Summary: Pride, Envy, Wrath, Sloth, Greed, Gluttony, Lust; the Seven Deadly sins which causes damnation on one's soul. Everyone Sins on a daily basis, however everyone has the ability to control their own actions in which so they completely fall into the life of sin. What if that control was to be taken away; leaving one to be under the control of their sins? What pain would they bring upon the world? What if they were a Titian, with the power to destroy the world? And they indulge…

Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Titan's for if I did…well let's not go there.

A/N: important: This story will is not a religious story, and won't use religion other than any reference to the Seven Sins. It's more about succumbing to one's desire…well just read...

It was going to be okay.

"Come on, you gotta say something…please"

There was hope for the future

"Isn't this your third one?"

There was hope in the past

"Let's just get it over with, the quicker the better,"

There was hope even now.

"No time, another one. Let's go"

Through good times and bad…

"Let's be careful out there,"

Hope, was what pushed the light through

"It'll be a piece of cake," "I can go for some cake right now," "Me too" "Guys, focus"

Yet darkness prevailed

"You are mine,"

Hope was lost

"No, how can this happen, we're family…right?"

It wasn't going to be okay

"You can't do this, snap out of it and come back to us"

Hope for the future was misplaced

"Stop it, stop it, stop it! You're killing-"

Hope in the past forgotten.

"Wake up, don't do this to us, we need you, please…wake up! WAKE UP..."

Only the bed memories surfaced

"We killed our friend," "Oh really, how sad…I'm hungry" "Yeah, me too."

Tears were oceans

"We can't think of them that way any more, they're our enemies,"

The pain unbearable

"How did it come to this?"

The cause was pointless

"We are no longer owned by you, but ourselves. We promise it'll be swift."

But the fight continued

"Why are you doing this, we are friends,"

The blood was shed

"This world will suffer much pain, but our hands, then we will, rest."

Tears were wept

"Come back to us," "That can't not be easily done" "Why not?" "I want your blood"

Eyes were hardened

"We need help; we need to make a call"

Fire crisped the air

"You told on us?"

From the flame

"We're going to get them back to us, it will be okay."

Hope was found

"It won't be ever be okay, it'll just be."

But the cause was forever lost

A/N: Hey, I'm back and suffering a year's worth of writers block XP, no less, so if I don't update quickly forgive me.

Anyway, I know this part is confusing; it's just random dialogue that will be in the story.

Now for some background info, this is a RobRae story, but it's more a twist on it, which I won't get into too much. I promise it'll be good. It's just that this has been playing itself in my head over and over again for the past year and everywhere. In the shower, in my bed, while I'm eating or walking down a street, seriously! It's getting annoying and I can't even begin to finish my other stories until I have this one out of my mind for good. . It's a 2 part story, so there will be a sequel that'll be just as nail-biting as this one. I promise.

So, that's all I wanted to say on this matter for now, if you have any questions fill free to ask….