Alright so this chapter is long overdue, and I thoroughly apologize for asking your opinion and then taking months to post. But as promised this is probably the most filthy chapter I have ever written... utter and damnable filth. So, one, sorry for the language, and two, sorry for the sex... because that is exactly what I wrote, a whole lot of sex lol. But you did ask for this!

The next chapters will go back to being funny and eventful (not that this one isn't) but we all agreed some of the tension needed to be broken.

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"You know I am really hungry… and I predict I'll be needing my strength later." said Draco as he finished the turkey leg.

"Eat up, Malfoy." smirked Hermione.

"Sure thing." replied Draco, he then proceeded to tear Hermione's legs apart and wrapping them around his shoulders. He moved his hands from her ankles up to the outside of her thighs and back, as he drew closer and closer to his next course.

Hermione's breath began to pick up, she couldn't believe this was happening. His touch ignited so much passion in her and she was afraid of herself. Sure she wanted to shag him, but never had any of her escapades been this intense. They hadn't even kissed but she was sure he would be very capable of driving her into insane oblivion. All thoughts, however, were erased from her mind when she felt Malfoy's nose stroke her sensitive button.

"Sharp intake of breath… Merlin…"

Draco would have laughed at her barely silent sigh, but he was too focused on her magnificent scent. He inhaled deeply mystified by her arousal, not being able to tease himself any longer, he dived at her with his tongue as if he were after a snitch.

Hermione felt his hot breath and long stroke of his tongue through the cloth of her underwear. She tossed her head from side to side, unashamed of the moans she was emitting. Surely nothing could feel better than this… but for the first time Hermione was mistaken because Malfoy pushed the pant of her knickers aside and decided to explore deeper, caressing her with both tongue and long elegant fingers.

"Mmmmhmmm…" Draco couldn't help but moan as he tasted Granger. He proceeded to lap up at every ridge, valley, and fold he could find. Grabbing Granger around the thigh to hold her in place, as she was currently gyrating against his face like crazy and he needed her to be still for what he was about to do next; Draco attached his mouth to her little, yet currently engorged nub and sucked as if he were administering the Dementor's Kiss. Granger's scream of appreciation, Draco took as permission to slip his middle finger inside her.

"Granger, Merlin, you're so tight." Draco moaned into her, not sure if he'd ever get is finger back with the way her inner walls were squeezing him.

Hermione couldn't speak, the moment Malfoy slipped his finger inside of her, she began to hold a breath of ecstasy. She sat there frozen, legs around Malfoy's shoulders, staring at the most bizarrely beautiful scene ever. Only magic could explain the feelings she was feeling as Hermione felt herself draw closer to the brink of the best orgasm she'd ever experienced. Malfoy obviously sensed this as well because he slipped in his index as well and began to pump them inside of her with a ferocity that almost scared Hermione.

"Malfoy! Oh my… I'm gonna, I'm gonna… Oh my! I'm gonna…" Hermione moaned tossing herself to and fro as his administrations drove her wild. "I'm gonna…"

"Come." Draco whispered as he curved his fingers in a come hither fashion, the whole time holding Granger's eyes with his.

With that Hermione's orgasm was so intense her pelvis arched off the seat and she squirted all over the one and only Draco Malfoy. Too sated and exhausted to feel embarrassed or care, Hermione fell into a blissful dreamless sleep.


Draco couldn't believe he had made her blackout. Nor could he believe that she had squirted all over his face and mouth. He had heard of girls squirting when they had intense orgasms, but he'd never witnessed it. Damn was he good or was he good!

Conjuring a handkerchief, Draco wiped his eyes and took a step back to admire his work. There was Granger looking utterly satisfied and peaceful, and asleep. Draco had to admit that she did look a bit sweet and angelic all off in dream land like that, but the tension in his pants wasn't as appreciative of the sight as he was.

"Well at least it'll be my turn when she wakes up." Accepting that fact Draco's stomach let out a low growl, and he remembered the feast he still had to devour, all though he wasn't completely sure he could chew as sore as his jaw muscles were. Picking up Granger, Draco walked out of the common room and placed her in his bedroom on his bed. He would have put her in her bedroom, but thought better of it lest she think it was all an exquisite dream.

"She probably does dream about me, sexy little mudblood." Draco chuckled as he left the room and went to finish his dinner.


"Merlin, what did I do to that poor little witch?" Draco had finished every last crumb of the feast he had ordered, and even had a little nap before he started to wonder what was up with Granger. She hadn't come out in nearly two hours since he placed her in his room. Getting up with a little stretch, Draco headed out the commons to investigate.

As soon as he entered the hall leading to his bedroom Draco sensed that something was amiss. The fire in his room seemed to be lit, for he saw a slight glow coming from the cracked door. Also there was this crazy, sexy, totally lusty scent of vanilla and honeysuckle attacking his nostrils. Hesitantly, Draco pushed the door fully open.

"Bloody hell." gulped Draco.

"Wow, Malfoy, you reminded me a bit of Ron there." smirked Granger.

Wising up a bit after Granger's smart comment, Draco at least closed his mouth which had fell open at the sight of her. Still the affect she was having on him almost made him feel as stupid as the Weasel. There Granger stood in the middle of his bedroom, wearing a matching silk Slytherin green and white lace bra and panty set. Her slim long legs were covered in a black netted stocking of sorts, although Draco noticed they seemed to end at the green garters she wore around both legs. Her hair was up in a full pony letting a few tendrils frame her face. To top the whole sexual ensemble, Granger had on about six inch black stilettos and a bull whip in her hands.

"You look like the definition of sex." Draco whispered as he started to draw closer.

"That is the single most amazing compliment I've ever received Malfoy." cooed Granger as she backed away from his pursuit.

"What's that smell?"

"Don't you like it?"

"Like it? It's driving me insane, what is it?"

"My perfume… a little something I whipped up about an hour ago." laughed Granger.

"How did you do all of this so fast?" asked Draco thoroughly impressed.

"Soft giggle…As quiet as it is kept, Malfoy, I am witch. A good one at that." said Granger with a wink. Suddenly in a flash Malfoy found himself pushed onto his bed, with a force he didn't believe came from Granger.


"Sit back Malfoy, enjoy the show."

With that being said, Granger cracked the whip above her head making both Dracos jump to attention.


Hermione had to concentrate on a million things at this moment. She wasn't sure how Malfoy would take to a light S&M, but it was worth the try. Besides she'd wanted to try out this whip for such a long time, but being Hermione, she never got a lot of opportunities, especially with a person of enough sexual maturity to handle it. However, if Malfoy could make her literally ejaculate when she came, he could take a few scratches… okay so large welts and bruises, same difference.

Chuckling to herself at her little joke, Hermione found a new sexual confidence and began her bull whip dance. Nothing but her breathing and cracks of her whip aided her rhythmically, yet it was all she needed.


Draco was going to have a heart attack. Either because his heart was beating so fast, or because all the blood in him had went straight to his arousal. Really, she wasn't doing the splits cracking a bull whip over her head was she? All the rolling and flashes of skin she was teasing him with, only to staccato the air around them with a crack of her sexy whip. Granger's heaving bosom barely contained in the fabric of her bra, caused him to drool. Seeing her legs lift into the air as she pulled the leather of the whip taut by wrapping it around the heel of her stiletto, caused his breath to hitch. Watching Granger rub herself again and again with the whip's grip, caused Draco to break out in a feverish sweat.

Therefore, one could only guess what reaction Granger achieved from the next stunt. Doing a slow yet purposeful walk to the other side of the room, Draco watched as Granger bent herself backwards and did a back walkover towards him. If that didn't do the trick surely when she whipped his thigh it did.

"Argh!!" let out Draco, but for the life of him prayed Granger would whip him again. Oh and she did, over and over. She whipped at his thighs and hips. Only twice did she get his torso, but that was when Draco had doubled over in the bed from the sweet delicious pain and she wanted him to sit up. Draco realized she must have a goal or some purpose to this sexy torture, and found he was right when he looked down and saw his pants in shambles. Simply scraps of cloth that used to cover him. Granger had bloody whipped him undressed!


Looking at what she achieved, Hermione swelled with pride. Ha! She'd only practiced doing that twenty times, and look it came out perfectly! Perfectly was definitely the word for it, as Malfoy's erect member was winking her in the face.

"Merlin, he's beautiful…" gasped Hermione. Malfoy's dick was long and thick, it looked strong almost as if it could flex and show off chiseled muscles. It looked powerful to say the least. Yes, powerful and delicious.

"Did you just lick your lips Granger?" whispered Draco.

"It tends to happen when I see something tasty." breathed Hermione.

"What's caught your eye?"

"Him. Can you introduce me?"

"I think he'd like that very much, come get a little closer, shake hands."

Hermione got on her hands and knees and did a slow crawl towards the bed and Draco, doe-eyed the whole time. Once she reached Draco's legs hanging over the edge of the bed, she began to apply feather soft kisses to the wounds and bruises, as if to soothe the torture she'd done. Higher and higher she traveled until Hermione's whispered breath was on Draco's penis. Running her hands up and down his steely abs, feeling the bulge of his pectorals under her fingertips, Hermione slowly wrapped her mouth around Draco.

"Mmmmm…" they both moaned in unison, Draco reveling in the warmth and moistness of her mouth, and Hermione reveling in his taste, size and scent. So began the symphony of noises they both emitted.

Hermione with her sucking and slurping and gagging.

Draco with his moans and groans and sighs of ecstasy.

Releasing Draco from her mouth with a loud popping sound. "Malfoy…" she could only gasp, "Don't hold back, you can get me back for the whipping." Moaning she took him into her mouth again, as is she were sucking an elixir of life.

Draco groaned his approval, grabbing his cock and pistil whipping her in the face not once, nor twice, but three times, earning a growl of appreciation from Hermione. Then he took hold of her ponytail and rammed his cock back in her mouth fucking her throat with abandon. Just when Hermione thought she couldn't take anymore, Draco burst his hot potion down the back of her throat, forcing her to swallow, not that she was complaining.

Gasping for breath from his orgasm, Draco bundled Hermione up and plopped her next to him, with that done he burrowed his head in the breast and fell asleep. He was no where near done with her, but he needed a nap after that work out.


Hermione lay, playing with the soft blond hairs at the nape of Malfoy's neck. Really this whole shagging him senseless was turning out to be a fantastic idea. If the foreplay was this good, she expected big things from the Slytherin Prince when the got down to doing the deed. Never had she gotten a cramp from receiving or giving a blow job, but it happened tonight. Never before had she felt more confident or sexy, usually she was a bumbling idiot when it came to the sack. For some reason, tonight with Malfoy, she felt as if every kinky thought she could voice and every dirty deed she could do. Perhaps it was the comfort of knowing that no matter what she and Malfoy would always be the worst of enemies, that nothing was going to happen and neither wanted anything to happen. It was just sex, in its rawest, simplest, most delectable form.

Hermione looked down at herself, and let out a soft giggle. Who would have thought she of all people would dawn such an outfit. Not to mention the Slytherin color scheme and an actual Slytherin laying against her almost nude flesh. Perhaps only Ginny, who had suggested both. Hermione wondered what Ginny was doing at the moment, surely talking to Harry about what he learned from Dumbledore that evening. At that thought Hermione heard a soft tapping sound at Malfoy's window… Hedwig, talk about speaking of the devil.

"Shit." Hermione did her best to get from under Malfoy without rousing him, but the bugger was heavy. Figuring he deserved a good unceremonious dump, Hermione simply sat up and allowed his sleeping body to roll down her figure and off the bed.

"Fuck Granger!"

"Beg my pardon, Malfoy." Hermione replied with a wink and stepped over his body to let Hedwig in. Hedwig flew around the room once and landed on Hermione's waiting arm, after taking in her surrounding and the look of Hermione's apparel, the owl's eyes grew wide with suspicion.

"I know this looks bad but please don't think anything of it. Don't make a habit of coming here looking for me either, if I'm not in my room or commons check the library. Understand?" Hedwig hooted her consent and outstretched her leg for the small scroll of parchment to be removed. Taking it Hermione turned to Malfoy. "Have you got any treats for her?"

"What do I look like, giving Potter's owl a fucking treat?" griped Malfoy but he nonetheless shoved off the floor and retrieved a few owl treats from his bedside table. As he handed them to Hermione he caught her wrist and pulled her to him turning her around and licking a trail form her ear lobe to her collarbone.

"Malfoy…" Hermione couldn't help but moan, "Not in front of Hedwig, please."

"It's a bloody owl." Draco breathed onto her skin as his erection started to press into the small of her back.

"A bloody smart owl. Besides I need to read what this note says."

"Read it tomorrow, we've got much to do."

"It could be important." whispered Hermione almost giving in when Malfoy raised his hands and cupped her breast.

"I don't doubt it could be, but doesn't this feel so much better?" said Malfoy as he pinched both her nipples.

"Gasp… Malfoy, please…" whined Hermione although she was only fighting out of habit, she had grabbed the back of his head with both hands to allow him more access to her body. The owl treats lay abandoned on the floor.

"You want it here, right now, don't you? Here in front of Potter's owl." Malfoy whispered in her ear as he let one of the hands on her breast trail down her slim hour-glass torso and pull her hips back onto his erection.

Hermione couldn't take much more. Whatever it was Harry needed could wait, right now she couldn't care less, not with those magical fingers working on her.

"Fuck him." She breathed

"No, fuck me." growled Malfoy before he ripped her bra and panty off in a swoop of his hands. Next thing she knew she was pushed against the open windowpane with Draco Malfoy plunging into her.


"Oh fuck yes!" Draco couldn't help but yell. Granger was so tight around him and she was fucking him back just as hard and he was her. He wrapped a supportive arm around her back and lifted her hips to get a better angle. Granger screamed at the new depth but pushed onto his dick harder and hungrier than ever. Draco looked down at the prey he was devouring and was entranced in the sight of her.

There was Granger, her hair completely fallen from the neat ponytail and cascading down her back. Her long creamy neck exposed to him as she had he head thrown back in pleasure. Her large round breasts bouncing up at him, nipples as hard as glass pointing straight at him. Her smooth flat belly contracted as it tapered into her hips which were pumping him manically. Draco couldn't just fuck Granger… she needed to be ravished. With that he dove in biting and sucking at her neck, chest, and breasts, gripping her hips, legs, and arms, all the while boning her six ways from Sunday.

Again and again Draco felt her inner muscles contract on his dick as her brought her to orgasm after orgasm. He had almost lost his wits end, but he couldn't get enough of her. He wanted Granger more than he was already having her. He wanted to hear her screams and her cries, wanted to feel her nails as she repeatedly dug them into his skin, clawing at him in ecstasy. He wanted… no needed to always feel her tight cunt pulling at him, have her legs wrapped around him drawing him closer.

"Turn me, you sexy git!" so caught up Draco was in Granger, her hadn't heard her desperate demand. Yes he needed her bad.

Not even bothering to pull out as he was sure re-entering her would be his downfall, Draco lifted the flexible witch's leg and threw it around to the other side. Turning her so that Granger's hands were now digging into the windowsill and she was pushing her ass against his pelvis.

"Oh gods yes! That's it Malfoy, that's it!" moaned Granger loud into the night. Seeing her upturned bottom, Draco couldn't help but to give it a tentative spank. "Argh!!! Harder!!!" Acquiescing, Draco spanked Granger again and again and again as he pounded into her from behind. Hedwig, obliviously thinking he was attacking Hermione landed on her back and began pecking and clawing at his hands.

"Fuck! Get the hell out of here you miserable owl!" Draco yelled just as Hermione reached orgasm yet another time. Coming out of her divine state she looked behind her to see the commotion and let out a pretty laugh, gasping for breath at both the sexual efforts and the hilarity of the situation. Seeing the gorgeous smile and the happy twinkle in her eye, Draco came with such ferocity he went blind for about twelve seconds. Once he gained his sight again, he shooed Hedwig away from him, grabbed Granger's wrist and fell into a heap on the floor, extremely exhausted but so delectably sated, he wanted nothing more than to sleep with her soft body on his.


Hermione, gasping for breath, didn't mind falling to the floor and would have welcomed sleep just as Malfoy had if Hedwig hadn't been freaking out. Sitting up slowly, as she was feeling a bit disoriented from the previous happening, she soothed Hedwig with a feel murmurs and encouraged her to eat the owl treats Malfoy had gotten her. Once the snow white owl, and if Hermione didn't know better looked a bit pink, flew off into the night sky Hermione picked up the scroll and read it.

Tell me it wasn't worth it.

Ginny ;-)

Smiling to herself, Hermione rolled the scroll back up and banished it to he room with a little slight of wrist magic. Then she fell back to the floor next to Malfoy and closed her eyes. The last thing she did was smile as she felt Malfoy wrap an arm around her body pulling her in close, grabbing one her breast like it was a teddy bear.

How was that?