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-Gaara is Kazekage, but everyone is still twelve years old because I know the characters better when they were younger, and I think Akamaru was really cute. Also Sasuke took out the sound ninja four when they came for him to be brought to Orochimaru.

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(writing under the pressure of death to a loved one is harder than it seems)

The surrounding area was an obvious battlefield, shurikens were stuck in trees, kunai were strewn across the field, and the grass was matted down with blood, sweat, and footprints. The potential Hokage was laying motionless in the middle of all the chaos. The full moon made the scene just all the more gruesome. The small, premature girl fell to her knees, shaking from the dramatization of this death.

Naruto, laying dead in the arms of a person who watched him for years, had a seemingly live grip on a strip of paper. Scrawled on the paper was a message, to whom it was for is still unknown, but the characters stated 'I'll be back to love you, believe it!' Written out in blood, the words referred to a prophesy that stated that the sixth Hokage will be reborn.

Naruto believed in this prophesy, so predicted that he himself will be reborn. He also thought that he would become Hokage before he died, and be reborn for the honor of being Hokage after dieing of old age.

Hinata, weeping uncontrollably, had always believed in, and even loved, Naruto, but this was one prophesy that she wished to never become true. Now it seemed to be the only thing that made sense to her.

When Hinata finally gathered her wits and strength, she wiped clean the blood on Naruto. She could feel that Naruto's cheek was already cold, she bent down, stared into his sad, lifeless eyes, and pressed her warm lips to his. For ten long seconds Hinata had kissed him, his mouth still moist, but only because of the blood left there. She didn't care for the copper taste in her mouth, she found it more pleasing than disgusting. As she closed Naruto's lifeless eyes, Hinata let out a long, emotional sigh and said, "I-I love you, N-Naruto..."

(And I love you too, my Hinata...)

Hinata picked up the body, and heaved it over her shoulder. The corpse still dripping blood, Hinata's hair matted down with her tears, and the grief in her eyes all gave her a bloodthirsty look that could even scare Gaara. Of course the next thought that came to her mind was revenge, revenge on whatever killed her beloved Naruto.

Though after thinking about it, Hinata realized that if someone could kill the ninja who held the power of the nine tailed fox within him, that person must be incredibly powerful. Most people don't care enough about Naruto to seek revenge, and even if she could get a dozen ninjas and a few ANBU Black ops to help, so many would die that would be insane. And that also leaves finding the guy, or possibly group.

Hinata got back to the village hidden in the leaves. Now out of tears, she knew that it would be best to let everyone know. She went straight to Kakashi, thinking that he would know what to do. Along the way she passed Sasuke. When she looked into his eyes and he saw the body, he understood. For a second, Hinata thought she saw tears coming to Sasuke's eyes, yet they quickly receded.

Sasuke whispered, hoarsely, "I'm sorry..." he knew Hinata's pain all too well, not only because of Itatchi, but also his current sorrow for the death of his only true friend. Sasuke embraced Hinata, he wanted nothing more than to comfort her so that this delicate girl wouldn't grow to be like him, with the want for revenge.

(I'm sorry, Sasuke, we never got that one deciding fight between us, did we?)

Without exchanging words, Sasuke relieved Hinata of the burden of Naruto's soulless body, and Hinata went off to tell the people who cared for Naruto, starting with Sakura. Hinata didn't understand why she went to Sakura, she barely liked, maybe even hated, Naruto, but something deep down inside her said that it was best for Sakura to know first.