Li: well, I guess its past time for this …

Lloyd: How can you say that!? You just put up the epilogue a few days ago Li-chan!! You've got the timing for this down dead-on!!

Li: but I don't want it to be over!! T.T Why did ARCH have to end so soon?!

Arceus: Quit griping Li. You're the hostess, so you have to be in a good mood. If you're not, I WILL bring in Manaphy to MAKE you happy. We even pulled in Hector to help.

Hector: Darn blackmailing beast-god … but then again, I did help out in the beginning … But you ain't sick like you were then, so buck up. –pokes Li with end of axe.-

Li: fine, fine. I'll perk up. Woot.

Lloyd/Arceus/Hector: LIKE YA MEAN IT, GIXIE!

Li: WOOTT!! –does mini victory dance- XD Oh, and before I forget … -pulls rope-

-all four are drenched with something, then shrunk into chibi form-

Hector: WTF!?

Lloyd: You managed to swindle some of Kokuyo's angel shrinking potion didn't you?

Li: Yep!! XD besides, since the rest of this story was angsty drama stuff, I wanted to be funny for this!! –pounding on door heard- Woot! Someone's here!!

-Archangels walk in-

Kaze: Woah, Cherubs, no dah!!

Yuki: -bends down and picks up Li- Are you feeling well?

Li: Yep!! Congratulations on the completion of ARCH!!

Rose: -picking up Lloyd- Congratulation to you as well, Li-chan. You finished you're first story.

Li: I know!! It took me so long to get this all done—

Hector: It only took you three months.

Li: That's long!! But anyway, I loved working on this story, as it seems to have been the one that actually got my name out there into the world of fanfiction!! Not only that, but the storyline was a blast to work out, from the very beginning to the very ending part of the epilogue. And the character designs and costume changes were just as fun to draw!! –looks at Yuki and points- You were actually the easiest of the Archangels to draw, Yuki!

Yuki: Really?

Li: yep, you and Rose were easy to do! The rest of you I had a slight struggle with, but once I pinned down you're personalities, I managed to figure out how I wanted you guys to look!! (Haru was the hardest by far) But anyhow … do any of you guys have questions? Apart from why I made the four of us Chibi.

Watsu: damn, that was my first one.

Lloyd: because Li's a psycho. There; that's why we're chibi.

Arceus: watch the tone Lloyd—she has other stories going that she could still do something to you in.

Lloyd: don't remind me.

Li: Anyway, next question!!

Rose: Acutally, back in cycle seven, you had a little bit with a person crying while Colette and I were talking. Who was that.

Lloyd: -clears throat-That was me, Aunt Rose.

Rose: Seriously? -looks at Li- How many people guessed that?

Li: Not many, honestly. But it helps prove one of the main themes of the story!! The power of love is the strongest of all!!

Fuyu: At least for Lloyd and Colette it is.

Arceus: And that is a bad thing?

-regular ToS gang walks in-

Zelos: What the hell...? Li shrunk herself!!

Hector: What'm I!? Chopped liver!?

Arceus: We're not from this universe, Hector.

Hector: good point.

Colette: Aw, how cute!! An Arceus plushie! -bends down and picks up Arceus, who seems mortified-

Li: Woot!! More people!! XD Any of you got questions that you want to ask?

Kratos: Yes, actually. What was the purpose of introducing Kuro and Shiro in Cycle fourteen and Usyagi in Cycle sixteen if they have no plot purpose.

Li: I said in the author notes for the end of cycle sixteen that Usyagi would be a more inportant character in the ALTERNATE ENDING. And as for Kuro and Shiro ... Nah, I think I'll wait for the rest of the questions before explaining their purpose ...-insane laugh-

Lloyd: -wriggles out of Rose's hold and flies over to Colette- Next question.

Colette: -sets Arceus down and pulls Lloyd into a hug- I have the same question as one of the reviewers? When lloyd was beginning to turn into an Archangel, what happened to all of the injuries that he got from fighting the Archangels and Mithos?

Lloyd: I'm awesome that way.

Hector: You ham.

Lloyd: Shut it!!

Li: Well, because of the magical powers of Ascension ... Eh ... will someone else explain this for me? I can't say it without getting technical...

Haru: What she's basically trying to say is that the strength of the magic Arceus used on Lloyd included similar powers to a First Aid spell, save for a great deal stronger. So when Lloyd went to sleep, his wounds were healed.

Yuki: Why couldn't you explain it that simply, Li?

Li: I can explain shit on two levels; technical and preschool!! That's all!!

Regal: Regardless, will you NOW explain the point of introducing us to Kuro and Shiro?

Li: Of course!! I was just waiting for any other questions to be answered. But now … -turns to readers and clears throat- In this very cluttered, cunning head of mine, I have a sequel idea for ARCH planned out. Kuro and Shiro will be back, as will EVERYONE else here! … well, not me or Arceus.

Arceus: Thank you.

Sheena: How are you going to bring the rest of us back.

Li: … -insane laugh-

Raine: That is not a good sign.

Genius: Yeah, and what about Hector over there?

Li: Instead of making a new bunch of OCs for this, I decided to pull in the cast from FE7 to take over the main character cast. But don't worry!! If you don't know the FE story, I am NOT going to be using that at all!! The cast is completely revamped for life in Aseila 4,000 years after Tales of Phantasia!! But I will only post it if YOU PEOPLE READING THIS want me to!! Even if I do, it won't be up for a while—I've got other stories to update, including the alternate ending for this story!! –grabs several two liters of random pops out of enormous fridge- Alright everyone!! Let's party!! It's a wrap!!

-loud music and tons of cheering heard-


Once again, thanks to all of you who reviewed this story. Before I post this, let me just say that this story has had 158 reviews and 7000+ hits!! Thank you all for reading, reviewing, and liking ARCH!! I shall see you again on one of my other stories, but until then, Sayoonara and good health to you all!!