Those Eyes

-capturing me in their unnerving stare-

Summary: Naruto and Sasuke fight for the last time. Naruto, rage consumed, ad yet filled with a burning passion meant only for Sasuke. Sasuke comes back for a reason. But it wasn't the reason Naruto had been hoping for.

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Sasuke. Sasuke. Sasuke. It's never-ending, this name. Resounding in my head. Memories. Of love, of hate. Revolving around this name. Sasuke. Sasuke. Sasuke.

My love, my rival, my best friend, my worst enemy. I almost laughed at how cliché it all was.


My mind went numb, my body grew cold. I looked up, not having realized I had fallen.

I don't think I'll ever be able to describe this feeling. This hate, this rage, and yet, this love.


He looked the same as always. The silky onyx hair, spiked in the back, making it look good as only he could. His pale skin was as beautiful as ever. It seemed to just soak up the moonlight, leaving the compound in darkness.

He was still wearing that rather ridiculous outfit that he willingly wore after joining Orochimaru.

But it was those eyes of his that captured me. Those obsidian, dull eyes that still, after all these years, burned with a white-hot intensity only Sasuke could manage. They were like two starless chunks of night, ageless and endless and beautiful. And they pierced through me with enough intensity to make me gasp.

He didn't seem to notice, however, what effect he was having on me. He was in one of those moods, where he either wanted to kill me or torture himself.

His delicate hands reached toward his sword, and I pulled out a kunai on reflex. But he didn't even step toward me.

Ah, so he wasn't going to kill me.

He took the light piece of metal artistry, and made a diagonal line on the back of his arm. The crimson liquid fell in thick drops on the old cement.

Sasuke merely smirked, pulling back the sword. His eyes. They held the Sharingan in them, the three black commas spinning.

I fell again, hand against my mouth. This wasn't because he was using the Mangekyou on me, but rather, he was using it on himself.

This man. Oh, God, I must truly be an idiot to have not realized the length of his insanity.

I heard someone walk toward me, but I couldn't move. The image of Sasuke torturing his mind too much for me, because I knew. I knew he was hurting the real Sasuke.

A hand grabbed my chin roughly, forcing me to look up and into those eyes. Laughing, mocking, smirking. Those eyes.

He pulled me up and into a fighting position, before jumping a few feet away, settling into his own customary stance.

Damn, he's going to try and kill me.

He stood there, never one to make the first move. So, taking my role, I charged at him.

He disappeared, and kicked me from behind, pulling out his sword once again, and driving it through my shoulder.

So he wants to play dirty…

A dark red chakra circled around me. Covering me; sheltering me. In case Sasuke tried any tricks.

But he stood there, allowing his curse marks to flash and run all over his body, casting him in shadows. And those eyes. Reduced to a mere plain black, with a sliver of pure gold where the iris would be.

Nine tails of pure chakra sprung up behind me, and two fox ears molded from the chakra, and appeared on top of my head.

At full power, we took or places, assumed our roles, and danced.

I cannot tell you how long we fought. Quiet, I remember. Peaceful and calm; unusual for battles.

We destroyed nothing of our surroundings, and yet, managed to slice through any unmarked skin shown to us.

It may have been hours, it may have been minutes, but at the end, we fell.

Next to each other, side by side, gasping for air deprived from our lungs.

I heard a strange gurgling, and tilted my head to the right so that I might get a better look at Sasuke.

There was blood dripping from his mouth, and running down his chin. And he was laughing through it. While the internal bleeding was slowly drowning him, he was chuckling.

And I realized why he came.

"You came to die."

It wasn't a question, merely a statement, but he nodded anyway, still laughing.

And my eyes closed. Images flashed beneath my eye lids and before my eyes. Memories of long ago. Of happier and simpler times.

The last image…The Valley at the End.

"I know…that you're not the real Sasuke."

"And you think the real one will come out?"

I laughed sadly. "No. You've destroyed his mind. But why, did you come out at all?"

I could almost feel his smirk.

"You mean at the Valley at the End. Because, he didn't want to hurt you. Something so new, that feeling. Love, you call it. Disgusting. I couldn't stand it anymore, so I tried to kill you. But he had enough strength to stop me. As he has every time we've fought. But you're dying anyway. Because you've lost the will to live in a world unwanted. Unloved and detested."

He laughed cruelly. "You're pathetic."

I growled. "I hope you burn in hell!"

He laughed. "Spoken like Itachi. I will, as will Sasuke. And you and Kyuubi. All ninjas in this world are demons. Hell's humans. Because we kill, without feeling. Without remorse. Without sorrow."

His voice was lowering, almost to a whisper.

"There is no next life for ninjas. And there's no afterlife for demons…like…us…"

I felt the tears rolling down my face as I heard his heart beat grow faint until, finally, it stopped.

"Sasuke. Sasuke. Sasuke. SASUKE!"

"Naruto? NARUTO!"

I heard Sakura's voice in the distance, but I couldn't concentrate on it. I could feel the last of my lifeblood flowing out of my body.

Those eyes of his are what kept me living. They're closed now forevermore. And I've lost my will.

Death is such sweet sorrow.


Alright so I hope this chapter was a good epilogue. As you can tell, this contained more angst than the other two. And I realize that some of it sucked. So I would appreciate any advice you may have on how to fix the opening and any other part you think could use some revising. Thank you to Madfrost and Ladyvadvader101.


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