Summary: Pride, Envy, Wrath, Sloth, Greed, Gluttony, Lust; the Seven Deadly sins which causes damnation on one's soul. Return of the Scath leads to mindless followers, a heros inner torment finds release.

Pairing: Robin/Raven, Cyborg/Bumblebee, ?/Starfire, whoever pops up/whoever shows up

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Chapter 10

Hint of Reason

"There's a lot of work to be done," Robin let his gaze fall back upon the city, his eyes following the colorful sky which came from the battle, "even before we could get to Trigon." He turned to watch Raven who slid herself down until her feet hit the marble floor, she was sandwiched between the rail and Slade and she didn't seem to mind, however he did.

His eyes flashed green, before they slid over to Jinx in the corner. He licked his lips, as her eyes caught his, and she visible gulped. Oh this will be fun, he thought as he winked at her before turning to look back at Raven.

"So are you in or not?" Robin asked Slade although his eyes slid across the curves of the dark bird, they're eyes met and a chill went down his spine. Raven closed her eyes as she let her power slowly slip out seeping down the old building she claimed as her own, filled with Eve's disciples, who were beginning to breathe heavily as lust overcame them.

Slade groaned unbeknownst to him, as his hands slowly released the bar, and made their way to Raven's arms.

"Not like you have a choice," Raven said as she was pulled to Slade, and his gloved hands molded her body. He wasn't even aware that she was affecting him. Raven slid her eyes to Jinx in the corner whose breathing also was getting heavy with lust. She put up a good fight, but Raven's daemon was much stronger than Jinx's power. She watched as Robin beckoned the girl over to him with one finger, and the girl came slowly but willingly.

"What…do you mean…I have no choice?" Slade questioned his breath heavy as a feeling of need overcame him. He bent down to place his face in Raven's neck and smelled her, his need growing stronger.

"You've been touched by Father," Raven said letting a moan go, as Slade slid to his knees before her, his arms wrapping themselves around her waist. "Despite what you may think, once you bear the Mark of the Scath, you are forever entwined with those of Trigon; once a slave, always a slave."

fRaven placed two fingers on Slade's temple, "Azarath Metrion Zinthos," she whispered softly. She watched as his body tensed up.

Pain overcame Slade, as his body felt lit on fire; he released Raven, and fell onto his back as he let out a choked scream. His body glowed red as familiar marks burned it way down his body. Raven watched with pleasure as he struggled against the pain; however a moan brought her attention to the right of her.

Jinx and Robin were interlocked in a kiss, Jinx nibbling on Robin's lower lip, before he consumed her lips in a controlling kiss. Jinx moaned as his tongue dipped inside calling the attention of hers. He pulled back slightly, and Jinx followed before taking another route and dipping below to leave butterfly kisses down his neck. She moaned his name, as he tilted his head slightly to allow her passage. Jinx made a trail of kisses down Robin's front, rubbing down his body over the clothes he wore pulling up at his white silk shirt slightly to make skin contact, and her lips following their path.

Jinx kneeled in front of Robin, rubbing her hands along his clothed legs before bringing them up to his waist. Jinx leaned up to kiss his stomach as her hands moved towards his black pants, slowly opening them. Robin looked down from his position of leaning against the rails, his eyes rose to meet Raven's and he winked, before turning back down again.

Raven's eyes brightened green before stepping over the withering Slade to stand in front of the duo; they paid no attention to her.

"Do we have time for such games?" She asked annoyed.

Robin's dark eyes meet Raven's and he chuckled, "I'm sure this won't take that much time at all," Jinx left wet kisses down his abdominal as she unzipped his pants.

Raven's eyes narrowed, "I'm sure," she said, before grabbing one of Jinx's pigtails, and pulled her roughly to her feet. Robin only laughed softly, fixing himself up.

Jinx winced as her hair was pulled but did nothing to pull away, she was lead over to a slightly exhausted Slade who was slowly standing up. His body bright red, as the marks burned before slowly disappearing.

Slade stood up, breathing deeply to catch his breath. His eyes connected with Raven, and the mark on his forehead burned until his eyes lowered away from her. Slade was nothing of an idiot and he understood his current position; for now he would play along, until he could figured a way to break his curse. Besides it wasn't all too bad, these current events might prove to be entertaining.

"I understand Mistress," he said keeping his gaze low.

"Good," Raven said, then launched Jinx toward him. The witch fell onto his chest before she could stop herself. Her head was coming clear of the lust that clouded it, and she pulled herself away from Slade, and slinked back. She was even more wary of the two before her now; they somehow managed to get her to loosen her control over herself. That meant Raven was becoming stronger.

"As I was saying," Robin said coming to stand besides Raven, "there is much to do. It takes a lot of preparation to get to Trigon."

"Before it only took to open the gates to Hell and to get to my father, was the sacrifice of blood, which I'm not about to do again. And since I am pretty sure my three brothers are not about to dive into that habit, we're going to need another set of sacrifices." Raven explained.

"Another set, two hundred's not enough?" Jinx asked before she could stop herself. She blinked in confusion at her own question before wishing she could shrink out of sight, she did not want their attention on her again. If asked the truth, she wanted nothing to do with this; this went way above her petty destruction skills and interest.

Raven let loose a smile, and stood before Jinx, whose face was down. She reached out to caress Jinx's cheek, but it was flinched away. She really was cute when she was scared.

"Two hundred is needed to get to my father once the gates are opened, but first," Raven spoke softly, moving to stand closer to Jinx, whose whole body flinched but did not dare to move. "First we are going to need to open Hell's Gates." Raven closed her mauve eyes as she leaned forward to place a soft kiss to Jinx lips, and when she pulled back, Jinx eyes was void of life.

Raven eyes stepped back, and turned to Slade, "It doesn't take much to open those gates; only about six sacrifices to do so, three of sin and three of purity, and with the correct incantation, the Gates of hell will remain open for a certain period of time."

"Easy enough task, right?" Robin said with a smirked.

"If it's so easy, why don't you do it yourselves?" Slade questioned. Robin walked in front of Slade until they were meters apart and looked up at him a grin in place.

"Why would we do it, when we have you?" he asked and let loose a chuckle.

Slade was smart enough not to respond to that, "And where and how am I going to find these 'special' sacrifices."

"That's easy," Raven answered with turning to look down at the city, "Pick any three of sin from downstairs, I'm positive that by now, there's nothing pure left about their souls, and as for the other three." Raven said turning back to the three before her. "I'm pretty sure; Jump has a few churches you can ransack for some nuns. They're souls are the most delicious." She couldn't resist licking her lips and her eyes glowed red and doubled at the thought.

"Take Jinx with you," Raven said, her amethyst eyes returning once more, "She'll follow you without question, just give her an order. But I'm pretty sure that's nothing new to you, now is it?"

Raven eyes slid to Jinx who had not moved, and a smile formed on her lips.

Cyborg made it back the tower, once he switched his car to jet mode, in record time. He knew that those modifications to his car last week would come in handy; however he took no time in celebrating as he climbed out his car with the metal box in hand.

Cyborg opened the back seat and looked down at the unconscious woman with distaste. It would be so easy throw her in the harbor that surrounded the tower but he quickly pushed that idea aside. He was no killer, and besides she had the key to restoring what she fucked up, although something's couldn't be fixed, and he would make sure she would dearly pay for it.

Cyborg placed the box of pendants on the roof of the car, in order to grab Eve by the arms and swung her carelessly over his shoulder, picking the box up with his other hand and slamming the door with his feet, he made his way to the elevator.

The young robotic teen, headed straight for their holding cell, which was only a few floors up from the garage. Finding a room that would be suitable for holding the prisoner, he placed his hand on the DNA scanner which caused the door to slide open.

The room was small and gray, literally. The walls were a dark shade of gray which matched the gray carpeting. A small bland cot sat in the corner that had only a cotton think blanket.

When designing the holding cells, pleasantries were left out.

Cyborg all but dropped the unconscious woman on the cot, and considered handcuffing her to the bed, but deciding against it, deeming her useless without her pendants.

Cyborg left the room without a word, the metal box firmly under his arm, he would handle her when she woke, until then, and they both needed time to recuperate.

Once on the elevator he pressed the descending button, and then took out the communicator.

"Cyborg calling Bee, come in."

The line was clear for a few minutes before a static voice replied back, "Bumble Bee here," an explosion was heard next. Cyborg merely pulled the communicator away from his ear.

"How are things, I'm on my way." Cyborg said as the doors opened, he stepped out of the elevator making his way to his car.

"Nah Sparky, don't bother. We have everything under control here…Wait, where do you think you're going?" It was followed by another explosion.

"Are you sure?" Cyborg asked freezing in his steps.

"Oh yeah," Bumble responded with a small chuckle. "These guys are starting to wish they never came here,"

Cyborg nodded and turned on the spot, heading back toward the elevator, but stopped once more in thought, "Do you think you guys can bring them here? I want to know if they know anything."

Cyborg could hear Bumble's gleam, which made him smile.

"All you have to do is ask baby, and it will be done, -ah- HEY, watch where you're aiming at Star." "Most apologies Bumble Bee."

Starfire's voice was barely heard but it caused Cyborg to smile warmly, she sounded at lot better than when she was at Arkham, but then again she was amidst in a battle. He would have to talk with her soon, to find out how she was handling everything.

"I should go now Sparky, we should make it back in about five, ten minutes tops."

"Understood, Cyborg out," Cyborg attached his communicator back to his hip, and made his way once more to the elevator.

Cyborg looked at the ICU door and took a deep breath, taking his time to mentally prepare himself, he slowly placed his hand on the DNA scanner and the door immediately slid open.

Taking a deep breath, Cyborg walked through the threshold and looked immediately toward the table where he left Beast Boy, and blinked when he realized it was empty. He let his eyes trail down the white tub that was in the middle of the room and slowly made his way to it.

Cyborg let loose a sad smile and chuckle before kneeling down next to the tub.

"It looks like Aqualad has taken care of you," he spoke softly, letting his fingers trace along the ice, "real good care of you." His eyes trailed along the frozen boy and he smiled, "You look real sharp, BB, and your suit looks brand new; he must have had to dig deep around in your closet to find one that isn't somewhat ruined. I'm going to have to thank him."

He took a deep ragged breath, his next words getting caught in his throat, so he swallowed them.

"I-I-"Cyborg blinked away his tears. "I need you here more than ever, BB. You always knew what to say to make me laugh and cheer me up, and don't God know that I need that right now more than ever." A hard breath "Everything's messed up right now, Raven and Robin…poor Star…and then you… how could you leave me now of all times?" He sat back on his metal legs and let his temple rest along the freezing edge of the tub.

"Why did you have to go, why did you have to leave the team, the family…me? Why didn't I save you in time? I should have been there, I should have been able to stop her, but I hesitated because I couldn't bear to shoot-"he paused unwilling to finish that statement, "… and now because of my mistake, it cost us your life. I'm so sorry BB, can you ever forgive me."

Taking the silence he received as an answer, Cyborg couldn't hold back the whimper that escaped him and he let lost himself in his sorrows, feeling as a complete failure as a leader.

"I promise you BB," he cried softly through his tears, " I won't let them get away with what they did to you, next time, I won't hesitate. Friends or not… you didn't deserve this."

A small alarm on his left wrist let him know that he was due for a charge, and he pulled himself to his feet, wiping away his tears. With a last long look at the boy inside the ice casket, Cyborg removed himself from the room, and trudged toward his sleeping quarters. He figured he needed some rest, and the other titans would return soon, they would wake him up upon their return.

Plugging himself in, Cyborg let his exhaustion take over and pull him into a deep sleep.

Cyborg laughed out loud as his car pushed past his opponent's and rushed across the finish line, on the large flat screen TV, the split screen showed 'You Win,' on one side, and 'You lose', on the other.

That was all it took for Cyborg to jump up and dance mockingly at his opponent. "In your face, I said; In. Your. Face." He laughed and pointed.

"Aww man, that's not fair, this game must be rigged." Beast Boy groaned as he tossed the game controller aside.

Cyborg froze in his steps of doing the Cabbage-Patch dance, and turned to face Beast Boy who stood up to stretch and mumbled under his breath something about food. He turned to walk away.

Cyborg flabbergasted before launching forward and pulling a very confused Beast Boy in his arms. "OH MY GOD, YOU'RE ALIVE!!!" he screamed out loud shaking the now scared changeling.

"Dude, will you calm down, I know you killed me at the game, but seriously." Beast Boy yelped pulling himself away from the overly excited robotic teen who now resorted to poking him. "Dude, seriously, are your circuits fried? Stop it." He groaned before dashing away to the kitchen.

"Maybe it was all a dream," Cyborg muttered to himself before following after his best friend a large smile etched across his face. "Grass Stain, you are not going to believe the dream I had,"

"Aww man, who drunk all the apple juice," Beast Boy whined pulling the empty container out of the fridge, and tossing it carelessly over his shoulder. "Someone needs to do some serious shopping."

"You gotta listen to my dream, Beast Boy, and the others, where are they anyway?"

Beast Boy threw a confused looked at Cyborg, "What's wrong with you, you know that Robin and Star went out on a date, and Raven is holding up in her room, new book or something, who knows."

Cyborg blinked and oh'd as his eyes followed Beast Boy's movements, who was taking a container of veggie nuggets out of the fridge. He watched as Beast Boy drooled over the nuggets and threw them in the microwave and quickly taking them out again, which were now steaming.

He then hopped on the counter and dived into his quick meal, only slowing when he noticed how Cyborg attention on him never wavered.

"Dude what is your problem, are you sure you're circuits are in order, you're staring."

Cyborg smiled softly, "Oh, sorry," he said before taking a seat next to Beast Boy on the counter, "I guess my dream really freaked me out."

"Really?" Beast Boy said with a mouth full, eyeing Cyborg, who nodded. Beat Boy nodded back and sighed. "Cy, you really shouldn't blame them for what happened?"

Cyborg blinked."Huh,"

"They couldn't control themselves, with whatever she did," Beast Boy said dropping his small bowl, Cyborg watched it fall, and although it hit the ground, no sound was made, Cyborg eyes rose back up to Beast Boy who had a big smile on his face.

"I don't blame Rae, can you tell her that for me. She couldn't stop herself, and I would never blame her. You shouldn't either. They're our family, we have to forgive them."

Cyborg wanted to shout out his confusion, but couldn't.

"They're going to hate themselves enough, so us hating them would be only worsen it. It was not their fault and it wasn't yours."

Cyborg understood.

"You have to finish what I started, return them to us as Titans. Promise me Cyborg, promise me."

"You have to promise me, promise me."

"I-" he couldn't voice it, he couldn't speak.

Beast Boy stood in front of him, as everything changed to black. "Okay Cyborg?"

"Don't forget, promise Cyb-org"

Cyborg shot up from his bed, breathing heavily, and feeling a soothing hand circle on his back. He turned to notice Bumble Bee, standing beside him with worry.

"I was going to let you sleep, but you started moaning and tossing, I figured you were having a nightmare."

"No," he said softly, letting his forehead rest on Bumble Bee's shoulder and his arms winding around her, "not a nightmare…a dream… about Beast Boy."

Bumble Bee smiled softly kissing the smooth skin of his head letting her arms wrap around him.

"Was it a good dream?"

Cyborg nodded pushing his face into her neck and breathing in her scent, "Yeah…" he said softly. "It was."

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