Visions Of Flames # 2: Tears Of Indigo

By GabriellePheonix

disclaimer: I do not own Mirage Of Blaze or its characters.

Summary: # 2 in the Phoenix-mirage series . They have manage to defeat ODA and the Takeda clan. Shintaro has been found, will he accept his past as well as Haruie? What happens now and who is the strange man that shows up one day at the Uesugi estate. Is he a threat or an ally? (Yaoi)

pairing: kagetoraxnaoe , (yaoi-,main) rated M for mature and explicit content.

Thoughts, mental conversations, dreamscape, flashback

authors note: it would be a good idea to read the first visions of flame to see where we are coming from before you read this one so as not to cause confusion . Thank you and I hope you enjoy this story.

Kagetora had woken everyone up early that morning and bullied them all into getting dressed for an outing . He had Mia bully Haruie into wearing the Kimono he had bought her that week. Then after a quick breakfast they all sat in the sitting room, wondering Kagetora had lost his mind.

"I have a surprise for you all." he told them happily. "It should be arriving just about now."

Just then the doorbell rang and after telling them to stay put , he hurried to get the door. He smiled at the man he had invited.

"Welcome to my Estate, Shintaro Sone." he said to him.

Kagetora smiled brightly at the young man. "Please come in. I've been expecting you." he told him.

"Thank you." said Daisuke Ishida, formerly Shintaro Sone as he entered.

He put on the slippers that his host had so graciously provided and smiled.

"Even though you entered my dream and left me that Tattoo, I was still wondering if I had gone insane. Its nice to know you really exist." said Daisuke.

Kagetora laughed softly. "I completely understand." he said. "But as you can see everything I told you is actually true. I'm real and so is she."

Daisuke nodded. "I still don't remember most of it." he said.

Kagetora nodded, completely understanding where the man was coming from..

"I know," he said. "But it doesn't matter. I have a feeling that as time goes by it will all fall into place. The others don't know about you yet, especially her. You're my surprise for her and I'm sure that you will be kind to her. After all, she had been searching and waiting for you for the last two hundred years."

Daisuke nodded and Kagetora began to lead him towards the sitting room. As they neared it Kagetora stopped him.

"Wait here for a moment please." he told him and Daisuke nodded.

Kagetora stepped through the doorway and surveyed his family.

"Well where is it?" asked Chiaki impatiently. He was a bit put out to have been dragged out of bed so early and not given a chance to get a little 'wake up call' from Yuzuru.

"Everyone close your eyes and you will see." said Kagetora mischievously.

Chiaki rolled his eyes then closed them along with everyone else. Kagetora stepped back into the hallway and beckoned to Daisuke. The young man walked in and kagetora brought him over to stand directly in front of Haruie.

"You can open your eyes now." said Kagetora and everyone obeyed.

Haruie gasped when she saw him and immediately shot up and ran over to glomp him.

"Shintaro!" she cried happily. "I've finally found you!" tears of joy were running down her face.

Daisuke stood still for a minute then he put his arms around her. A flicker of something like a distant memory went through his mind.

A young woman in a yellow kimono, yellow flowers in her hair combed to the side. "Otsuta will you be my right arm?"

"Otsuta will you be my right arm?" said Daisuke suddenly. He blinked in surprise at what he had said. It all felt so natural to say that to her and to hold her this way.

Haruie pulled away in pleased surprise.

"Otsuta , that was my name then." she said happily. "You asked me to be your right arm after an incident with a spirit caused you to loose it. Oh it really is you."

meanwhile everyone was watching them with a pleased expression and a smile.

"Everyone," said Kagetora. "Ths is Daisuke Ishida formerly Shintaro Sone." he introduced him formerly.

Everyone got up to greet him, welcoming him to the family and introducing themselves as they did so.

"I found him in my dreamscape a few nights ago." said Kagetora. "We have been having the most interesting conversations haven't we Daisuke?" he asked as he invited him to sit.

Daisuke sat next to Haruie and smiled as he nodded. "Yes Lord kagetora we have. Its nice to finally meet you all especially you Haruie." he said .

Haruie blushed prettily. Now that she had finally found him she was strangely tongue tied.

"So how are you in this reincarnation?" asked Chiaki curiously.

Daisuke turned to look at him. "I am currently twenty one ." he said.

"Its strange ,"thought Daisuke. "I feel so comfortable around them, something that normally never really happens except around my family and best friends. Its as if I've finally come home."

"You wont guess what he's studying in college." said Kagetora to Haruie with a mischievous smile.

"hmm," said Haruie finally finding her voice. "Well he was a doctor in his past life so ... a doctor?"she asked.

Daisuke nodded and smiled. "Yes I am. I'm currently in my last year." he said.

"Wow! You're last year? Aren't you only twenty one?" he asked in shock.

Daisuke nodded again looking a bit embarrased. " well yeah but I sorta graduated from high school at fourteen so I got a bit of a head start. I'm also doing my residency at the moment as well. That way when I graduate I can immediately become a certified doctor." he said a bit sheepishly.

"Damn!" said Khosaka. " that's like freakin amazing!"

The others nodded in agreement.

"Well uh.. Thank you." said Daisuke flushing.

"Well," said Kagetora. "I'm gonna let you two get reacquainted while the rest of us go out for the day. Call me if you need me okay." he told Haruie who nodded.

"Thank you so much for finding him for me niisama. I am so happy." sent Haruie.

"Anything for one of my darling sisters." sent Kagetora. "Now enjoy your day together . You have the whole house to yourselves. Also tell him about his bedroom okay? Also remember that he doesn't really remember everything so try to be patient. You have all the time in the world now."

"Got it." she sent back.

Kagetora and the others left quickly piling into various cars as they did so. He was taking them all to a festival among other things. He wasn't worried about Haruie as he had used his vision to see if they would be okay alone.

"That was really nice of you niisama," sent Chiaki.

"Yeah," said Yuzuru. "Haruie was really happy."

Mia smiled at her brother. "You just made Haruie the happiest woman in the world niichan." she told him.

The other offered various sentiments until they finally decided to take pity on the obviously now embarrassed boy.

They all had a great time together that day, even Kotaru who had never even to an amusement park before. Both Mia and Naoe got motion sickness and puked their guts out much to the amusement of the others. Kana and Yuzuru screamed until they were hoarse and had to be healed my Mia. Chiaki ate way too much cotton candy and bullied Kotaru into eating some as well , which he actually liked. Kotaru ate so much of the cotton candy in fact that everyone was beginning to worry. Khosaka threw a fit when he tried to win a bear and lost. But what really made him mad was that a little girl with a gap-tooth smile came and managed to actually win the bear away from him much to his humiliation. They got lots of bears and toys for Irobe who was also having a great time. Then they all left the fair and went out to dinner and a movie. After that they went home , bringing dinner for Haruie and Daisuke as they did so. When they got there , they found Haruie and Daisuke sitting in the family room chatting away animatedly.


with Haruie...

She watched as the others left and felt a bit nervous at suddenly being left alone with Shintaro. She looked over at him only to find him staring at her appreciatively with that same serene smile he had two hundred years ago. She instantly felt calm and returned his smile.

"So you're training to be a doctor." said Haruie. "I'm currently training to be a nurse."

He nodded and they began to talk about college and the courses they were taking. It broke the tension and they filled in each other on their current lives and families. They also talked about her being a possessor and the war that they had just fought and Haruie was eternally grateful that Kagetora had already prepped him on most of the details. They were so comfortable together that it wasn't until Daisuke's stomach growled that they remembered they hadn't had lunch yet.

They immediately got up and hurried into the kitchen to go find something to eat. They were pleasantly surprised to find that Kagetora had already prepared lunch for them as well. They had lunch together and then Haruie showed him around the estate.

When he saw his room he was deeply touched. They had really been waiting for him all this time, even the way that Kagetora had had the room decorated suited him. Kagetora had approached him in the dream about coming to live with them permanently little by little until he had accepted and gotten used to the idea. He came from a poor family and even though he had a full scholarship and was at the top of his class, it was still kind of hard. It would be no hardship living here with them since it would help his financial situation and also, much to his surprise, by the fact that he wanted to be closer to Haruie.

He would have to move his stuff here from his dorm but that would be no hardship. He wouldn't have to transfer colleges either since it was only forty-five minutes away.

When he told Haruie she actually jumped for joy before glomping him again. Then they spent the rest of the day just chatting and getting to know each other better. Kagetora brought home dinner for them and was happy to hear Daisuke's final decision. He wasn't really surprised as he had already seen Daisuke's acceptance in one of his visions.

After the usual swearing in , they all went about their usual routine. Kagetora saw the longing in Kana's eyes and began to plan for her as well. He already knew who she would be with.


They decided to retire for the night. Kagetora used his link to talk to Kain, Shiki, Souen and Senri for his usual end of the day update on the affairs of the estates they were currently managing for him as he did every night. Then he went to his bedroom with Naoe. Chiaki and Yuzuru left for their bedroom as well. Kana put Irobe to bed and then fell asleep praying to find her special someone. Haruie went bed and fell asleep with a smile on her face. Daisuke settled in relatively easy and fell asleep thinking about Haruie and his new lifestyle. Mia got on the phone with Sakura and Miho and filled them in on the current situation even though they would be coming to dinner the next day. They gossiped until late into the night before she finally went to bed.


with Khosaka and Kotaru...

Khosaka snuck outside to get a much needed smoke and was puffing away when Kotaru melted out of the shadows like the ninjas he was and walked up to him. He smirked at being busted and was a bit surprised when Kotaru asked him for one. After handing him the requested cigarette and giving him a light, they stood there in companionable silence for a while.

"So did you have fun today?"asked Khosaka. "Seeing as it was your first time going to one and all."

Kotaru nodded. "Yes I did. It was interesting." he told him.

Khosaka nodded and they smoked in silence for a bit more then he said. "So its not really so bad being here is it?"

"No." said Kotaru. "Its actually kind of nice even if it is on usual. But then again Kagetora was never really the stereotype lord."

Khosaka nodded in agreement and Khosaka turned to him.

"I noticed during the battle that when Kagetora sent Shingen to hell you didn't even bat an eye." he said. "Why?"

Khosaka took a long draw on his cigarette before slowly letting it all out. Then he turned to face the man.

"That's because I dint care." he said simply. "I've served him for over four hundred years and in all that time he treated me as his personal whore and often beat me up whenever he was in a bad mood, even when I didn't do anything wrong. On the day I came here, he had raped and beaten me so badly that I shouldn't had even been able to move, let alone ride all the way here. I rode here out of desperation knowing that I would probably die and be unable to even repossess again. I made it all the way to the gate and rang the bell before finally succumbing to my injuries and passing out. Kagetora and the others left school and hurried home to help me while Kana tried to stop me from bleeding to death. Kagetora got here first and began healing me before Mia got here and finished the job. My own clan members saw me bleeding to death and heard my screams while he hurt me and they ignored me just as they always did over the years as if I were nothing. They all deserved what they got and I will be forever grateful to Kagetora for saving me and giving me this chance, but most of all for what he did to them." he said passionately.

He wasn't aware that he was crying until Kotaru raised a hand and began to wipe his tears away. Khosaka began to sob at being touched so gently and because he was finally free from the pain and humiliation of Shingen. Kotaru pulled him into his arms, much to the other man's surprise and began to comfort him. There had been a certain attraction between the two men ever since the day Kotaru moved in but neither had been willing to admit it. Khosaka held unto him and sobbed into the man's black garbed chest. He cried for what seemed like hours until he heard the other man's voice above trying to sooth him.

"Shh," said Kotaru comforting him as if he were a child. "Its over now, your safe. You have a family here that cares about you and your not alone anymore. You have.. You have me." he told him finally, realizing it was true the minute he said it.

Khosaka looked up at him in surprise with tear-filled eyes and he nodded. Then Khosaka wrapped his arms around him and allowed himself to be comforted. They stayed that way for a while until Kotaru led him into the house and up the stairs to his room. Then he took him in like a child and laid next to him. He pulled him into his arms and watched as Khosaka, now exhausted from letting it all out, instantly fell asleep. Kotaru smiled as he watched and settled in comfortably on his bed, making sure not to wake the other man. Then he too fell asleep, thinking that the advice that Tachibana-sama had given him was actually quite good.


meanwhile with Kagetora...

Kagetora was talking with Naoe in bed about their new family member as well as his family's visit the next the day. He was also keeping an eye on Kotaru and Khosaka. He smiled when he saw Kotaru actually showing genuine emotions and taking care of Khosaka. He was happy that all his plans were finally coming to fruition. Then he turned his attention to his lover.

"Naoe." he said cutting him off. "Shut up and fuck me." he told him and pulled him down for a kiss.

Naoe was startled at first but eagerly took him up on his offer with gusto. He captured Kagetora's lips and began to mate their tongues together in a dance as old as the ages. He slid his hand down his lover's side and around to cup his firm ass. He reached over for the lub and after pouring a liberal amount in his hand, he lifted one of his lovers leg up a bit and began to prepare him. As he prepared him he broke their kiss and began to move down, stopping ever so often to kiss his neck and nuzzle him, biting and sucking on a tender spot. Then he trailed butterfly kisses on to his lover's body as he moved on , causing him to tremble in ecstacy. He pulled a taut nipple in his mouth and began to lave and suck on it , releasing it and tracing the pink areola around the aroused nipple. As the cold air hit the hardened nub it tingled , sending a distinctively sharp sensation through Kagetora's body causing him to arch his body in pleasure . Naoe switched over to the other pert nipple and began his exquisite torture anew.

"Naoe, oh more please!" Kagetora moaned out in ecstasy.

Naoe obliged and then he slid down and flicked his tongue across his lover's arousal removing all his precum as he slid another finger deep inside. Kagetora balled the sheets

in his hands, gripping them tightly as his body shuddered and jerked up off the bed. Naoe began to suck gently on his lovers cock, sliding it in and out of his mouth and increasing his suction with every slide.

"Nnghh!" Kagetora gasped out as Naoe began to hum around his throbbing cock, sliding it and out of his mouth as he hummed until all that was left in with his sensitive tip.

Naoe expertly continued to hum and lick it until he suddenly deep throated until it hit the back of his throat, applying a bit of teeth as he did so.

"Naoe!" Kagetora screamed , shivers rocking his body as he erupted into his lover's mouth , putting the volcanoes in Hawaii to shame.

Naoe swallowed up his lover's generous offering eagerly, making sure he got every bit before releasing his lover's member from his mouth. He slipped his finger out of his lover's now well prepared body and after adding a bit more lub to his throbbing erection rolled away from his lover and over on his back. Then he reached for and picked up his satiated lover and positioned him above his cock. He slowly began to slide him down unto his massive rod. When the boy was firmly seated on him he looked up at his lover with glazed eyes .

"Ride me honey," he told him in a husky passion, filled voice.

Kagetora leaned forward and pinched Naoe's nipples, causing the man to jerk up into him in pleasure at the sharp sensation, before bracing himself on his lovers chest. Then he lifted his hips and began to ride. Up and down. Over and over, impaling himself on his lover's hard throbbing rod over and over again. He rode him fast and hard , tightening up his inner walls every time he slid, rubbing his prostate again the cock inside him, becoming erect again.

"Nnnghhh! Taka-chan ride me hard honey! Just like that!" panted Naoe as Kagetora increased his pace, riding him frantically trying to reach and fall over the precipice to paradise.

Naoe reached up and touched the boy's revived erection and he immediately shattered as he continued to ride, tightening his inner walls and gripping his lover's cock firmly inside him in an almost painful hold.

"Aaaaaaaah!" Naoe screamed in painful pleasure.

He gripped Kagetora's hips and began impaling him on his hard pole, thrusting up into him as he did so and reaching completion. The exhausted boy slumped down on him and immediately fell asleep. Naoe followed him right after and succumbed to the endearing embrace of sleep.


the next morning...

Kagetora woke up and realized that he was still lying on top of his lover. He quickly disengaged himself and hurried into the bathroom, careful not to wake his slumbering lover. After a quick shower he hurried to get Irobe and went downstairs to make breakfast. He mentally called Mia and she arrived half an hour later to help him.

"So ," said Kagetora. "Looking forward to seeing Naoe's family again?" he asked.

Mia colored a bit and nodded. Kagetora noticed and smiled.

"You don't need to worry Mia." he told her gently. "I approve of you and Kaoru."

Mia flushed with a mixture of pleasure and embarrassment. Then she glomped her brother happily.

"Thanks niichan." said Mia. "I was so worried you wouldn't approve."

Kagetora patted her on the head. "Well you stressed yourself out for nothing. Still that is your fault you know for not telling, although of course I knew the whole time." he said smirking.

Mia swatted him on the arm. "Then why didn't you say anything idiot." she yelled.

Kagetora just laughed and after a wild chase around the kitchen by his sister with a large spoon, they finally settled down and got back to cooking.


Khosaka woke up to find himself curled up on Kotaru's bed next to him like a cat and blushed. Even though he was happy , he still felt a bit embarrassed. He looked up at Kotaru and noticed that he was wide awaking and staring and his blush deepened.

"Sorry," he mumbled embarrassed, looking down.

Kotaru took his chin in his hand and gently tilted it up so that they made eye contact.

"Don't apologize, there is no reason for you to." he told him seriously and Khosaka nodded.

Then he pulled away and got up off the bed and began to walk towards the door. "Well I better go shower and help niisama." said Khosaka as he walked.

"Khosaka." said Kotaru, halting his steps.

Khosaka turned and looked at him.

"I meant what I said last night and I plan to keep you." he informed him seriously.

Khosaka shivered and blushed in pleasure and also a bit of embarrassment. Then he nodded and hurried out the door. Kotaru watched him go and smiled. Then he too got up to take a shower so that he could also help niisama.


with Haruie...

She slept more peacefully than she had in the last two hundred years and woke up feeling energized and refreshed. She immediately ran to take a shower almost tripping in her haste. Then she got dressed, paying close attention to how she looked and hurried out the door to Daisuke's room.


with Daisuke...

Daisuke woke up and looked around at the tastefully decorated room in confusion, then he remembered where he was and smiled. He quickly got up and hurried to the bathroom. After a quick shower he got dressed and began coming through his beautiful long mane. He had been letting it grow since he was nine years old and now it was so long that it reached just below his knees. He grabbed it and after putting it in a ponytail, he stood up and stretched wondering what to do now. Just then someone knocked on his door and he immediately went to open it. When he did he saw Haruie standing there smiling. He felt a slight stirring in his groin as he smiled back.

"Good morning." said Haruie. "Did you sleep well?"

He nodded. "Good morning and yes I did. How about you?" he asked politely.

"Oh I slept okay as well." she said. "You ready for breakfast?"

He nodded and she began leading him down the hallway to the stairs. As they went downstairs they chatted happily and walked into the dining room to find Khosaka putting the last dish on the table. They all greeted each other and sat down. Chiaki , Yuzuru and Kana was already there as well. Naoe came in and after greeted everyone made a beeline for the kitchen to go find his mate.

Finally everyone was seated and they all began to eat. Breakfast went as usual, with all the bickering and teasing. After breakfast Kagetora assigned Chiaki, Naoe and Yuzuru clean up duty. Then he took Irobe and called Kana into his office.


with Kagetora...

He walked into his office and sat down at his desk with Irobe on his lap. Kana came in behind him a bit shyly and sat down.

"How are you doing neechan? Do you like it here?" asked Kagetora gently, smiling at her reassuringly.

She nodded and smiled.

"Well," said Kagetora. "I just wanted to thank you for taking such good care of my Irobe for me as we would be completely lost without you. You're a valuable member of this family and I consider you my sister the same way as I do Mia , so if you have any problems please feel free to come tell me about them. We all love you here, I hope you know that."

She flushed with pleasure and nodded. "Yes niisama I know." she said and began to play with her Uesugi ring.

Kagetora had given her as well as Khosaka, Kotaru , Seiren, Souen, Shiki and Kain their own rings the day before the war. He had also allowed them to come into their full power. He also gave them there own checking accounts.

"Good."said Kagetora. "Now I wanted to tell you that as of today , whenever another member of this family is home and is able, barring an emergency, your free to do whatever you want. Your also free at nights too." he told her.

She smiled. "Thank you niisama." she said. "But all this really isn't necessary. There isn't any particular place I want to go or anything."

Kagetora grinned mischievously at her. "I have a feeling that's about to change." he said .

"What do you mean by that niisama?" she asked but Kagetora only smiled.

She tried everything to get him to tell her , from begging to bullying but he refused to budge. Finally she left in a huff, promising to knock him upside the head if it was anything she didn't like.


then he called in Kotaru...

Kotaru came in and Kagetora beckoned for him to sit.

"So how is it going. Do you like it here? Have you found a reason to want to stay?" asked Kagetora.

Kotaru looked up at him and knew instantly that he was aware of the change in his and Khosaka's relationship , so he decided to just be honest.

"Yes I have niisama," he said calmly.

Kagetora nodded. "Good. Now about Kochan, I'm well aware that you now know the circumstances that brought him here. He is still fragile so please take good care of him for me okay. You're both members of this family and I want the both of you to be happy alright?" he said.

Kotaru, who had stiffened at the mention of Khosaka's name visibly relaxed. He smiled knowing that his lord was giving his approval. He had been a bit worried about that in the back of his mind.

He nodded. "Yes my lord and thank you." he said gratefully.

Kagetora smiled back and nodded. "You're welcome. Now go before he starts worrying that you've changed your mind." he said.

Kotaru nodded and after bowing he practically rushed out like a kid going to a candy store to go find his koi.


kagetora picked up Irobe from his lap and placed him on the desk before him, facing him.

"So what do you think of everything?" Kagetora asked him.

Irobe just looked at him and smiled but said nothing.

"Cut the crap Irobe. I know that you are able to speak to me through the link. Why do you think I made sure that you were linked to me as well?" he asked bluntly.

The baby's eyes widened in surprise then. "How long have you known?" asked Irobe.

"Since before the war." said Kagetora.

"Then why didn't you say anything niisama?" asked Irobe.

Kagetora sighed. "Because I know that it must be hard for you being in a baby's body and I wanted to give you time to do so at your leisure. Don't worry though, the others aren't aware of it, not even Chiaki. You're free to talk with them when you are ready to." he said simply.

Irobe smiled and nodded. "Thank you. You have really become a better leader niisama. What you did for Khosaka was good. Kotaru and Kana has finally found a real home as well . At the battle you really kicked ass. Nobunaga may eventually find a way back but it'll be a hell of a long way and one interesting trip. I'm really proud of you."

Kagetora smiled. "That you Irobe, it's nice to know." he said then, "do you realize that technically you're my son since I legally adopted you?" he asked.

Irobe rolled his eyes. "Yes tousan, I know." he sent.

Kagetora laughed, then he picked him up and hugged him as they left the office in search of Naoe.


with Haruie...

Haruie left with Daisuke as soon as breakfast was over to return to his dorm for his stuff. They chatted as they drove and by the time they reached their destination, Daisuke had her rolling with laughter at some on the trials he had been through as a small child in a grown up medical college.

They walked into his frat house and went directly to the dorm heads office. As they walked there, they had to endure various catcalls from his friends and colleagues. Some were actually in shock as they had assumed that he was gay since they had never seen him with a girl before or even go on a date for that matter. They all knew that while he was charming and the smartest person in their class he was obvlious to all the guys and girls who constantly hit on him and spent practically all his time studying. The only reason he wasn't the dorm leader was because he had declined position. After all he had told them, how can he be nominated for a position he wasn't even running for.

They finally reached the dorm head's office and knocked. They were invited in and after a few greeting and introductions , Daisuke told his best friend why he was in his office.

"You're moving out?" screeched Ryo Nanba in surprise.

He had noticed his best friend acting a bit strange lately but this was not what he was expecting to hear at all.

"Yes," said Daisuke. "I'm moving about forty five minutes from here to leave with a friend."

Ryo sat there trying to take it all in. He had never heard anything about a friend nearby before.

"Don't worry," said Haruie speaking for the first time, nothing the other man's growing alarm. "He'll be perfectly safe and as soon as he gets all settled in , well invite you and a few of his friends over." she told him.

He nodded feeling a bit more at ease by the charming girl that Daisuke had brought with him. It was obvious that they were close. He nodded and then began to handle all the necessary paperwork. He called the head dean and after he explained the situation to him, the dean agreed. The only condition was that Daisuke had to maintain his grade point average as a contingent of being allowed to break the contract and leaving off campus. He would also be allowed to keep his membership in the fraternity as well.

Daisuke nodded and after cleaning out his dorm and packing his stuff in the car. He said goodbye to his friends and left with Haruie to return to the Uesugi estate.


Minoru Tachibana came over around midday to meet with Kagetora. Naoe ushered him in and after greeting his brother , they walked pass the cleaning service that was in today and into the kitchen where Kagetora was baking with Mia and Kana. They all exchanged greeting and Kana flushed when she noticed Minoru staring at her.

Kagetora smiled ."thanks for coming Minoru , I'll be with you in a second okay?" he told him and nodded at Kana who was holding a plate of freshly baked cookies.

Minoru took a few and thanked her causing her to flush even more. Naoe and Minoru left the room and went ahead to Kagetora's office to wait for him.

"So you too made up from what I heard." said Minoru to Naoe.

Naoe flushed a bit and nodded.

"Good." said Minoru. "Just don't let it happen again Yoshi," he warned. "Kagetora is no ordinary mortal and you wont find anyone better."

Naoe nodded and snickered a bit. "Yes I know that." he said then he laughed. "I don't think he is even mortal anymore either ." he said.

Minoru looked at him a bit perplexed and was about to ask what he meant when Kagetora walked in.

"Sorry to keep you waiting Minoru." said kagetora as he hurried in and perched on Naoe's lap.

He wiggled a bit making himself more comfortable, then he turned back to Minoru.

"So what's up?" he asked.

He had also given Minoru the accounts of his new acquisitions, the ODA and Takeda estates to manage. Chiaki and the lawyer had managed to work out everything legitimately , making his ownership of it all completely legal and above reproach.Now he legally owned both estates and all of its assets. He has also had Naoe contract a major contracting company to start building unto the house and Estate the following week. It had taken a lot of charm and some money to get all the permits done so easily.

"Well," said Minoru. "You more than doubled your networth with your new acquisitions and your stocks are rapidly rising. I can honestly say your currently about the third richest man in the country as we speak. Even though you're more than powerful enough , I think you should get yourself a few bodyguards just to be on the safe side. Also be on your guard as of now. All the goldiggers will soon start coming out of the woodwork as well as politicians trying to charm you out of your money."he warned him.

Kagetora nodded. He understood the dangers and implications of his new status.

"Thanks Minoru, I'll definitely do that for myself as well as the others. I will be sending you a couple of body guards as well." he said.

Minoru nodded since he realized that he would also be a target as well as be in high demand. For the next hour they talked about all the necessary changes that would have to be made to the estates, safety measure and about buying new stocks. When they had finally been over everything , Kagetora left Naoe with his brother after a quick kiss.

The two men nodded and watched him go with a smile.

"He really is something." said Minoru. " you're very lucky."

Naoe nodded. "Yes I am and I love him more than anything." he said passionately.

The two men left the office and went to hang out in the games room for the next few hours. Minoru had brought clothes to change into since his family would be coming over anyway. They played various games until it was finally time to go change for dinner.