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Pie Kisses

Starfire beat the whipped cream in her purple bowl with a vengeance. She was beyond mad at Robin. Did he honestly think she was THAT naive? Yes, indeed she could tell the difference between innocent flirting and being hit on thank you very much! Starfire didn't need HIM to whip out his bow staff and attempt to bludgeon the checkout clerk. She could handle HERSELF.

Letting out a frustrated growl, Starfire dumped the whipped cream onto her chocolate pie. She grimaced. Nothing better to drown out one's sorrows like pie and a ton of whipped cream.

Just as Starfire reached for a fork, Robin sauntered into the OPs room. The Tamaranian princess glared daggers at the Boy Wonder. Robin hung his head. He knew EXACTLY why Starfire looked like she was ready to bite off his head. He also knew that he deserved it too.

"Look Star," Robin began. "What I did earlier was way out of line. I get aggressive sometimes when it comes to guys flirting with you. I've really got to work on that." He looked at her. She merely looked at him which he took as a sign to continue. He sighed and said, "I'm really sorry. I deserve to be hit over the head once in a while. So go ahead. Just please don't put all of your strength into it."

Starfire glanced at the pie on the counter and back at him, a mischievous glint alighting her eyes. In one swift movement she picked up her dessert and GLOP! Slapped Robin with it.

Robin blinked his masked eyes trying to get whipped cream off of the lenses. "Feel any better?" He asked, pieces of pie falling away from his mouth.

Starfire shrugged. "A little. We must get you cleaned up now." Robin smirked and hooked an arm around her waist drawing her closer. He captured her lips in a kiss. Shocked though she was, she quickly relaxed into the embrace, her earlier anger leaving. She tasted a bit of the whipped cream.

Breaking for air Robin murmured, "How's this for a way of getting cleaned up?"

Hi, just a quick and basically pointless fic that came into my mind a while ago. Read and review please. I know it was short, but I liked it and felt like posting it here.