must have broken the seal which means that someone came here, freed us, and then left after he was done."

The purple dragon couldn't find any suitable reply except a weak "yeah" and a nod so he did as such and then, there was silence for a moment, no one speaking up nor doing anything...


"You know. I don't know about you but although this place is kind of strangely peaceful and all, we cannot stay here forever. Kind of boring and well, ruined or not, this IS the Temple of Souls. This place is creeping me out, peaceful or not." said Sparx, finally breaking the silence.

"He's right. We can't stay here, Spyro. We should seek out whoever freed us." added Cynder.

The purple dragon stared at his friends for a moment and then, smiled, nodding a bit. "I guess we should..." he turned to the tunnel leading to the exterior. "... let's go, then!"

"That's what I wanted to hear!" said the dragonfly, smiling as Spyro begun to march forward, himself and the dragoness following shortly after.

The time has come. The journey shall now resume anew...

"Mom? Do you... do you think that he will come?"

"I am sure he will. The purple dragon is on his way."

"What is it, dear?"

"Father will return with the purple dragon, right? He's going to wake him up and bring him back, right?"

"Sure. I said he would just now. Why do you ask again, dear? You are worried?"

"They spoke about him again..."

"Don't listen to them dear. He will return. He's on his way..."

"Hmm... that wasn't writen. I will have to take things into my own hands. For salvation to come to this world, the Prophecy must come true without fail... and that, not matter what. It has been writen and thus, it shall be as such."

No words were said as the dragons walked, the dragonfly following closely.

Although Spyro had the same expression as usual, he couldn't help but have this bad feeling about it all. Maybe it was the fact that it was just so darn quiet and that nothing was happening... or maybe the eerie green glow of this place. The cracked, crumbled walls of the halls... he could swear those weren't made of any natural material. After all, why else would the place not be plunged into true, total darkness?... which would have been a lot less creepy by the way, too.

But then, the trio stopped as they reached a fork in the path.

"Hmm... where to, now? Going to the left, through the staircase leading downward or right, through some more empty crumbled halls? Questions questions..." said Sparx aloud, trying to relieve some of the tension... although stating the obvious didn't actually help a lot.

The purple dragon eyed both of the paths carefully... the core of the mountain was as its summit which meant that going down would probably lead them outside but then, who knows? Maybe the ritual chamber had sinked lower?... hmmm...

"Left." said the black dragoness as she stepped forward, bringing him out of his thoughts again. He blinked a few times, not really sure why he was confused. But he was confused, he knew that...

As if guessing what he was about to say, the female spoke again. "I feel something calling to me on the left path. Maybe it is the way we should take..."

"Or maybe that's the Dark Master calling to you! Brrr! I wouldn't want to run into him right now!" interrupted the dragonfly, fear in his tone.

The purple dragon turned to face his brother. "Sparx, we foiled Gaul's plan. The Well of Souls crumbled. He's trapped into the Dark Realm for good now."

The reptile's speech did little to calm the dragonfly unfortunately... "But what if... if... if... oh great!"

What was that last reply for? Spyro turned to see Cynder walking down the stairs. His eyes widened as a slight feeling of panic filled his mind. Oh no! He's not going to let her go ahead and get into trouble again like that!

"Wait for me!" he called as he ran after her while Sparx rolled his eyes and sighed, shaking his head.

"There we go again..." and with that said, he went after his adoptive brother.

Running down the stairs, Spyro barely noticed the eerie green light fading, the darkness growing thicker as he sprinted after Cynder, hoping to catch up before something bad happened to her.

And then, after a while of running, when all was plunged into darkness and that only Sparx's light illuminated his way, Spyro reached the bottom of the staircase...

There, he saw her, standing in the darkness beyond. The darkness was so complete that not even Sparx's light allowed him to see anymore, the place having seemingly no walls, ceiling, or a floor to begin with. Pure, total darkness...

"Cynder!" he yelled as he ran up to her.

The black dragoness turned to face him for a moment and when he finally did caught up, she turned back to what she was looking at...

"Cynder! Why did you run off like that! You could have been hurt or something!" no answer... he turned to face what Cynder was looking at and then, he understood...

"Oh my dear... what's THAT thing?" Sparx summed up everyone's thoughts pretty nicely.

Before them was the sole object visible in the entire room. A humongous stone door with carvings describing screaming faces being distorted and engulfed into a vortex of sorts. The door radiated pure unholy energy, slowly filling the trio's souls with an ominous feeling...

The dragons could feel it... something beyond the door was calling to them, urging them to open it, urging them to touch it...

"Err... Spyro? What are you doing buddy?" asked Sparx, growing increasingly worried as, without saying a word, the two dragons approached the door and both placed a paw upon it.

The stone... it felt cold. In fact, unnaturally cold, as if it was ice rather than stone. It sent a shiver through them and they felt the urge to run away due to the pure terror it inflicted them... yet, they couldn't look away from it. They could feel the calling... and yet...

"It won't open." said Cynder.

The purple dragon turned to the female for a moment, wondering what she was talking about.

"Something's missing. We lack something to open this door... we should return here later."

"Return here later?!? Geez! Can't you just feel the bad vibe from that thing? I don't know why but this thing is terrifying me!... and that can't be a good sign! I say we leave that thing alone!" interrupted the dragonfly.

"Sparx! It could be something important!" said the purple dragon... although his protest wasn't very energic. In a way, he agreed. That thing... he don't think he had felt such a powerful dark surge since...

... he'd rather forget about this.

So, let's say he never felt such a powerful dark surge before. Yeah... and it's certainly unlike anything he ever felt before, yes, absolutely...

"Yeah, which is why we should leave it alone! It could be an alternate way inside the Dark Realm for all we care and considering that creepy drawing on it, I'd say it must be so! Really, some things are meant to stay sealed up, bro!" argued back the dragonfly.

Spyro turned back to Cynder and then back at the door.

The calling... so strong...

... but Sparx might be right and it's not like they can open it at the moment anyway. So, reluctantly, he turned back and begun to walk away.

"Let's go." he said coldly.

"Spyro?" asked the dragoness, feeling the change in the dragon's tone.

And then, the purple dragon gave the two a cold glare... one so cold it startled them. That stare...

"There's no use in staying here. Let's keep moving."

As the purple dragon begun to walk away quickly, Sparx quickly caught up. "Geez! Had a bad day or something?"

Cynder stood there, staring at the door. She could feel the calling and the fear filling her mind. What was that thing? What's behind it?

"Come on, Cynder. Let's go." the dragoness finally turned her attention away from the door and just as reluctantly as Spyro had, begun to walk away from it.

Time to go the other way after all...

... what was that door? What's behind it? What was calling to them? They will find out later. For now... they must get out of this creepy place and find whoever has awakened them.