Kakashi, Shikimaru, Hinata, Sasuke, Sakura, and Kiba were walking towards the village. Sakura took the usual place of Akamaru on Kiba's back, and Akamaru was on her head; Shikimaru picked on Sakura saying that she had a crush on Kiba, but Sakura denied it saying that she was tired, and Kiba didn't mind, they were both blushing. Sasuke was carrying Hinata in both arms as she slept.

Once they reached Konoha, Kakashi said, "Alright gang, for a job well done, I'll treat you all to Ichiraku ramon; after I go report to Lord Hokage..."

"But wait, we haven't killed the Dramorakage yet..." Hinata said, sleepily.

"We haven't, but we finished our part of the job. Don't forget, Ino, Chouji, Lee, Tenten and Shino were still down here." Kakashi tried to explain.

Neji remembered what Tsunade told him before he left, that the Kazekage was supposed to come and help out. "Uhh, What about Gaara, wasn't he supposed to come?"

"Oh, yeah... Well, I'm sure he'll understand that we don't need the sand's help anymore." Sasuke said, kind of full of himself. At that, Kakashi jumped away

Hinata stretched in Sasuke's arms. She looked up to his face and said, "Sasuke-kun?" She started to blush, then rolled out of his arms trying keeping herself conscious.

Once Sasuke's face unblushed, he helped her up, then said, "Hey Shikimaru, you going to Ichiraku?"

"No, ugh, I have a 'date'. My mom forced me to do it..." Shikimaru said, rolling his eyes.

This raised Sasuke's eyebrow, "Really? With who?"

"If I told you, you wouldn't believe me, but..." Shikimaru hesitated and blushed, "Temari." He said simply then ran off before anyone could say anything.

Akamaru nudged his nose against Sakura bringing her attention to him, "Hey Akamaru, do you know Vertinia? She's my dog, you should get to know each other." Akamaru barked.

"Hm, that's a good idea, we could take our dogs out on walks in the mornings.", Kiba said thinking more about walking with Sakura, not the dogs.

Naruto-kun, looks like you're revenge is almost complete. You should watch the second group finish Dramora off.
(You call him by his first name, why?)
I don't know, but I felt like he wasn't really a bad guy, like he was holding back, or thought he was doing a good thing.
(But he killed me dattebayo...)
Yeah, but other than that. Like your death was for a larger cause or something. Of 'course, I'm not calling him good...
(I'll go watch the battle... I'll show you when you get to sleep.)