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RATING: T for Teen

SPOILERS: Through the US Aired Episodes


SUMMARY: An angst ridden look at Sara's departure.

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Walking into the bedroom, he half hoped that he would find her there, reading a book or watching some old movie. She hadn't been there for a long time, so he wasn't sure where the hope came from, but it still managed to linger on. Another long day, and there was no one to curl up with to chase away the demons, to blot out the nightmares.

Each day since she left, he performed the same ritual; go to the kitchen for a drink, check the doors, and then to the bedroom to sleep. It seemed silly to expect a different result every day, but it was his routine now, and it helped get him through the day.

As he slumped down into the bed he wondered once again about all the things he could have done differently. Was there anything he could have said to make her stay? Had he done anything to make her leave? The answers he came up with only made things worse.

He wished he had paid her more attention, given her more of his time, showed her how much he loved her better. As his head plopped down onto the pillow, her pillow, he sucked in a deep breath and found that her scent was evaporating from the house just as painfully as his hope.

Sleep wasn't easy anymore. He didn't have her there to stroke his head, or to warm him with the closeness of her body. He wanted nothing more than to find her and bring her home, but he didn't even know where to start.

Feelings of abandonment have haunted him most of his life, but this time he truly felt like it really was his fault. He held back, not giving her everything he had, because he was always afraid that she would leave. What he never counted on was that when she did, she'd take his heart with her. Now he could only hope that she would return, and he'd be given another chance; another chance to really make her understand just how much he loved and needed her.

As his eyes slowly began to drift down to sleep, he picked up the faint sound of the key in the lock. When he heard the jingle of the keys as they turned, he sat straight up in bed. His hope propelled him forward to meet her arrival.

When he reached the door, he watched it slowly open, spilling the daylight in and blinding his tired eyes for a moment. As the door closed, he opened his eyes and spoke.

"Quiet, Hank." Grissom patted his head and walked into the house with the mail.

Tail between his legs, Hank tucked his hope away in his heart for another day.