"Come on, Granger!" snarled the impatient Head Boy. "I haven't got time to wait for you to finish making yourself look human!"

"I'll be right out in a second, Malfoy! Merlin!" called back an impatient Hermione from the shared Heads bathroom.

"Why can't I just come in there? I only need to be in there a second!" Malfoy growled back as his stomach made a sound of annoyance.

Suddenly the door to the bathroom opened to display a very red faced Head Girl. Draco looked her over with a raised eye brow, appraising her appearance. She had on her school robes, her heads badge shining brightly on her chest. Her hair was just as bushy as it always was; in fact, it looked bushier when coupled with the frazzled expression on her face. The only difference Draco could tell was the slight gloss on her lips and the darkened color on her eyelids.

"What have you been doing in there all this time? You still look like the homely mudblood I know and disdain." spat Draco.

"Let's get one thing straight, Malfoy. You will under no circumstance enter the bathroom while I am in there! I don't care if you need to grease your ferrety hair and put soap in your filthy mouth. You will do so after I leave!" Hermione spewed each word dripping with loathing.

"Granger, my wish is to only make it to breakfast and be on time for my classes. I assure you anything you might feel the need to hide I have seen before. May you also note that I've seen far better. Finally, take heed to the fact that any lady goods you have will not attract me because I don't get off on filthy mudbloods." Draco spoke in a cool yet calm manner. Afterwards he swept past Hermione and entered the bathroom leaving the door wide open.


Hermione burned with anger as she heard the ferret start the shower behind her. Not wanting to see any part of him, she stormed through the commons she had to share with Malfoy and made a bee line for her room. Once finally in the sanctity of her Gryffindor inspired room she sat at her bed to compose herself. It was her first day back at Hogwarts for her seventh year and it was already ruined being she had to share heads duty with Malfoy. She already missed the warmth of the Gryffindor common room, the fat lady, her shared dorm with Lavender and Parvati, even the annoying Creevey brothers. She especially missed her three best friends: Harry, Ron, and Ginny.

As if the thought of her friends had given her new strength, Hermione exhaled and gathered her bag, checking to make sure that every quill, parchment, and book was in its proper place. Pulling her hair quickly into a high pony tail and stowing her wand in her robes, she left her room and made her way to the commons.

Malfoy had just entered the commons from the bathroom on his way to his room, when Hermione walked in. She paused to send him a scowl, but instead ended up turning a deep scarlet at the sight of his indecent appearance. Malfoy was clad in only a green towel tied at his waist in a loose knot. His shoulders and torso were dripping wet from his shower, and he had slicked his wet hair back and away from his eyes. Hermione couldn't help but see how broad his shoulders and chest were, not to mention his chiseled muscles in his arms and abdomen. Then it hit her, possibly the sexiest smell she had ever sensed in her life. It filled her nostrils and sent a sensual shiver down her spine. It was tantalizing and it scared Hermione more than the Adonis like body in front of her.

"Gaping is so unbecoming, Granger. Then again nothing is beneath a mudblood," Draco smirked, snapping Hermione out the trance the scent had put her in. She scowled and sent him the most lethal glare she could muster, trying hard to stifle the blush that dared to creep up her neck and to her face.

"Malfoy, I'll have you know that the only thing that has me gaping is the fact that a spoiled ferret like you actually bathes himself!" Hermione snorted.

"No need to hide you're longing for me, Granger. However, as I stated before, I don't get off on mudbloods." and with that Draco left the common room cockily.

Hermione, shaking with anger, shouldered her bag and stormed out of the commons and through the portrait entrance to the head's dorm. She shook her head painfully trying to get the scent of his cologne out of her mind.


Draco sat bored in a tedious Transfiguration class. He had learned their current spell in the fifth year, and after showing McGonagall he had indeed mastered it, Draco was left to watch his fellow Slytherins struggle. The only other seventh year simply observing was Draco's best mate, Blaise Zanbini. The dark boy stared at their female classmates with vague interest as they attempted the spells. Sighing to himself he turned to Draco.

"I thought that seventh year would be amazing…but mate I look around and see that I've gone through all of these girls. Honestly, what's Hogwarts without a suitable decent number of witches to shag?"

"Blaise, while you think of school as a harem, others come here for the shear learning experience." drawled Draco. Blaise raised a questioning eyebrow as if to say, '…seriously?' to which Draco gave a chuckle and Blaise sighed in relief.

Blaise crossed his arms around his chest and sat comfortably in his seat. His dark eyes swept over the room once more, giving him the look of a powerful man looking over his estate. Draco knew that if anyone were to rise to the same type of power as the Dark Lord it would either be himself or Blaise. Between the two of them they commanded the respect of all those at Hogwarts… well except the Gryffindors. However, Blaise would never have a vendetta against muggle-borns, on the contrary, his bag was women…no matter what their parentage.

"So?" Blaise said nonchalantly.

"What do you mean?"

"Did you see her?" Blaise pressed on, obviously he was trying to hide his eagerness.


"Ha, ha, she wouldn't let you in the baths would she?"

"In fact she wouldn't, and she succeeded in taking an hour on her horrid appearance which made me late." snarled Draco.

"Don't tell me you don't even want to see her knickers?"

"No, I prefer not to see the mudbloods filthy undergarments."

"I would." laughed Blaise.

"Of course you would. You have no standards whatsoever."

"Hey, yes I do. I like them with a full chest and a nice perky firm arse. Not to mention the lips have to be sweet and juicy." defended Blaise.

"That's the thing," Draco started, "you don't care about status and respectability, just as long as the girl has a vagina. I on the other hand prefer a good looking pureblood witch."

"Good luck with the ten of them. But when you find you've just slept with your first cousin, I'll be the one looking down on you." laughed Blaise.

"Please, you've slept with every girl in Slytherin fifth year and up. In fact Millicent is your first cousin."

"Which is why I say it's time to move on from these pompous spoiled princesses, and learn the beauty of a half-blood, maybe even a mudblood?"

"What is more beautiful than a pure blood line?" said Draco with a raised eyebrow.

"Hannah Abbot and those D-cup breasts of hers." smirked Blaise.

"Let me guess, you sweet talked her before I got to breakfast this morning?" laughed Draco.

"On the contrary, I needn't sweet talk her, she approached me last night after the feast." Blaise's smirk grew.

"How you do it I'll never know." smirked Draco.

"You know exactly how I do it, for you do it yourself, Mr. 'Slytherin Sex God' or whatever the fuck the ladies have dubbed you." Blaise laughed. Draco simply gave a cocky smirk.

"So are you going to get a peep at Granger?"

"Blaise as hilarious as your argument for your taste in witches was, you have not convinced me to drop my standards so low to intentionally peep at the mudblood." drawled Draco.

"Suit yourself." laughed Blaise as the bell rang for the end of class.


Hermione made her way into the Great Hall for lunch. What she needed was some warm soup and a sandwich so she could bury away the irksome feeling Malfoy had left her with all day. He really had bothered her that morning, and though she had taken long in the bathroom on purpose, she hadn't thought he'd turn that around. Then of course there was that stupid scent he wore. What did he do shower in it? Throughout the whole of morning classes, Hermione had smelled it because it was stuck in her robes and hair. Sure it smelled great and made her stomach flip with desire, but the fact that it belonged to Malfoy only disgusted her. Then there was his lack of, dare she say it, want for her. Wasn't she attractive? Not that she wanted Malfoy to lust after her. No. Never in a million years did she want that. It was the fact that he was able to make her forget how much of a dick he was, and she only seemed to repulse him more. Hermione sighed and shook the thoughts of her rough morning from her head and relaxed into her chicken noodle soup and turkey sandwich.

"Hey, Hermione."

"Hello, Ginny." Hermione looked up from her soup and smiled at the pretty read head.

"How are you? Harry said you seemed a bit tense this morning?" said Ginny as she took the seat next to Hermione and got some chips and a sandwich. Hermione tensed at her words, but took time to compose herself by pouring them both a goblet of pumpkin juice.

"Nothing, just Malfoy annoying me this morning."

"Ah, I thought it might have something to do with that. Really Dumbledore was cruel to make him head boy along with you." scowled Ginny.

"I mean I can take the verbal insults, it's just his whole demeanor. He's so absolutely confident with himself. It's sickening the way he struts around thinking he's some kind of god. I mean sure he's managed to fool all the teachers into thinking he's brilliant, but he's just a stupid ferret boy to me. Nothing more!" Ginny's eyes widened during the rant until by the end of it they could rival with Dobby's. Hermione, flushed, caught her breath and returned once more to her soup and sandwich, slurping and chewing fiercely.

"Well said, I guess. Don't you think you let him get to you just a little too much?" asked Ginny.

Hermione was about to answer when she smelled it. That ridiculously attractive cologne Malfoy drowned himself in. Not being able to help herself, Hermione looked up at the entrance to the hall and sure enough her fellow head had strolled into the Great Hall. 'Why does he look so smug?' thought Hermione. His hair that he had slicked back that morning had been pleasantly mussed so that some of it now fell into his eyes. She was happy he was properly dressed, but couldn't help but to remember his wet muscles from that morning.


"What?" said Hermione distractedly.

"What exactly happened this morning?" Ginny asked timidly.

"I purposely took long in the bathroom this morning, you know, just to piss him off. Well he was insistent on coming in with me, so I yelled at him for being a pervert. Then he in less than civil terms told me exactly how he saw me." wrapped up Hermione lamely.

"That doesn't seem too distressing. What else happened?" Ginny asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Nothing, and I am not distressed." spat Hermione.

"Then look at me."

"What?" Hermione had only just realized that she had been staring intently over at the Slytherin table as a certain blond pilled crisps and chicken onto his plate. Sure she was glaring with all the malice she could muster in her face and no doubt that she was disgusted. However, it was the reason for her malice and disgust that she couldn't register.

"I'm going to the library. See you at dinner Gin." and with that she raced out of the Great Hall and to a place where things always explained themselves.


Draco sat in the commons later that day. He popped in just before dinner to unload his school bag. He'd dig into his homework later, but now he wanted to sit and start the new book he had gotten at Flourish and Blotts during his school shopping. It was an adventure novel, his favorite kind; a scratched up wizard adorned the cover with a stranger object in his hand. The wizard continued to ponder it and check out different words in a large book next to him. Draco sat in the large comfortable chair closest to the fire and tucked hungrily into the book. The words began flying off the pages into Draco's anticipating eyes. Lost in the story, Draco didn't notice when Granger walked in the commons.

"What the hell do you think you're doing, ferret?" Granger spat dropping her bag next to the table.

"I was enjoying the lack of your presence, but you went and ruined that didn't you." Draco retorted back, smirking at the red look Granger was getting.

"I meant what are you doing in my chair?"

"Your chair? I beg to differ, Granger, I see no markings that would suggest that this is your chair." drawled Draco.

"Last night I wanted that chair."

Draco couldn't help but laugh at the immaturity, earning him a blush form Granger. "Well regardless of your want for the chair, Granger, you'll have to wait until after dinner for it as I am currently occupying it. And let me just tell you how much I'm against the idea of us sharing it because if you dare get on my lap, I may vomit."

He watched as the Gryffindor scowled at him and stormed to her room. That being done with, he turned his attention once again to his book.


"Hermione, umm, mind if I ask you a question?" asked Ron timidly.

"You just did, Ronald." Hermione exasperated.

"Okay… can I ask you another question?"

"Once again, Ronald, you just did.'

"Damn, Hermione. Just tell me why you're eating so fast." yelled Ron giving into his famous Weasley anger.

"I want to get back to my commons so I can do some reading." spat Hermione in between gulps.

"But I thought Malfoy was giving you a hard time?" said Ginny suspiciously. Poor Hermione in her haste didn't catch it at all.

"He is, which is the reason I need to get back." and after one last gulp and a sip of pumpkin juice, Hermione stuffed a few biscuits the pockets of her robes and left the table.

She ran all the way to the dorm, said the password ("Trios") to the portrait of a handsome elf holding a bow, and entered into the commons to find it blissfully empty. Sighing with relief, she grabbed the book she had picked up from the library that afternoon, and sank into the armchair closest to the fire. Before she could get comfortable, however, she smelled it. Malfoy's damned cologne had drifted into the chair and now was taunting her senses. Hermione groaned aloud in pain. The chair's unbelievable comfort and warmth was calling to her, but the scent that she had begun to hate and love all day was driving her from it.

'NO' she thought, 'I will not let him win. He isn't here and this chair is too comfortable for reading to give up. So what if it smells like him. In fact it doesn't smell like him at all, it smells of a magnificent scent manufactured and sold at a shop. That is all. I may like it, which I am allowed to do. So under no circumstance, Hermione are you to leave this bloody chair!"

Having sufficiently talked herself into it, she relaxed into chair and opened her book. It was the only genre she could read when she was troubled by some thing. Adventure.On the cover was a handsome wizard holding a mysterious object. He studied it carefully and referred to the pages of a large ancient book next to him. Not being able to hold off her anticipation any longer, Hermione opened the cover and let the words carry her away. Being so engrossed in the story, she didn't hear Malfoy enter the commons. His snicker, however, did the job of making her aware of his presence.

"I see you have won your precious chair, Granger. Pity, I'll have to clean it before I sit in it, wouldn't want mudblood juice to get on me." Malfoy said with a smirk.

"Why don't you just not sit in the chair at all. That way you won't get any mudblood juices on your pathetic pampered body, and I get a chair. We'll both win." snarled Hermione.

"Granger, please, don't think you can insult me, the fact that you just called yourself a mudblood only gives me satisfaction." said Malfoy, once again letting his signature grace his features.

Hermione cocked her eyebrow. Was he trying to get her to storm off again? She laughed inwardly realizing that his need for the chair was just as immature as hers. Well he's not going to get it. Hermione wouldn't give in to Malfoy on this one. If he wanted to read he'd just have to do it in his room. Yet, Malfoy surprised her by taking the second chair by the fire. It wasn't as comfortable or as near the fire, but he sat in it just the same. He opened his bag and retrieved his transfiguration book and started reading. In a few moments he had pulled out parchment and a quill and had started the essay McGonagall had assigned that morning. In silence they sat for fifteen excruciating minutes. Hermione's mind was going crazy.

'What does he think he's playing at? He doesn't think his presence here will make me move, does he? Well if that's his plan it isn't going to work. I don't play games with silly ferrets. He doesn't bother me one second. In fact I bet me not moving is killing him. Yes that's it, he's trying to get to me, but instead I'm getting to him. Ha, brilliant Hermione, just continue to sit in this chair and read. I bet he's in physical pain to know his rudeness isn't getting to me. I'd love to know what he's thinking this second!'


Draco flipped lamely through the pages of his transfiguration book. He had nearly finished his essay, all being left for him to write was a conclusion. Sure, the essay wasn't due until that Thursday, but he really wanted to free up his work load as much as possible. Tomorrow night Blaise and he were to go out flying, and Draco knew he wouldn't be able to enjoy it with an essay looming over his head. Draco was the kind of person who had to do things right as he thought of them or they would bother him until he went crazy. He couldn't help it, but if he procrastinated just a tiny bit, he'd get a large pulling feeling in his chest that would tighten and tighten until he was gasping for breath. Needless to say, he was never behind on his school work.

Draco jotted down the last few sentences of his paper and put it down on the table in front of him. He needed to rest his eyes a second before he proofread the paper. He lifted his pale palms to his eyes and gave them a vigorous rub. Then eyes still closed he sank back into the chair and rested his head. Suddenly feeling uneasy, Draco quickly opened his eyes. Lo and behold, Granger was staring right at him.

"Granger, this ridiculous obsession you have with me has got to stop. You are actually starting to creep me out. Don't worry, it was never flattering." Draco said calmly. Granger was shocked out of her staring fit and cleared her throat and looked back down at her book.

"I'll have you know Malfoy, that you once again surprised me. I would have never thought a git like you did his own schoolwork." Granger retorted turning a page in her book. Malfoy merely smirked and picked up his essay and wand and began proof reading it for any errors.

"Why are you doing work anyway? It's the first day of classes, wouldn't you rather relax?" Granger obviously couldn't help but to ask.

"I have nothing planned for this evening, no one of substance to spend it with. Why not do it?" Draco answered. He was sensing the mudblood trying to strike up some small talk with him and he couldn't have that. Trading insults were fine, but actual conversation was not on his list, not in the least. Finishing his paper, Draco tucked it neatly in his school bag and stood. "Don't try to kill me in my sleep, mudblood." And with that he left for his room.

Draco wasn't afraid of Granger at all, nor did he suspect she would try to kill him, but when he went to leave he had a sudden impulse to say "goodnight", and needed to quickly change track. Draco would not dare let himself say something as nice as "goodnight" to a mudblood. The thought of it disgusted him and he had to cough to keep the vomit from entering his mouth. Reaching his room, he let out a sigh of relief. Appreciating the Slytherin colors that were draped and hung every which way in his room, he stripped to his boxers and climbed into his bed. But not before he pulled the biscuits out of the pockets of his robes and grabbed the book he had been reading that afternoon. Turning on his bedside lamp with his wand, Draco sat above the covers and enjoyed his night time snack.


Hermione sat in the chair stunned. Malfoy had stayed in the other chair for an hour and a half doing his essay. An hour and a half with her in the room, and he simply did his work as if she wasn't there. Not to mention how he relaxed as he took his break before proof reading his essay. Wasn't he bothered by her, didn't he want her to leave the room? Hermione was confused. She became even more confused with his parting words. He didn't actually think she'd stoop that low, or that she hated him that much, did he? Hermione's mind was going crazy.

Shaking her head to rid the thoughts, Hermione sat back into the warm chair and looked back into her book. She pulled out the biscuits from her pockets and had her snack. The book was picking up plot wise and it was the perfect distraction. She had just gotten to the part when the wizard was being asked to go on a dangerous mission to uncover secret scrolls bearing an ancient potion which would lead to encrypting the mysterious object from the cover.

Sighing, Hermione closed the book at a new chapter marking her progress with her favorite violet bookmark and went upstairs to her room. She needed sleep after a day like this one.


It had finally come to the end of the week for the two heads. After that first day, the rest of the week seemed to pass with little speech between them, only a few insults here and there, but otherwise Draco avoided Hermione as much as possible and she did the same. The only real tiffs between them happened when it came to the bathroom in the morning and the chair in the evening. Hermione always took too long in the bathroom for Draco's taste, those mornings dragged on extra long if in fact the night before Draco managed to secure the chair before her.

The issue with the chair turned out to be quite a hilarious occurrence each day. While both knew how immature it was to fight over the chair, the equally stubborn heads refused to bend on possession of the chair. Each night the occupants flip flopped in who sat in it, which in turn would cause mini arguments until one would storm off. The most eventful night was Friday, when Hermione, thinking that Draco was still at dinner, sat in the chair only to find a very pissed off blonde in the chair.

"Oy, Granger! Get your arse off of me!"

"Sorry! I didn't see you!"

"Whatever, just get off of me already!"

"I can't… I-I'm stuck or something!"

"What do you mean?"

"My legs are twisted and I think your partially sitting on my skirt."

"How'd that happen?"

"I don't know!"

"You know everything!"

"No I don't. Now just shift some and I won't topple out of the chair!"

"No way, Granger, if I move you'll be full on my lap!"

"Listen, Malfoy, if I fall out, you're going to see a lot more than I'd prefer. So suck it up and just move a bit!"



"Just get off of me, mudblood!"


Draco had pushed Hermione off of him, causing her to topple onto the floor. Her skirt, which was still pinned under his thigh, had ripped and now hung abandoned by its owner from the side of the chair. Hermione was on the floor on all fours facing away from Draco, the blush making its way to her exposed thighs. Draco himself was blushing, not being able to stop looking at her.


'Oh, Merlin! Stop looking at her!' Draco thought. Though he tried to turn his head away, he couldn't help tracing up her creamy thighs and up to the plump flesh exposed under Granger's panty line. Then without being able to stop himself, his eyes traveled up higher to her knickers. 'What the hell is she doing wearing such indecent undergarments?' Granger's bottom was clad in red and gold lace bordered silk knickers. To make matters worse across the back read "Lioness" and the band tapered into string.

Suddenly the desire to pounce almost overwhelmed Draco. He stood with such speed he nearly fell over and fell on top of Granger. However, always composed he bent down and picked up her skirt and threw it to her. He had to get out of the commons, the heat was going to kill him, and he could feel his pants begin to tighten. Stepping over Granger's body which was almost as red as her uncouth knickers, Draco left for his room without a sound.

Once finally in the sanctity of his room, Draco let out a low sigh, leaned against the door and ran his hands through his blond hair. He couldn't get the thought of her creamy smooth thighs or he plump upturned bottom out of his mind. As his thoughts turned to the sexy knickers she had donned he felt little Draco jump for joy in his pants.

"Stop it, she's a mudblood!" Draco reprimanded the poor blind thing, which only grew in excitement. Sensing something horrible could happen, Draco went for his trunk and rooted around in it contents before he found what he was looking for. His stash of naughty pictures he took of all the pureblood witches he slept with should do the job of removing Granger's arse from his mind.


Hermione had to take big heaving breaths to compose herself, but still burst into silent tears as soon as Malfoy walked out the room. Not only because of her embarrassment, but because of the heat that had risen in her under his gaze. She had no idea why she didn't immediately cover herself up, but she was glad Malfoy left without saying anything to her. If he had, she probably would have burst into tears sooner.

She got up and wrapped she skirt around her waist and repaired it with her wand. With all the dignity she could muster at this point, she wiped the tears from her eyes and marched to Malfoy's room. He had pushed her, embarrassed her, and she was not about to let him get away with it. She straightened her posture, pulled her hair up into high pony tail, then, when in front of Malfoy's room, she banged on the door. There was a lot of noise behind the door, and after a few seconds, Malfoy's smirk greeted Hermione's angry face.

"Yes Granger?"

"You owe me an apology, Malfoy." Hermione tried to keep calm, but his stupid smirk was making her fist twitch.

"I think you owe me an apology, you're the one who flashed me."

"Malfoy, you pushed me!"

"Only because you sat on me, it was never my intention to have you on my lap, so I got rid of you."

"Apologize to me right now, Malfoy!" Hermione yelled; she couldn't take the smirk another second.

"No." Malfoy said with such calmness and finality it drove Hermione over the edge. She cocked her fist back and threw it into his jaw. As he stumbled back, Hermione turned on heel having gotten what she wanted in the shock in his eyes and walked away. She didn't bother to storm or stomp, she took her time and walked away slow and proud. Picking up her books from the commons, Hermione smiled and made her way to her room.


Malfoy stood in the middle of his floor, floored. He couldn't believe that she got him again. Thank Merlin no one was around this time, just he and Granger, and he doubted she'd tell anyone. If she did, she would have to tell them why she punched him, which would be more embarrassing for her than him. Malfoy rubbed his jaw, it was tender, 'Perfect, I'll have a bruise. Well at least it's the weekend.', no one had to know because he didn't have to leave the dorm if he didn't want to. But then again, did he want to cooped up with a pissed off mudblood all weekend?