NHfNC Trailer: Seven of Spades

Night. A autumn park that is nearly deserted, except for a solitary figure making his way along its perimeter, crunching through piles of fallen leaves. A shadow briefly crosses over the setting, as if something flew in front of the light source. The man looks up- it is Dr. Henry Jekyll, looking more forlorn than usual.

(Black Screen- the words 'You've been there since the beginning' in big silver letters across the screen as a narrator reads the same thing aloud)

(Shot of Daria and Sherlock Holmes poring over notes)

DN: "I'm not even going to ask how you figured that out."

(Later shot of Holmes and Watson, sitting together in their main room)

SH: "She is a spy."

Dr. W: "A spy?"

(Shot of Holmes and Moriarty falling over Reichenbach Falls, then of the Daria-gryphon catching the detective)

(Shot of Holmes and Daria, parting ways)

DN VO: "Rel'tor'ke, Mr. Holmes."

(Black Screen: You've seen the League)

(Succession of images of the eight League members- Quatermain, Nemo, Mina, Gray, Skinner, Sawyer, Jekyll, and Daria)

(Black screen: Eight members. One mission.)

(View of the Carnival in Venice)

Nemo VO: "My God, we must locate that bomb!"

(Shot of the communications room. The League is gathered behind the telegraph operator)

Operator: " 'Follow my lead'."

(Shot of Gray, from the record sequence)

DG: "Bomb voyage!"

(Black screen: Each with their own battles.)

(Shot of Jekyll in the ice cave)

HJ: "I won't let my evil infect the world."

(Shot of Hyde and the Dante-beast fighting furiously as the LXG theme music begins to play)

(Shot of Mina and Gray dueling)

DG (wiping off his face): "We'll be at this all day."

(Shot of Daria and K'Wah dueling)

K'Wah: "I do so hate to speak in clichés, but if you aren't with us…"

(he disarms Daria)

K'Wah: "Then you are against us."

(Shot of Quatermain aiming his rifle at Moriarty)

AQ: "End of the line, Moriarty."

(Shot of Skinner in the ice cave)

RS: "Shut up or I'll come to my senses."

(Music stops. Black Screen: Now see the League like never before.)

(Shot of an interested-looking Skinner)

RS: "Tell me more."

(Black screen: New faces.)

(Shot of a young man with blue-green eyes and light-colored hair, standing before the assembled members of the League. On a table next to him is a chalice of water, from which an interested-looking Undine is watching)

JF VO: "My name is Jason Fisher, Elemental Master of Water."

(Shot of Fisher in battle, surrounded by blue and green energies)

(Black screen: New enemies.)

(shot of a sharp-featured Tau'ka male talking to Jekyll, Nemo, and Mina)

Tau'ka: "Have you ever tried to track down a Goa'uld that didn't want to be found, Dr. Jenkins?"

HJ (Looking pained): "It's Jekyll."

(Black Screen: New beginnings.)

(Shot of Jekyll and Daria embracing)

(Black Screen: One ending.)

(Zoom in on Jason Fisher reading a spread of Tarot cards.)

JF: "And the final outcome…"

(Jason flips over the card. It is Death)

TS: "Oh boy."

(Series of battle-shots as the LXG theme music plays again: Nemo dueling with an unknown assailent, Vader recklessly flying a starship through a running dogfight, Hyde throwing people across a room that looks like a dusty Egyptian temple, Mina's bats rushing across the night sky, Fisher commanding something that looks like the tentacle of a giant squid, Daria sword-fighting with an opponent, Skinner observing a rather magnificent explosion, Sawyer firing at something off-screen)

(Black screen: And a twist)

(shot of the male Tau'ka who had previously mangled Jekyll's name, standing in an alley and looking shocked)

(Black screen: You won't see coming.)

(The Tau'ka faces the camera, looking past it at an indistinct figure, his expression turning to one of horror)

Tau'ka: "You!"

(Close-up on a pair of eyes that are literally glowing with a white light)

Unknown VO, a very resonant, echoing voice: "Me."

(Black screen. The LXG logo appears above the title 'A New Hand for a New Century: Seven of Spades'.)

Narrator VO: "Coming soon."