Memories of Pure Agony

-consume even the darkest of minds-

Summary: Naruto ponders on how Sasuke could have possibly obtained the Mangekyou Sharingan without killing him while he explores the Uchiha Compound.

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My footsteps echoed ominously through the dark Uchiha Compound. My heart fluttered slightly, and I could feel the sweat on my brow dripping down the side of my face. Adrenaline ran in my veins at such a speed that I thought my body might implode.

My best friend and first love took me here once—presumably on a whim. I didn't know better then but I like to think that I do now. What it was he was trying to tell me. Using anything but words. The agony he must have went through. Sympathy and empathy without pity are hard to come by.

Nonetheless, ten years ago, he took me through this very town like section of our village on one of our very few days off. I can remember his detached voice as he spoke, informing me of where everyone in his entire family had once lived.

This place still held onto that air of sadness. The stench of death and blood still lingered onto the streets and houses like leaches. The sun was down for the moment; however, I believe that even had it been out, its rays would still not have been strong enough to penetrate this place.

The remembrance of his Mangekyou Sharingan is the reason I'm here right now. He's had it, to the best of my knowledge, for ten years now. But, then again, I have been here for that long and some too. So how is it possible he could have it, if to obtain it, he would have had to kill his most precious person? Me, according to him.

The Valley of the End. I remember him telling me that I was his best friend. Pleasant to the ears at first. Until he cut into my heart and mind, toying with me. Because I was his best friend, he would have had to kill me. If he desired the Mangekyou as badly as he seemed to.

However, it must have been a lie. Because here I stand, still alive, and he has the Mangekyou Sharingan. I can admit that even though he has betrayed me, this village, I am jealous. I am loathe to even think it, but if to obtain the third level of Sharingan, an Uchiha must kill his/her most precious person, then he must have had someone more important to him than me

In front of me stood a house, large in comparison to all of the others, black and dull in color. His home or, at least, it had been at one point. He didn't take me inside when he pointed it out, but here I am now, walking inside his forbidden domain.

The walls are drenched in the after scent of a dark and powerful chakra. Itachi's I presume. So familiar yet not.

As I am walking down these deserted halls, I wonder what it must have been like for him to live in a house where his very family was murdered. The images of their mangled bodies must have driven him insane if the present is anything to go by.

Kyuubi stirs restlessly in the pit of my stomach, sensing something just to the right. Through the doors I saw something so very disturbing. The memory of it will be etched into my mind for the rest of my life

Burn into oblivion, dear brother. My sweet, naive little brother.

Yes, Aniki

Blood stained the walls as did all types of sentences. Claw marks scratched through the floor, walls, ceiling, and door. All surrounding those words.

Insanity. Pure, hostel insanity seemed to have consumed him long before the mere age of twelve. And then it came to me.

At the tender age of eight, who is most important to you?



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